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Sunday, April 3, 2011

After conference Laura talked to Dante about being in the Cotillion and he said he didn’t really want to be in it. Now we got a big problem: we now have two extra girls in the Cotillion. Laura has no choice but to take two out. Her first thoughts were to take out the two who showed up the least at practice. They so happened to be Shirin and Sara. Laura, of course, felt bad that she had to take them out. So my mom volun-told the idea that my sister should just take me out of the Cotillion so that Laura doesn’t have to make the difficult decision of telling her friend that she can’t be in the dance anymore. Suprisingly, I agreed with no complaints....just compensation. HAHAHA I said I don’t mind being taken out because I have to focus on so much anyway (secretary, slideshow, choreo, treasures, roses, give-aways, photoshoots, etc), BUT I WOULD NOT and COULD NOT wear the same dress as everyone else in the cotillion; i want a new dress. And they granted it! Woot woot! I already had my measurements done, so I’d still be getting the white fairytale dress, which pleases me still. AND, they said that now I’m not in the cotillion I can be the photographer at the party. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That made me SO happy. At a situation like taking me out of the cotillion, i’d usually be like “think positive, think positive”...but NO NEED! I got the positive coming to me. Oh man, I am so psyched! And i did research on the dress i want. This is what the beauty looks like:

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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