Thursday, April 28, 2011

WOOOOOOT! I got to roam around my high school today! YAY!

Laura came home during her break so I could do her make-up. She thought she looked like a...well, ha, you can finish that sentence yourself.

We got to school during lunch break and I had a list of teachers in mind I wanted to visit:
- Mr. Hillman
- Ms. Bhowmik
- Mr. Fradelos
- Ms. Bozzi
- Ms. Ford

I took Laura to the cafeteria and right away she's like "there goes Mr. Fradelos!". Agh, I haven't seen him in two years...I wasn't going to jump in front of his face cuz he might not remember me XD

So I head to the gym to see Mr. Hillman, my softball coach, while he was holding basketball inter murals. Boy, that man is busy. It took a while before we could start talking. I was catching him up on life...LOL i love talking to Mr. Hillman because he's always to interested in hearing about our standards and religious beliefs. So awesome.

Then as Mr. Hillman's iner mural boys were heading out, I see Mr. Fradelos walk into the gym. He was my gr9 geography teacher, so i'm like "NOOOO WAYYY. He teaches gym now?!" Mr Hillman told me I should go head over and say hi.

I did. And Fradelos goes, "hi, can i help you with something?" (i was the only girl standing on the boy's side of the gym). I go off explaining that I was one of his students..and his eyes goes wide and he's like "oh my goodness, right! remind me of your name!" After I tell him he's like "oh gosh, how could i forget? you were one of my best students!" Bahahahaha THAAAAAAAAAT'S RIGHT! I just ended up chilling with him while his students played dodgeball...and he told me that he still had my town model, "Skittlesville", and that he kept it to show his students since it was so good. HA-HA-HA, i feel special!

Now let me explain, when we were in grade 9 alllllllllll the girls in my class had a huge crush on him. Except me. I thought it was gross to like a teacher. Ha-ha-ha, but he ain't my teacher anymore ;D I will leave it at that.

Then I went up to visit Ms. Bhowmik like I promised. She was ending her fashion class and I went along with her to her gr11 I:APS class where she made use of me...she got me to talk about university to her students. Then she put them to work and we talked about photography, YAY. She was very supportive and she even said I can take pictures of her baby girl :)

Apparently, Ms. Bhowmik's contract finished, so now she only does supply teaching. But HAPPY WEDDING DAY to Ms. Bozzi, whenever her wedding day is. I just remember he telling me it was going to be summer 2011.

The I went to visit Ms. Ford. One of my favourites, that's for sure! She was supposed to retire, but she stayed to work in guidance. And weird enough, she was talking to someone who was in one of the grade 8 classes I helped teach 3 years ago. They all remember my face :]

I went back to Ms. Bhowmik after and she showed me pictures of her husband and baby. WOA, what a good-looking family! I always thought Ms. Bhowmik was so pretty. And he hubby's pretty attractive! Then her baby is the most adorable little munchkin I've ever seen.

I crashed on them setting up since I know the people in charge. Ha, I entered the cafe and all I hear is "ATE ATE AT!". Yep, I feel loved.

Here are the videos! Careful of my screaming XD

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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