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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can you say hectic? Scheduled for today: Cotillion Practice, Stake Relief Society Women’s Day, and Ate Glen’s Bridal Shower. ONE RIGHT AFTER ANOTHER, and no way am I changing for each one. So I compromised.

Like my outfit? Summer dress, tights, and Converse. I thought it’d suffice.

Cotillion practice went exceptionally well today. We got the room on the 3rd floor cuz it was cleared up. We altered the dance so the first verse would be a lot easier for everyone to dance to...and it was!!! We got so far today, it made me so happy! And we had most people dancing to the intro and the first verse and chorus of the main song...HALLELUJAH!!! I ended up buying pizza for the group because A) it was on sale, and B) to celebrate the fact that I now am getting paid! WOOT!

The Relief Society Women’s Conference was pretty awesome. Sara and I decided to choose our schedules together. We went to Bishop Wilson’s workshop first on humour. Please, who WOULDN’T go to that? I love Bishop Wilson, he is so awesome. He talked about perspective and how easily we can change a bad day into a good one if we just let our minds work with it.

Next, we went to Yogaaaaaa! YEEEEUS! I love any chances I can get to do Yoga. It felt gooooood.

And last, but certainly not least, MUSIC WORKSHOP!! Obviously Sara and I would attend that. You’re talking to the music nerds here. I loved loved loved it. We read the beginning of the hymn book, which I admit, I’ve never paid attention to. There was a message from the General Authorities of the effect music has in our lives and how it can help us in our homes and with our selves. Yes, music is a blessed thing and I definitely have a testimony of it. When I’m feeling low, spiritually, all I got to do is crank up them LDS tunes and my spirits are lifted automatically. There’s something about music that allows me to understand better the love that God has for me and all His children and how much each and every one of us is worth.

I had to leave in the middle of dinner for Ate Glen’s bridal shower. I didn’t get a ride with my fam because my dad didn’t want to go cuz, well, he is a guy. But of course, we’re Filipino, and there were men at this party. Ate Desiree finally got her SLR camera from her brother and she let me take pictures with it!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT. It’s a Canon Kiss x4 and she is letting me use it whenever I want!! She wants me to practice with it so I can take her family pictures once her husband immigrates to Canada. I AM SO BLESSED. She knows I don’t have one and would love one and she’s giving me this opportunity. I am so extremely grateful!!

The party was ok. I was so pooped by the night that I ended up chilling in the bedroom with Jezreel and the babies. Oh, did I mention I got asked to make the cupcakes for that evening? Yeah, I made chocolate cupcakes and decorated them to look like flowers, then Ate Leah but them on BBQ sticks to make them look like flowers in a pot. Pretty cool, I’d say. 

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