Best Sacrament Meeting EVERRRRR.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

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What a wonderful Sunday. The Sprit was sooo strong during sacrament meeting, I don't think there was one dry eye present. Thank you to all the youth and leaders for bearing your testimonies and sharing with us that sweet Spirit you've felt at Nauvoo. T-DOT Stake is where it's at ;) You guys are all amazing ♥ Laura Kae LimasJezreel MilloraJared MilloraJohn ZibinNicole ZibinBen HynynenSebastian Gelvez

Legit, today we had the best Sacrament Meeting EVER. I was so excited for today. All the youth were back from Nauvoo and they were all going to bear their testimonies. Let me tell you, the night before I was pretty envious, yet at the same time fairly touched, that all the youth in the stake had become a whole lot closer. It made me envious just because I wish I could’ve gotten that time to get close to all of them too, but it put the biggest smile on my face that they were getting close. Anyway, the whole Sacrament meeting I was in tears. I was so touched by each and every one of the youth and leader’s testimony. Felipe spoke first and he choked up near the end of his talk, which got us all started. I was very impressed with hearing everyone’s testimonies. Jezreel’s testimony made me cry the hardest. I know what she’s been through and I was so touched and so proud of her for working so hard so she could be able to make it to the Nauvoo trip. I could see her growth throughout the year and I could see how firm and strong and how willing she was when she got back to continue living righteously. Each youth bore their testimony about something different so we pretty much got their experience as a whole. I am so proud of these youth and I love each and every one of them with all my heart: Laura, Jezreel, Jared, Nicole, John, Sebastian, Ben, Miguel, and Felipe. I felt envious before? NOT ANYMORE. The Spirit was so strong and I couldn’t feel anything but happy for each of them and that they were able to gain that experience when they did. The Gospel is truly an incredible thing.

As I was sitting there crying a waterfall I looked around and honestly there was not a dry eye in the congregation. That’s how strong the spirit was. It was such an amazing feeling. I looked up at the youth and I silently wished that Holly, Andres, and Jason were in our ward so I could hear them bear their testimony as well. [Side note: Seriously, if the Deeks, Burns, and Bernals moved out of Scarborough ward and into the Don Mills ward, MY LIFE WOULD BE COMPLETE.] After the meeting I went up to the front and gave each of them a HUGE hug. Haha, I treat them like my babies...that’s why I’m called the Ate ;)

After church was the seminary kick-off. We were on the 3rd floor as Melissa prepped the students and their parents up for the new seminary year. WOO! I did some doodling, of course:

Ha, and Nicole came running to us afterwards to show us this:

LOLOLOLOL Apparently she got close to Ben during their trip. Ahahahahahhahaa. She calls him Pookie. Ahahahahahahahahaha!! TOO FUNNY!

Andrew left the meeting for a while and came back holding an Air Mormon sweatshirt. WHERE IN THE WORLD DID HE GET ONE?!?!?! (All the youth agreed to buy Air Mormon clothing to match each other, but Andrew couldn’t go because they didn’t get their visa on time). He said that Andres was here to drop it off for him. YO MAN, HOW COME I DON’T GET ONE?!

While we were eating the refreshments Andres randomly appeared and he was talking to John in a corner. Boy, did I jump on him! When it comes to Laura’s cotillion members, I feel the need to get excited when I see them since I don’t see them twice a week anymore haha.

Anyway, so we’re all sitting and eating refreshments then Aryana Rush comes to talk to me about the Fall semester kick-off for Institute. She said that Maybell wanted a kick-off video done and she was wondering if I could do it. HOLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! OF COURSE I WILL DO IT!!!!! She didn’t even finish asking and I was already freaking out on her because I was so excited. The catch? It had to be ready to present the night of the kick-off...which was a little more than two weeks away. DUN DUN DUN. But hey, what’s a better way to end my summer than busying myself with a super awesome project? DUH. I am sooooooooo psyched for this!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
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