Entourage After-Party!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today is the day! Entourage after-party, say whaaaat?!

We started the day off with Laura and I doing a seminary visit for Clint (Jared was at driving school and couldn’t make it). The visit went pretty well. I wish his sister was home...I miss her so bad. I was guessing she would’ve been still asleep in bed so I was going to jump on her...But she was babysitting her niece. Sigh. Next time. 

Then we headed to the Dapats. Ok, so you know how it takes girls a super long time to get ready? Bahahaha, this was not the case at the Dapats! We stayed at the Dapats apartment for soooo long because Andrew took forever to get ready. LAWL. We had to change our reservations to 2:00 because we took so flipping long. We headed across the street to the Zibins and then we did our seminary visit....IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Haha! The Zibins met up with us part way so we were standing in a circle on the road and I just bore my testimony about seminary and how important it was to go. We ended with a prayer to bless us before we go off for the reunion, so there was 8 of us huddled in a circle, arms folded and eyes closed, praying in the middle of the road. WOW, I wonder what the cars passing us were thinking.

We got to Woo’s. The place is SO NICE.

A toast to our very successful performance :)

It has such a great view of downtown Toronto from the window. But the place looked pretty fancy. The food isn’t as good as Mandarin though, not gonna lie. There wasn’t a huge variety, so I suggest if you want to go eat somewhere with lots of food, go somewhere else.


 Next, we headed over to Shirin’s for swimming. Swimming brings such joy to my face, you don’t even know.

And thennnn it was Elder Dewey’s goodbye party at the church. Tehehe his dad loved my cupcakes so much.
Meet Elder Dewey's sister, Annalee!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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