Debut Planning #1

Friday, April 8, 2011

One of the first steps to debut planning would be your choosing your Entourage. Usually this consists of your family and closest friends Remember, some of these people may not be able to, but it's good to have a start off list, then find replacements later if needed. In Laura's case, she didn't have enough guys she considered "close" (well she would have but Nathan and Daniel are most likely going to be on their missions), so she decided to have only 8 pairs instead of 9 (or in my case, 10). 

Unfortunately, Laura was still missing a guy for her 8 pairs, and then we lost another boy because he wasn't able to make it to practices. SO, she ended up keeping 6 pairs instead of 8. I actually think that idea was good just because we're holding her party at a banquet hall and we're not too sure of the dance-floor size. Anyways, this is what her Entourage looks like!

Laura Kae Limas

Jared Ivan Millora

Cotillion de Honour - Grand Court
Rouzine Dapat & Jason Burns
Shirin Dhanani Jezreel Millora & John Zibin
Holly Deeks & Dante Racioppo William Li
Sara Deeks & Andrew Dapat
Ariana Limas Yasaman Ghodse-Elahi & Jesse Burns

The 18 Roses are Laura's closest guy friends that she is going to dance with during the 18 Roses Dance of the party. We put them in order of who she's known shortest to longest, ending with 3 family members. Well, everyone except for Tyson..he's supposed to be first, but Laura decided he was closer to her than the first two (no offence to Diego and John). This list isn't finalized. 

18 Roses 

1. Diego Garcia

2. John Zibin
3. Tyson Anderson
4. Kenny Koniouchine
5. Andrew Dapat
6. Ben Siapas
7. Jared Millora
8. Jason Burns
9. Jesse Burns
10. William Li
11. Dante Racioppo
12. Nathan Lim
13. Torin Brown
14. Kenneth Galang
15. David Clifton
16. Gabriel Limas
17. Ardale Soto
18. Jarom Afu

The 18 Candles are the debutante's closest girl friends and they give a speech to the debutante. The 18 Treasures is another list of special people in the debutant's life and each person/pair is supposed to give her a "treasure" that she can keep that will remind her of something. Usually people chosen are relatives or family friends. The 18 Treasures is optional to have at the party, but Laura decided to replace the Candles with the Treasures. So for this party, Laura's 18 Treasures are Laura's closest 18 girl friends and they each will give her a gift that represents Laura someway. This is in order from the people she's known shortest to longest, ending with 3 family members. This list (I'm pretty sure) is finalized.

18 Treasures 

1. Rouzine Dapat

2. Erenlee Dapat
3. Maria Khan
4. Stephanie Tran
5. Julia Koniouchina
6. Sara Deeks
7. Holly Deeks
8. Shirin Dhanani
9. Jezreel Millora
10. Atinuke Osunbunmi
11. Rachel Canlubo
12. Shafaq Joyia
13. Eulah Sorongon
14. Yasaman Ghodse-Elahi
15. Krizalyn Galang
16. Ardene Soto
17. Sharlene Soto
18. Ariana Limas

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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