Sports Fest!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So yesterday Tita Mindy picked me so I could sleep over at her place before we go to her church's Sports Fest. I was supposed to bring Andrew and Jonathan to come play basketball but Jonathan has another basketball game so I invited Shanelle to come to replace him.

At Tita Mindy's place Shanelle, Andrew, and I went straight to the swimming pool. Mmmm finally!! I haven't gone swimming all summer! What is this?! We had the whole pool to ourselves and we were just playing around. It was so much fun and so relaxing! I kept saying I wish Jared, Andres, and Jonathan could have come because I know they all really wanted to play basketball for the sports fest thing but couldn't make it.

HAHAHAHA, so the pool closes at 10 and we were still in there at 10:30. Oh my goodness, we got yelled at from the guy locking up. He was telling us that my aunt was supposed to be there with me. And then he barged in on Andrew while he was showering naked HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

We got to my aunt's apt and the moon was so bright and beautiful! I played around with the camera :)

We had hotdogs and then got ready for bed. The three of us were just having bed-talk time and then I texted Jonathan to tease that he was missing out on the fun. Surprisingly he decided that he was gonna come then and there to join us LOOOOOL. So he came like past midnight and the 4 of us were up sooooo late talking! And we had to leave the apartment at 6am too!! Ayaaaaaa!

I didn't play any sports, but I definitely cheered the 3 of them on. That's all I'm good for...cheerleading -.-"
The other teams were so legit compared to ours. Hahaha fail on our part.

It was definitely different from the way we have our activities. I always think it's interesting to watch how other sects of Christianity practice their faith, and I'm not saying that there's was wrong, but it was definitely different. I thought some things were pretty cool but it's amazing how you can actually deeply feel the difference. I love being LDS, enough said. 

All three of them playing :)

By the time I got home, Laura and dad had already arrived from Nauvoo.
I barged in the house excited to see my sister, and what did she do?
She was lying on the couch sleeping and when I tugged on her foot to wake her up so I could hug her she told me to go away. HOW RUDE. But they did get me a really nice sweater that said Old Nauvoo as a mock Old Navy logo. I love it! Especially coz it's gray...Laura knows we oh too well.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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