YSA Conference 2011 - Day 1 - July 15, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sara, Aryana, and I are roomies :)

Keynote Speaker: Bishop Turner
- when promised blessings, they enfold to you throughout many years of your life
- 13th article of faith is the only one that has to do with character
- be the bright sunshine ray that lights up the room
- we need to represent the church of Christ for Christ!! We do so by living the 13th article of faith.
- make the decision to be and live happily. when you practice to do so, you eventually become that.
- Mosiah 3:19, Alma 7:11-13
- The church system hires teachers - it is so important to teach how we can become like Christ to represent His church
- Teach us how to rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ - learn only by the Holy Ghost
- Conquer the natural man inside us
- Do Something to help the YSA converts to stick with and grow their testimony
- the Gospel is about me changing on the INSIDE
- You need the right attitude for the Spirit to teach. Have an open heart and mind.

Today finally came! I've been looking forward to YSA Conference for so long. No joke, Satan is trying to stop me from going on my summer spiritual retreats. I've been out of school for two months and all I was waiting for to kick off my summer was YW Camp. But did I go? NO. Cuz I got sick the day before. I haven't missed YW Camp since I was 13! And now before YSA Conference I was coughing like crazy. No way am I letting the adversary keep me from spiritual upliftment!

I really liked our opening devotional. Our key note speaker was great! Our theme is "We Believe", focused on the 13th Article of Faith. Odd enough when the speaker asked if someone knew it he saw my hand go up and asked me to recite it. Ha, that was a surprise. I hate getting up in front of people.

He talked about how the 13th Article of Faith is the only one that deals with our character and not gospel/doctrine. Our goal is to make sure we gain those qualities so we can better represent Christ and His church.

I really enjoyed the video they showed about conversion stories through institute. It was really touching to see all these people's lives changed for the better.

Our opening social wasn't a dance but an interactive game. We had groups and a list of items we needed to take pictures of. I got along pretty well with my group which I was extremely happy about.

I'm so excited for the workshops tomorrow!

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