D&C 4

Sunday, April 17, 2011

  • If we have desires to serve God, then we will be called to do His work.
  • I shouldn't worry too much if I don't know what I plan to do. Between praying about serving my mission and becoming a mom, my mind gets all worked up about what exactly I should be doing and what path I should take. After reading this verse it gives me some comfort knowing that as long as the desire is there, we will be called. I know that relates a lot to missionary work: "as long as you have the desire to serve a mission, then you will receive a call", but I also feel that it can apply is to so much more. We can serve God in so many ways and I think as long as we have that desire in our hearts, the call to serve God will be there. When the desire is there, our perspective changes and we see more opportunities to do things to enable ourselves to serve God. For example, I'm always praying for opportunities to serve others, thinking that those opportunities will just be placed before me. But I think if I made it more of a desire to serve my Heavenly Father to help Him help His children, then the opportunities will come differently. Instead of waiting for something to happen for me to act upon, I will then start keeping a wide and open perspective of ways I can help others, even through little things and gestures. These opportunities will be found more easily if I keep my heart and mind open to what I really want to do, which is to serve the Lord. I feel comfort knowing that I'm not useless or all that lost when it comes to choosing what I want to do in life. As long as I keep that desire to serve God and offer up myself to do what the Lord wants me to, then He will provide those opportunities for me to serve Him. Maybe it won't be something I expect, but it'll be something that the Lord knows I need to experience for me to grow and progress and continually serve Him.
  • This revelation was given through Joseph for his father, Joseph Smith Sr. Before moving to Palmyra, he had crop failures and financial losses. I think this revelation was for him both temporally and spiritually. Temporally, I think the revelation was to advise him with the characteristics listed to help him be encouraged to do His work even though he's had trouble before. Spiritually, I think it was to prepare and advise Joseph Smith Sr. of his callings to come. The revelation was given to him in February 1829; over a year later in April 1830, the church was organized and he was the first to be baptized. Maybe at the time the revelation was given, Joseph Smith Sr. didn't know what the council was for. But the verses advise him that "faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God" is what qualifies him to do His work. I think because he was advised that and many other characteristics, it helped him be prepared for the callings he soon was appointed to. Joseph Smith was the first Patriarch of the church and was a counselor in the First Presidency. Both are really important callings and I think only those who Heavenly Father  thinks are capable to do those callings, He will appoint them to do so. Heavenly Father sent him the revelation to prepare him to serve Him worthily in His kingdom. To be a counselor in the First Presidency may not have any requirements that has to do with skill or strength, but the Lord does require His leaders of the church to have faith, to be virtuous, to have knowledge, to be self-mastered, to be patient, to have brotherly kindness, godliness, and charity, to be humble, and to be diligent. All those are qualification the Lord needs for His leaders and He can trust that they will serve Him faithfully.
  • The Lord has a plan. In verse 4 He is revealing that His church is almost restored. He sent the revelation to prepare His future leaders of the work they need to do and the faith and diligence they need to put into it. He compares the work to a field. He says that the field is white and ready to harvest. Likewise, the time this was revealed, Joseph Smith was in the process of restoring the church. With restoring the church, it was ready to harvest, aka, ready to have the truth of the gospel taught and preached to the rest of the world. As long as they "thrust with might" or do the work with faith and trust in God, then they will be blessed and bring salvation to their soul. The Lord blesses His noble and valiant servants.
  • This principle applies even today because we are still trying to teach the gospel to the world. Joseph Fielding Smith said "it contains sufficient council and instruction for a lifetime of study. No one has yet mastered it. It has not intended as a personal revelation to Joseph Smith, but to be of benefit to all those who embark in the service of God." In order for me to serve the Lord, I too must have faith, hope, charity, and love with my mind on the Lord so I may properly serve Him. I must also remember the other attributes listed in verse 6 to help me an all together worthy and more prepared servant of the Lord. If I am lacking in any of the attributes listed, then it is promised  in verse 7 that if I ask then I will receive. If I feel I lack in an attribute, the Lord will help me develop that attribute if I show that I am willing to learn by taking the initiative to ask Him for help. I can prepare myself for the work the Lord would want me to do by living the virtues in verse 5 and to work on the attributes in verse 6.
  • As I work on those qualities, one by one, and ask Heavenly Father for help to develop them, over time I will have progressed and be more qualified to serve as a worthy, valiant servant of the Lord to help build up Zion. I know that I've been called to serve because my desire to be an instrument in the Lord's hands is planted in my heart. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and with it comes the desire to help God's children, my spiritual brothers and sisters, to be able to know of the blessings of the Gospel as well. 

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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