We finally went to Kensington!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

We’ve putting it off week after week because we’ve just been so busy. This was one of my only chances to chill with Stefanie Chen. She’s a good friend of mine from when we were both in the youth program, but she goes to school at BYU Hawaii so I rarely get to see her. We finally decided that we’d do photo shooting at Kensington Market.

Talk about fail trip. 
We got so lost!!!!! And when we finally got there, we walked around Kensington Market. We didn’t even walk within it, so we didn’t see all that much!! AGH. It was getting dark and none of us liked being downtown in the dark, so we kept it safe by quickly walking along the border then taking the streetcar back home. LOL. But at least we got some good pictures! We’re going to have to make another trip back there, for shopping and photography. 

 From Stefanie's really cool fish-eye lens!

Me and Stef :)

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