Rob's Wedding

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today was Rob's wedding with Dorthy. It was a small one, but Laura and I were asked to do the piano/music directing, plus my Daddy-O was performing their marriage, thus we were invited. Ha, people keep making jokes about our little "family business" when it comes to events.

My dad was talking and he talked about advice that the person sealing him and my mom said to them when they got married: The Three Cs.
1. Compassion
2. Communication
3. And for number 3 my dad forgot so he said what Laura and I say, "CHEESY & CORNY". Mhmm, people laughed.

He also added in stuff about love from my FHE lesson the night before. I love it when my daddy-o talks about the lessons I've taught in FHE :]

It was a simple, but beautiful wedding. When Rob cries it makes me want to cry too.

At the end of the ceremony they played this song: Bless the Broken Road by the Rascal Flatts. It was BEAUTIFUL. Here's the video:

The food was pretty good and Laura and I enjoyed snacking behind the piano where no one could see us. The assistants ended up coming in with the Elder who is replacing Elder Anderson ( a knife through my heart!).

Oh yeah! Elder Dewey looked supah fly on Sunday because he was wearing these glasses. I took them off his face...

Watchu think? 

So his secret was #1, they weren't his. And #2, they don't have a prescription. HA-HA-HA! Oh Dewey.

Anderson called me over and took me away from my ga-ga-ing over Dewey's glasses. Yes, Anderson, what do you want? He introduced me to the new assistant, Elder Rhodes, that's what. 

"This is Ariana Rae Limas and she's awesome and...."

Ok he said other stuff, but I stood stunned at the fact that he used my whole first name. That puts a smile to my face!

I then told Elder Rhodes:

Ariana: Buddy, Laura and I will be keeping an eye on you. You've got some pretty big shoes to fill!
Rhodes: But my feet aren't as big...
Anderson: Why does everyone keep making fun of my feet?

Then he made a comment about my feet...WHAT?

So meet Elder Rhodes: 
He has some kind of accent. 
He's from Virginia (figured that out with help from mine and Anderson's sick mouthing skills).
He's funny/sarcastic. Take your pick. 

Then as Laura was meeting Rhodes, Anderson and I started our discussion about America....not again.
Anderson: You should just move to America.
Ariana: Neverrrrrr.
Anderson: Why not? Your favourite people are all from there...
Ariana: That is.....well....yeah....oh, I guess that is true.
He gave me a look of satisfaction when he shouldn't have. Wipe that smile off your face, mister. But in my defense, yes, a lot of my favourite people are from America: Tyson Anderson, Jake Corkin, Danny Nelson, Danny Anderbauer, George Lucero, Jed Layton, Mary Martinez....(and they are all RMs too, well Anderson soon will be. The list goes on.)

But WHATEVER! That doesn't make me want to move to America! Visit, yes. Live there, no.

Oh yea, Anderson said something that made Laura and I want to bawl. He said, "at least you have Elder Rhodes to replace me. I have no one back home to replace you guys." I was so touched.

Laura and I ended the night with helping out in the kitchen. You know how there's the few Relief Society women who will offer themselves up in the kitchen at the end of the activity? Yep, that's basically what we did. Holy smokes, NEVER ENDING DISHES! But I had fun...Carole Mark and Lianne Racioppo were entertaining us while we all cleaned together. Those are two very funny women!

Then I got to show off my boxing skills to Dewey. (Ha, what skills?) But yes, I do love boxing. Haha.


- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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