Murder Mystery Partaaaaaay!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

For Sara's 19th birthday we decided to have a 1920's Murder Mystery Party!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!

Meet Charlotte.
Charlotte is accompanying Robert but that does not stop her from batting her eyelashes and flipping her boa in the face of all men in attendance (single or otherwise). Fabulous dancer too! She knows Amelia from childhood. Both showed exceptional potential art, came from families with low economy status. Spence offered one scholarship to girls who showed promise, but economic circumstances prevented them from paying tuition. Amelia had won the scholarship, which Charlotte always felt was a mistake. She now saw her old friend living the life she always dreamed would be her's.

Meet me, Aleksandra.
"Member of the Russian ballet. Has a deep appreciation for all things art. An old acquaintance of Leonardo, who she met in Italy at an art gala when he was travelling Europe. They had a brief fling, but ended once they parted ways. She later married Frederick, whom she met when she immigrated to Canada, but she never forgot that charismatic artist she met all those years ago."

Meet Charles.
An extremely conservative and traditional lawyer from Ottawa, Charles does not see art as an interesting pass time, especially art produced by a woman, but decided to give in to his wife's wishes for once. He finds the party quite dull. He is especially repulsed by Diana! How can a women know anything about being a true lawyer! He tries to avoid her at all costs! He does love his wife and knows she is talented, but his traditional idealism does not let him give in!

Meet Amelia.
Amelia received a full scholarship and was able to attended Spence Academy because of her great passion for art and promise for it since childhood. From this time forward she began pursuing her career as an artist. At Spence she became acquainted with Susan and Kitty who later became her dearest friends. Amelia refused to follow the norms of womanhood at the time, and allowed her career as an artist to blossom. She met Leonardo at the Sistine Chapels while both were studying the greats in Europe. She found the young artist enchanting and humorous, and his talent for art outstanding. It captured her attention, as well as he heart! After a exciting courtship, Leonardo proposed, and they have been happy ever since. They continue to have joined exhibits displaying their talents, which became even more magical, the deeper they fell in love.

Meet Susan.
Owns the Bee's Knees where the exhibition is taking place. Girlhood friends with Amelia, they met at Spence Academy for Aspiring Young Ladies. Inherited the club when her husband and teenage sweetheart died in the War, leaving her alone. Luckily she had a great eye for business, usually discouraged for women at the time. She is a pioneer for women everywhere!

Meet Leonardo.
Always showing a great interest and talent in the arts, Leonardo attended many schools of the art across both Canada, the United States and Europe. An incredibly talented artist, though he was, he refuse to let himself become pompous or take himself too seriously. He loves to laugh and constantly turns his exhibitions into a comedy show. Making people laugh is one of his many joys of life. When he met Amelia, he feel instantly in love with her passion for art, for her unique personality, and for her breathtaking beauty. Many did not approve of a woman painter, but Leonardo found it greatly refreshing, and knew she was the woman for him.

Meet my hubby, Frederiqe.
Husband to Aleksandra, Frederique is a Hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens. He instantly feel in love with the exotic dancer from Russia, who takes the breath away from any man who looks her way. Although he is a hardcore athlete to the bone, the actually has a deep admiration of art, so when his wife received the invitation to the gala he happily agreed to accompany her! He does not know about his wife's past with Leonardo. However, he arrives late to the Bee's Knees due to a hockey practice in Montreal earlier that day.

Meet Ms. Marilyn and Sir Humphery.
Marilyn: A photographer at the local paper, Marilyn has worked extremely hard to work her way up the economic ladder. She had to literally climb out of her family's poverty hole with her unique love of photography. She was lucky to find a job at the newspaper company, but once she was in her career began to sky-rocket. Marilyn met Susan at the Bee's Knees when it opened, and they became great friends. She was invited to the exhibition because she has a deep love of art! She was a little worried about having Humphrey as a date, but she assumed it couldn't be so bad.

Humphrey: As head writer for the local paper, Humphrey knows where to find news. So when he heard about this exclusive exhibition, he knew he had to score an invitation! Through his skill of investigating, Humphrey learned that Marilyn, a well known photographer for the paper, was an art fan, and a good friend of Susan, the owner of the club. After using his extraordinary convincing and manipulating abilities, Marilyn agreed to him accompanying her as his date. Oddly enough, it seems that any event Humphrey attends in search for news, huge stories unfold! Some wonder how he always manages to be at the right place whenever catastrophes, unnatural incidence, and dramatic events occur.

Nathan: Despite the exasperation of giggles, I do believe she's dead!

Michael Deeks: The next time you guys have a dead body, please choose a lighter one...

The cake to reveal the murderer. We all had a coloured dot on our name tags. 
The colour inside the cake reveals who killed Amelia.

GASPS! It's green!

It's Charlotte!

Amelia is happily surprised to see Charlotte. They had been friends as children, but once she had left for Spence Academy they lost touch. Charlotte had also shown great art potential but her dreams were cut short when she was not accepted to Spence. Both Charlotte and Amelia had grown up in the same economic situation, but there was only one scholarship available for lower-class artists. Charlotte always felt that she deserved that scholarship, but in the end Amelia won it. Charlotte strongly believed that Amelia cheated because her family had the scholarship officer for dinner the night before the decision was to be made. Charlotte was deeply envious of Amelia, who she felt was living the life she deserved. Upon hearing of the exhibition, Charlotte, full of jealousy, made a point to find someone with an invitation. She soon met Robert and used her seducing ways to attain an invitation. During the party, Charlotte takes a small bottle of peanut oil and pours it into the punch. She remembers her old friend's sever allergy from childhood. AKA CHARLOTTE IS THE MURDERER!!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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