Go Toronto Stake YM!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

We decided to cancel Cotillion practice for today because 5/7 of our boys were on the Stake Young Men's basketball team. We thought, hey, our boys are supporting us by dancing in the Cotillion, why don't we support and cheer them on in their game.

And thus we did :)

Ah-haaaaaa! I made legit signs. 
Toronto Stake were the only one with cheerleaders. We're cool. 

The Toronto Stake Young Men's team. Brrrrap brrrrrap.
Jared, Vincent, Jonathan, Andres, Dushane, John
Isaiah, Jason, Bryan, Andrew, Jarom

Yo we're so legit. 
You got the team with the jerseys, the man in the suit, the coach, the photographers, and the cheerleaders. 

HA-HA. So Jason had his parenting baby and we had to babysit. 
This is Jaycena cheering for her daddy.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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