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Friday, April 8, 2011

YEUSSSSSSSS! Last night, I finished writing my Canadian History exam. Remind me again why I took it? It was the longest essay of my frogging life. I sat in the most dirtiest lecture hall York had to offer from 7-10pm in tiny seats with tiny desks! And to make things worse, I HAD TO PEE. Anyway, I thought I did better than expected.

I have one more exam left: 20th Century Children's Literature, next Friday at 2.

But I am excited because the worst of it is overrrrrrrr!!!! WOO!
I had 3 essays due last week and 3 exams this week. If you ask me if I look like a tired wreck, the answer is YES.

My plans?
- Work, Party, Clean, Read
- Preparation for Laura's Debut party!

End of school means working for the summer and heading back to Merangue with Bro. Millora for my good-enough job. It's not the best place, but hey, I get paid pretty good for fixing up displays and  talking with whoever I want for as long as I want. Not to shabby. If I'm lucky, I'll work a second job. Laura's friend, Kerri (one of our fellow cast-members playing as one of the Kit-Kat girls in our high school production of Cabaret), offered Laura a job at some place she works. It's at a doctor's office and you do a bunch of filing. Apparently they are desperate for people, so I am willing!

Of course school means it's time to PARTAAAAAAAY! I find myself reminiscing tons from last year. Parties are always randomly popping themselves into my agenda, but thus far I am looking forward to Sara's 19th birthday party: 1920s FLAPPER themed murder mystery party! Yea baby! If there's one thing I like to do, that is dress up and act! Holly came up with the most legit menu ever and I am proud to say I will be helping her prepare it while she is at Our Town rehearsals.

Lots of cleaning must be done. This school year makes my room like it has been hit by a hurricane. There are books and papers piled everywhere! It's about time I get rid of them.

Well, maybe not the books. This is where reading comes next. I have a whole bunch of books that need to be checked off my reading list. There are books that I bought from last summer that I haven't even touched! Christine Laycock let me take all her LDS books before she moved out to BC, so I need to start cracking on those too.

And the best for last: LAURA'S DEBUT PARTY PREP!!!! Oh yea! I cannot even express how happy this makes my freaking life. Did I mention that party-planning makes me super excited? Did I also mention I love making lists? Ok so here I go!:

1. Cotillion choreography: Nag, nag, I know, I already said I was doing the choreo. But now that I'm out of school I can concentrate on finalizing these moves because I am going to make her cotillion waltz so epic that more people will be looking at hers than at mine on my YouTube channel.

2. Photography: Due to a lack of males in this society, Laura doesn't have enough boys for her entourage. Thus, I was kicked out for the sake of her not having the burden of bringing bad news to one of her closest friends. As disappointed as I am that I won't be able to dance (let's face it, I'm not much of a hip-hop dancer. Ballroom and contemporary are more my thing and this is like one of the few times I ever get to dance like that), my parents have allowed me to be the photographer for the party. Dancing, what? Who cares! I GET TO DO MY PHOTOGRAPHY!!! I am one happy woman.

3. Slideshow: I've got to come up with something for Laura's slideshow. It's not supposed to look anything like mine, so my noggin needs to start working up its creativity juices. But I got a few ideas here and there. It's going to be epic. Let's just say making captions for my photography is kinda my thing, so we'll work some magic from there.

4. The 3 above mixed together: One idea I have for the slideshow is to do a section on her with her entourage. That means photoshoots away! I'm planning for one at Edward's Gardens sometime in June.

5. Give-aways: I am making the give-aways / name cards for the party. All 230 of them!

6. Secretary: This is what I get for being my sister's best friend. I handle everything. And I LOVE it. So that's contacting everybody, getting addresses, doing the jottes and tittles for the 18 Treasures and Roses.

There's probably tons more I'm doing, but I'll blog about those later. Mmm, I LOVE THIS. I will now fleet away from this computer with a big fat smile on my face. I am so ready for this challenge!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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