YSA Conference 2011 - Day 3 - July 17, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday School & Testimony Meeting
Boy oh boy were we late for this one. We stayed up so late the night before!

- Even with our busy schedules, we need to make time for the things that matter
- "We seek after these things" - we look for the good!!
- Colossians 1:23**
- Philippians 4:8
- When we seek after these things, we can be used as instruments in the hands of the Lord
- "Let virtue garnish thy thoughts" - Bishop H. David Burton - 2009 October General Confernce

- ***WE CAN'T CLIMB A MOUNTAIN IF IT'S SMOOTH. He's always trying to teach us. It's up to us to pick it up and apply.***


Sacrament Meeting
Musical Number: Michael Ojelade & Fredik Limon - "How Can I Be"

1st Speaker: Bishop Russell Wilmott
- Do we want what Heavenly Father wants for us?
- It's not the sum up total. It's to be a participant in the Gospel of Christ. BE ACTIVELY PARTICIPANT.
- To just sit in our emotions will not lead us back to Heavenly Father

2nd Speaker: Cindy Kalenga
- If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up anywhere.
- If you know what you do and do what you know, then you begin to change from what you were.
- Admonission of Paul = Philippians 4:8
- Like recording a game - if you don't know the results or you do, there are completely different reactions. As members of the church we are lucky to know what's going on and where we are going.
- The 13th Article of Faith is the LAST not the first. That's because these things come after believing and following the doctrine of Christ.***

3rd Speaker: Kevin Smith
- The road is a set path and it's up to us to follow it and lead others towards it
- Have the willingness to have the church stronger

4th Speaker: John Kay
- 1 Nephi 4:6
- Alma 36:24-26
- Lose yourself in the love for others
- Last verse of How Firm a Foundation (for blog)
- Last verse of Do What Is Right (for blog)

5th Speaker: Stacy Cattran
- Temple marriage is something we need in order to be perfect
- If we have no hope, then we are left with despair

6th Speaker: President Scott Goobie
- We didn't tell the Lord that we'd come to Earth on certain circumstances. We said "WE WILL GO!"
- Compare yourself no to the chess pieces, but to the chess board itself.

7th Speaker: Elder David Murray
- When we say "I know this church is true" do we think of all those principles that we believe in?
- We become the hands, arms, and feet of the Saviour. We are His disciples and we represent Him.
- Moroni 7:48
- 1. Faith is a fundamental principle
- 2. Love - the Lord and fellowmen - attribute to have in this life
- 3. Service - Pattern the Lord has set
- The Lord doesn't roll a dice. He knows us very well. We must recognize the blessings and opportunities He knows is best for us. ********

CH: Today, While the Sun Shines (#229) BLOG!


I can't even express how much I have enjoyed conference. It was exactly the spiritual uplift I needed for quite some time now. I didn't bare my testimony during testimony meeting, but I agree with Sara when she says that: it wasn't our time to, it was a time for us to just sit and listen. I absolutely agree. I felt like I needed to hear the testimony of others to help strengthen me. With a lot of drama going on in life lately, I really needed this conference to help gain my perspective back. I know my Father in heaven would never abandon me, so I should never abandon Him. I need to endure and continue through my life doing the things He needs me to so that His kingdom can continue to be built. I know these conferences are inspired of God and that they are here for our benefit. I'm grateful for the spirit I have felt and for the speakers and leaders that have put so much time and effort into the workshops and activities to make sure we have a great time. I am also thankful for the new and strengthened friendships I have. Seriously, I can't imagine living this life without the friends I have at the moment. They are all examples to me one way or another and always want me to become better. I love the fact that we have these conferences to allow that to happen so we can learn and spiritually grow together so I can have those opportunities to strengthen my relationships with them.

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