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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I don't even know why I titled this post that, but I thought it was appropriate just because I was everywhere today.

[1] First on the list: cleaning the chapel. The Milloras are our partner family for clean up so Laura, Jared, and I worked on the washrooms. TOO FUNNY. We just finished cleaning woman's washroom and then we just stood there in front of the mirror dancing....doing my Latin core dancing exercises. HAHAHAHA oh my goodness, I love Jared.

[2] After cleaning we went to Wal Mart so I could buy myself a pair of steel-toed shoes. UGH. I need them for work...even though I really don't need them. But whateves, mom bought us breakfast at McDonalds since Wal Mart has it :)

[3] Next, we prepared ourselves to go to the Ospina's place in Brampton. There was a Filipino temple day today, which Laura and I should have attended, but we haven't seen the Ospinas much since they moved and this was our only chance to get a ride to Brampton. Oh how I love and miss their family. I love their kids so flipping much!! I have fun chasing Juan Felipe around, Marianna is my little darling, and Abril is my happy little baby. They are so adorable! I also love Bro. and Sis. Ospina! Andres Ospina was in the Young Men's presidency so he's fantastic with the youth. Sandra Ospina is always so much fun to talk to; I love talking to her about babies and home-things and photography! She knew I got the new SLR so she told me to bring it along so she could give me some tips.

The Ospinas also had their friends over, the Limons. Funny, cause when Sandra told me I'm like "oh yes! I know Edouard Limon! ...well I know him, he doesn't know me..." Haha, Sandra started laughing at me cause I just made myself sound like a stalker. But he has given workshops during Priest/Laurel Conference, so I knew who he was. And boy did I enjoy eating with their family as well! Him and his wife were telling us their stories of how they met and got together and they were asking me and Laura about dating and whatnot. So much fun!

[4] When the Limons were leaving, Andres drove Laura and I to the Brampton Stake Centre so we could join the rest of the Filipinos for the after-party of the temple day. 

And then there was the Gold and Green Ball. I really wanted to go but I wasn't dressed for the occasion and my parents were pretty we just went home...and I think we watched a movie.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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