181st Semi-annual General Conference - April Saturday Session

Saturday, April 2, 2011

WOOT WOOT! It's that time of year again! Ever since after our 1st year of YLC in 2007, Nathan, William, Laura, Dante, and I have started attending the Saturday sessions together. I love it! And today a whole lot of the other YSA/Youth sat with us on the loooong line.

Morning Session
- New temples: Colorado, Idaho, Manitoba (YAY CANADA!)
- Missionaries = lifeblood of the kingdom. *Donate to the missionary fund.

CHOIR: We Listen to a Prophet's Voice ** "He is the man who holds the Priesthood keys in our lives today!"

- Scriptures need to be centerpiece of our lives just like Christ
- 1 Tim 4:12
- Importance of Priesthood power. *Topic since yesterday in Institute. We need to partake fully of the Priesthood power. Take advantage of the fact that I have a worthy Priesthood holder at home and obtain and recognize the blessings I receive from that. Strive and search to be worthy of a worthy Priesthood holder to be sealed to for eternity.
- 1. Keep ourselves unspotted from the world: Do not dress like the rest of the world; stay away from worldly things.
- 2. Offer up our sacraments: Recognize our mistakes and errors.
- 3. Rest from our labours: The adversary makes us vulnerable if we rest from our standards.
- Teach children to be a light within the nations
- Remember the blessings and opportunities we gain from partaking the Sacrament
- The joy is following the Saviour

- Children should be our greatest example. Humble ourselves as little children: look up to faith; quick to forgive and love; humility, reverence and love for the Saviour
- ** The greatest in the Lord's kingdom are those who look for opportunities to serve others.
- Simple and sweet testimony is what touches people the most. It helps us see what matters most.
- Continuous Optimism and Courage!!! Seek after the Lord's voice and have faith in Him
- Embrace them with our eyes and hearts - See them as divine being and children of God (children are the closest to God).
- Families: atmosphere for love - become more Christ-like love

- How well the men treat their wives - There's something different about our church :)
- What can our church add to the goodness??
- "He that followeth me will walk in the light"
- Followers of Christ...1) Love other people, 2) Keep His covenants
- If we follow Christ, it doesn't matter the challenges. he will help us get through it.
- Love for God should be stronger than any temptation (Joseph of Egypt's example)
- Love is powerful in the way we follow Christ and keep His commandments
- "Lovest thou me?"
- Making covenants is an aspiration love - it says "yes I will follow thee"

- Encounter enough to bring us of our Father's love
- He knows our plans - we're not alone
- Spiritual pain - comes from sinful actions
- "Be converted so I can heal you"
- Christ CHOSE to experience pains so He can understand us
- Maybe we need to experience morality so we can understand the blessings of repentance/experience healing/the healing power
- Healing blessings comes in ways that we need best
- Healing can come in patience, understanding, etc to close those holes
- Children endure with humility and love
- We all have angels helping us - be someone else's angel (service)
- Become a saint through the Atonement

- Women of LDS faith are incredible
- Unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. Pioneers are greatest example.
- Women of church meet the challenges
- Relationship is like well-tuned orchestra
- Commitment and dedication to the church
- WHAT's IN YOUR PURSE?!?!?! - Do the things you carry and the way you carry yourself represent your dedication to the church?
- Mothers + fathers are equal partners
- Unique in their callings
- Caring for poor and needy
- 1. No woman should feel their efforts is inadequate if they do not work. Raising children is the best work you can do to raise and teach the children of God
- 2. Do not judge the women who do choose to work
- "Errand of angels are given to women; and this is a gift that, as sisters, we claim"

CHOIR: I know that my Saviour loves me

- Concentrate time and means to help others (the united order/church welfare program)
- We must apply the law of consecration in our lives
- Help those in need; think of the welfare of others and do whatever you can to share and help them
- "Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad? If not I have failed in deed."
- Allow children to participate in the blessings of giving
- Give a bigger fast offering than usual for the desire to help those in need
- Miracle of sympathy sparks the desire of charity*
- *75th anniversary of church welfare programs*
- 1. Everyone is happier and has more self-respect for those who can support their family, then help others
- Spend less than what you earn and use your surplus to help others ****
- "A person cannot give a crust to the Lord without receiving a loaf in return". ***You give, and the blessings are greater and serve.
- Draw your family into the work with you so they learn to serve to love each other as they serve others
- 1. Prepare yourself and those you lead spiritually, founded on the Atonement
- 2. Choose the people you serve either in the kingdom or in the community
- 3. Draw on the power of families and auxiliaries
- Crust of service, loaf of gratitude
- Cease the opportunities to do good

CHOIR: High on the Mountain Top

And then during break we went to the Superstore to get some food to add to our little potluck :] Nothing else really happened....

Afternoon Session
- Saying the full name of the church is important to declare of Christ, "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!"
- Everyone is tested. We all have temptation. The answer to everyone is the same: We can resist it!!
- "Leave it alone": If you get offended or a wrong was done to you, leave it alone!
- If you are carrying some sort of burden, let it go.

- The death that is premature is the death of one who is not prepared to meet God
- Teach faith with deep conviction
- Teach every child that they are children of God and of their divine potential
- Teach of faith in the Plan of Salvation
- Keeping commandments strengthens faith
- When we are faithful, He and His angels will help us
- If we pray with an eternal perspective, we need not worry
- He hears your deep and sincere prayers
- Those who are diligent in the Gospel will be persecuted. You can act 2 ways: 1) shut down or 2) Stand Courageous
- Blessings can change the function of your lives
- Walk uprightly

- Family is fundamental in the order of heaven
- Adversary: selfishness, greed, pornography
- Satan wants to deprive us of family relationships. Do not be discouraged. The right one will come.
- Have a Christ-centered home- Family Home Evening*
- Children might not remember the lesson, but they'll remember we held it
- There is great truth in practicing celestial traditions in the home. Able to get over false traditions of the world
- Parents will be held accountable for the things they teach their children
- It was a grown-up sheep that went astray of the 100. Lambs follow the sheep. If the sheep are lost, the lambs are lost and astray (find the poem***)
- Families are like ropes: If only one person is making an effort, it isn't as strong as when everyone works together
- Believe in the good nature of the family - center your life and home on Christ

- Constant nourishment: testimony
- Find opportunities to help your testimony to grow
- 1. Everyone has worth because we are all children of God
- 2. We must know that "a mighty change in heart" comes gradually and not simultaneously
- 3.
- 4.
- 5. Testimony is a progression.
- 6. Teaching someone else what we know: it increases as we increase another's
- 7. We need to do the little fundamental things that strengthen our faith
- 8. We shouldn't have higher standards for others other than ourself
- 9. Being too negative on yourself is just as bad as being too casual
- 10.
- People do important things because of our testimony

- *opening sentence- get from Ensign* (...desire makes our priorities, we need to seek our priorities, becomes our actions?)
- Make home like all of the stripling warriors
- "I will grant unto thee they desire because of your faith"
- *desire, labour, faith*
- "I will give all my sins to see thee on the last day"
- Seek -- righteous desires; not after items
- How do we develop desires?
- *Story of man who was about to give up when he had a sudden vision of him scooping up a 3 yr. old in his arms. He realized that it was his future son. He went after what desired --> used the courage to blow out his right arm to escape and cut it off. *****Revelation to self: I should act upon my vision. If that's what I desire, then I must seek after it.
- Those with temple marriage should preserve it
- Those who are single need to seek a worthy companion to be sealed with
- Desire to become like Him

- "You're too busy looking for the large gold nuggets that you're missing out on the thousands of tiny flakes. It is from these I am right".
- ^ Same goes with the Gospel: it's simple. What are the specks of Gospel gold that will accumulate and turn into treasure?
- 1. Charity begins in the home. Practice the Golden rule! When you want them to act is how you should treat them.
- 2. Serve in the church. Words of support, encouragement, towards each other's needs.
- 3. Missionary service as friends and neighbours. Missionaries cannot do it alone.
- * We need to follow the promptings of the Spirit as to who we need to help
- Our kindness and charity accumulates together

Oh man! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE! By the time I got home there was seriously no time to study for my exams. Laura and I plopped onto the same bed and fell asleep till like 10:00pm. Nothing like a mid-night snack :]

Did I get some of my questions answered? Possibly.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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