Me, modeling? Woaaaaaa.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So I check my Facebook mail and the Stake Young Men's president happened to send me a message...and this is what it said:

Hi Ariana, 
My wife is looking for an interim model or two to showcase a couple of dresses from her website. Wondering if you or your sister would be interested in helping her out. She won't be able to pay you much, but she'll make you dinner :). It would also be a good opportunity to showcase your talent in photography. 
The website link is below if you want to see the dresses. If you're not interested, let me know who you think might be a good fit. 

OH MY GOODNESS. Can i scream?!


I mean, c'mon, I am nowhere near close to having a model's body, but I do practice posing for pictures just because when I do my photography I have to teach my models how to pose. BUT THIS IS SOOOO GREAT!!!!!! I am so excited! What a great opportunity! It was so unexpected. I feel so blessed right now :)

Oh, and the best part about it is that the dresses are MODEST. Oh yeaaaaa. Read the "About Us" page on their website. The first paragraph is about modesty and standards and virtue. AAAAAMEN.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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Work and the Glory OBSESSED.

Monday, May 30, 2011

So I am absolutely-positutely OBSESSED with The Work and the Glory series by Gerald N. Lund!!!

I read the 1st book a couple of years ago and the second one over a year ago. Because of school I haven't had much time to read much of my reading wishlist. But now I'm using every single break at work to read and read and read because these books are just SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

I now have a spot in my heart for the dear Steed family. I can't even explain what a great example they are of keeping the faith. They are just so amazing! Every single one of them has a special feature about them and their strength and duty in the Lord's work that I have come to love. I've grown quite attached to the characters.....I'm actually planning to name some of my kids after them. Don't judge me!

Gerald N. Lund is a genius when it comes to writing. Some people don't like reading things in detail because it get boring...but I LOVE it. I see what the Steeds see and I feel what they feel. The mysterious ways of the Lord preforms become written proof as I read about the miracles that happen in the lives of these faithful Saints. I've come to gain a greater testimony of our prophet Joseph Smith and my love for him has grown as I have come to learn of this great man.

My admiration for the pioneers has grown larger than it ever has been. I've always known about the pioneers but I have never realized how much faith and strength they had until after reading these books. My love for the members of the past has grown to such a great extent. I've heard stories about hardships and persecutions, but it never hit home so hard before. Because of my attachment to the Steed family, I now have a greater understanding of how hard things were back then. But it also made me realize how strong these individuals' faith were in the prophet and how much love and trust they had in the Lord to do what he asks even in the most perilous time.

There is not a day when I read this book where my eyes are dry. I always, and I mean ALWAYS, read something that will bring tears to my eyes; whether it's the testimony of the characters, the faith they show after their extreme trials, the love they have for the Lord, the love they have for their fellow members, or the touching and loving relationship the Steed family has for each other. I can't even explain how much I love this book. I know I have a testimony of this gospel and reading these books has strengthened my testimony of the history of the church. I am also filled with so much admiration of these Saints and I find myself wanting to do better as I learn from their righteous example.

I don't think there's anything else to say but tell you how much I recommend you to read this book.

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dialogues. My favourites are the ones that are just so heartfelt OR the ones where the Steed family stands up for what they believe in with unwavering and immovable faith. Like in Volume #3, Rebecca had to turn the man she loved down because he wasn't a member. Also, the rest of the family had to defend their faith against their son-in-law. In both circumstances the dialogues of defending the faith were just so incredible!

Of course when you got a family, that means LOVE. The love the ever-growing Steed family has for each other is such a great example to me. Chapter after chapter, I start setting silent goals in my heart of how much I want my family to be like the Steed family. And of course, the family get bigger as the children marry...and those dialogues are so touching! They make me so kilig!!! (That's a Filipino word for giggly/smiley/squealy when something romantically cute happens.)

The heartfelt testimonies of each individual as they explain the reason they live for the gospel are simply AMAZING. Just for the record, here's a couple of dialoges I LOVED as I read volume #4: The Gold to Refine.

Nathan Steed to his brother, Joshua Steed; page 180:

There was only one answer. "To show your gratitude. Love."
"Of course." Nathan straightened now, choosing his words with great care. "And that's exactly how we as Latter-day Saints feel about the Saviour." 
Joshua looked openly dubious. 
"Yes," Nathan said earnestly. "Don't you see? What Jesus did for us is all that you did for our family and infinitely more. He loved us so much, he gave his life for us on the cross. He suffered beyond description. Why? To save us from an eternal destiny too horrible to describe. And once you come to believe that--no, not just believe it, but accept it, live it, breathe it!-- then you are willing to endure anything, do anything, give everything in return as your way of saying thanks to him." 
He shook his head slowly, wanting so much to hep Joshua understand. "You yourself are living proof of the power of love. Can't you see that, Joshua? Christ gave his life for all mankind. Can we as Saints do any less if we love him in return?"

Benjamin Steed to his son, Joshua Steed, and son-in-law, Carl Rogers; page 593-4:

He took a breath, his voice growing stronger now. "But let me see if I can help you understand. In some ways, our lives are like circles, circles in which we move and live and act. Some of us live longer and so we make wider circles than others. Some people are great and noble and famous. Their circles can become very large. We believe Joseph Smith is one of those. We believe his circle will embrace all for eternity." 
Joshua had started fidgeting as his father began, looking for an opening, but he quieted, caught up in the intensity of Benjamin's words. 
"George Washington, Columbus, the Apostle Paul-- I could name hundreds of others who we know by name because their circles spread wide and touched many people. But for every one of those big circles there are a thousand unnamed and unknown people whose circles seem very small and insignificant by comparison. And yet, to God, they are not insignificant. To God, it is not how large our circle becomes, or how well known we are to the world. All that matters is how we--you, me, each and every one of us--fills that circle. 
"Are we like our Saviour and Redeemer? Are we following the example of the Master? Or do we care only about ourselves?"

As for my children names...HA-HA-HA. Ok so I've always wanted unique names just because I'm so used to the fact that my own name is uncommon. But the names of the Steed children have so much meaning to me now, so I can't help it. I would use them all if I could, but I've chosen specific ones for specific reasons. ACTUALLY........I'll save this for another post ;) Stay tuned!

So today, I finished Volume #4...tomorrow before I go to work, Volume #5: A Season of Joy, HERE I COME! Woo!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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I talk about this all the time with Sara and Laura. I'm constantly texting Sara from work telling her about this book and the Steed family. But one of our conversations was about our day. I was so amazed by the faith they had through the made me think about our day. The church leaders have always said that we were born in this generation as a royal generation. We were appointed to come to earth at this time because they need the strong spirits in this fight against Satan. I was thinking that sometimes it doesn't seem so hard. I mean, yea sure, there are temptations that are harder to fight because the world makes it seem like it's no big deal, but it's not like we ever have to deal with standing by our faith is a matter between life and death. The early Saints suffered so much! (one example: the Mormon Masscre in Volume 4, it will break your heart).  Saints were persecuted, exiled, whipped, beaten, terrorized, killed, yet their faith stayed stronger than ever. It gets me thinking maybe I'm taking our day a little too lightly. If I was sent to this Earth at this appointed time and compare it to the trials the Saints had to go through back then........well....... let's just say I found it a warning. Maybe I might be taking things too lightly? I started questioning myself, would I have enough courage in this day to stand up for what I believe in when it becomes a life and death situation? I might say so, but when the time I really willing to sacrifice my life? After much musing, my answer is YES. I love this Gospel and I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is no way in this life I will deny the faith!!! Then it got me thinking again...if I'm willing to be this brave when it comes to sacrificing my life, then I should be even more willing when it comes to sacrificing my reputation. I'm not saying that telling people I'm Mormon will ruin my reputation or anything, because it never really has. But as I grow older and find myself in more situations where I'm surrounded by people who don't know me like all those I've grown with in my 14 years of school, I find it hard to openly talk about the gospel because I don't want to be judged. If I'm willing to risk my life for the Gospel, then risking my reputation shouldn't be a problem. Just sayin'. So I'm just making it a goal to open my mouth more and talk about the Gospel with more delight and zeal as I share it with others :)

Toronto Door's Open

Sunday, May 29, 2011

For this year's Toronto Door's Open event, the Toronto Stake Centre of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been chosen as one of the sites to go see!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Mormon represent! 

We had some of the members volunteer to give people tours around the building.

In the gym there were a whole lot of booths on emergency preparedness because that is something that our church does focus on a lot. 

One of the boots was promoting blood-donations and they were giving out blood tests:

And they had set up tables and put the Book of Mormon on MANY different languages!
We are cool like that, yo!

And ya know the real statue is in Salt Lake City, but this one was close enough :)

I'm glad they chose the Stake Centre to be a part of the event this year! Last year I know the Ossington chapel was chosen because of it's historical significance and structure, but I'm just so happy they decided to choose our wards for this. It's such a great opportunity to let the community and the city know about our church and what we've got to teach! I feel so fortunate to be a member of this amazing church and have the fulness of the gospel! It's just so utterly amazing!!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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Victoria Day Fam Jammin'

Monday, May 23, 2011

I love hanging with the familia!

This is my baby cousin Mariael. She has gotten so big since the last time I saw her.

Watermelon eating contest!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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Around the world and back.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I don't even know why I titled this post that, but I thought it was appropriate just because I was everywhere today.

[1] First on the list: cleaning the chapel. The Milloras are our partner family for clean up so Laura, Jared, and I worked on the washrooms. TOO FUNNY. We just finished cleaning woman's washroom and then we just stood there in front of the mirror dancing....doing my Latin core dancing exercises. HAHAHAHA oh my goodness, I love Jared.

[2] After cleaning we went to Wal Mart so I could buy myself a pair of steel-toed shoes. UGH. I need them for work...even though I really don't need them. But whateves, mom bought us breakfast at McDonalds since Wal Mart has it :)

[3] Next, we prepared ourselves to go to the Ospina's place in Brampton. There was a Filipino temple day today, which Laura and I should have attended, but we haven't seen the Ospinas much since they moved and this was our only chance to get a ride to Brampton. Oh how I love and miss their family. I love their kids so flipping much!! I have fun chasing Juan Felipe around, Marianna is my little darling, and Abril is my happy little baby. They are so adorable! I also love Bro. and Sis. Ospina! Andres Ospina was in the Young Men's presidency so he's fantastic with the youth. Sandra Ospina is always so much fun to talk to; I love talking to her about babies and home-things and photography! She knew I got the new SLR so she told me to bring it along so she could give me some tips.

The Ospinas also had their friends over, the Limons. Funny, cause when Sandra told me I'm like "oh yes! I know Edouard Limon! ...well I know him, he doesn't know me..." Haha, Sandra started laughing at me cause I just made myself sound like a stalker. But he has given workshops during Priest/Laurel Conference, so I knew who he was. And boy did I enjoy eating with their family as well! Him and his wife were telling us their stories of how they met and got together and they were asking me and Laura about dating and whatnot. So much fun!

[4] When the Limons were leaving, Andres drove Laura and I to the Brampton Stake Centre so we could join the rest of the Filipinos for the after-party of the temple day. 

And then there was the Gold and Green Ball. I really wanted to go but I wasn't dressed for the occasion and my parents were pretty we just went home...and I think we watched a movie.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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Mormon Prom!

So Holly told me the actual photographer cancelled on them so she asked me to be the photographer at the Prom. WHAT WHAAAAAT!!!! Right in time, I get to put the new SLR to practice!

Did I mention that someone asked me to this prom too? Haha, yea Kenny called me one Sunday and asked if I would go with him. I'm too old to be there, but whateves.

So now I had to juggle taking photos of others and still paying attention to my date. Thankfully Kenny was very understanding of that :]

Here are some of my faves:

Aww, look he brought me a bouquet :)

They're cute. Zibuano and his gf!

Me Don Valley loveliesss

Ma boys right durrrrr

Ahaaaa my favourite!

My brodurrrrrr

ROFL. I love the Bernal brothers.


Presidendt Burns was impressed with this picture. He said I got everyone off the dance floor and back on with just the wave of my hand. HA! I work magic :)

Ahahaaa John and the ladies.

I love President Burns!

Yeup, fun night!

Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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