Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So today Jared and I started our seminary visits, first with Sebastian. Hoooooly, he lives so far. Jared and I bused it alllll the way there, stayed for like 10 mins, then bused it alllll the way back. But it’s ok. We got talk time so Jared could tell me his stories from Nauvoo. SOOO I was super nervous when we were challenging Sebastian...I guess it’s just because he’s the first we did and I wasn’t quite sure what to say. But we challenged him and he said “of course”. These kids are too good!

We got home and Eulah was at my place, WHAT WHAAAAT! I love that chick. She and my sister have been friends since grade 4 and she’s leaving for Ottawa for university so she paid us a visit. Man, this girl practically lived with us back in the day. Laura and Eulah got super close in middle school and then her family ended up moving...but she still had to attend her last year in middle school. So her parents would drive her over every single morning and stay with us till the evening when her parents could pick her mom. I AM GOING TO MISS HER. She is the definition of AWESOME. And she used to be such a tomboy when we were younger...and now she’s a BABE. No creeper move intended. Ahaa, I just love her.


Then Grandma, Laura, and I went to Ate Leah and Tita Portia’s place for visiting teaching. I let grandma take the reins on this one since it was the first time I was doing it with a companion. Surprisingly I found myself talking out fore than usual. And everything I said was inspired from something I learned from Institute or YSA conference. See, these programs are God-inspired. So I really enjoyed the lesson. Afterwards they fed us. They don’t have to, but they did, and boy it was YUMMY. And we had milkshakes and cheesecake for dessert...TWO OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS. Man, today is just going so well for me. But the reason we stayed longer was because Laura and I were going to help Ate Leah plan Ezra’s 1st birthday party. My job: photographer, obviously. Laura’s: emcee. Ezra is going to have the cutest decorations and tiara...OH MY GOODNESS, my little princess is turning 1!!

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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