Laura's Prom!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My little sister is attending her prom :') oh my!

Sara and I both helped her get ready

And then me and Sara walked to her high school where the limo was supposed to meet them. 
Yes, we took the obligation to walk all the way there so I could get shots of them coming out of the car and getting into the limo.

And I pretty much stalked her and all her friends as they stressed about the people who were late XD

...And they finally got into the limo!

Yo, do you know how pro I am? 
I got my daddy-o to drive us to their prom spot so I could take pictures of them coming out of the limo.
Like really paparazzi yo!

Of course she would...

Only Garneau would have police men at their prom...

And here's just a bit of fun I had with them while we were still at the school:

Haha, I just love my sister and her friends to bits and pieces. Too much fun.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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