This is for you, Lolo.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is my new Facebook Profile Pic:

So apparently I've always been into moustaches.
At the age of 2 you got me stripping Mr. Potato Head.
At the age of 15 you got me dressed as Papa Mini.
And at the age of 19 is what I do on November 1, 2011 
when I can't grow a moustache for MOVEMBER on behalf of someone I love♥ 
and has watched me grow as quick as these pictures show.

This is for my Lolo, Mariano Celestial Limas.
He's been in the hospital since October 1, 2011.
He wishes he'd be out by his birthday on November 11.

This is the man who has watched me grow;
who traveled all the way to our apartment to babysit Laura and I, 
whether the weather be rain, snow, or shine;
who took us to the park every single summer morning at 8:00am,

and made our daily summer lunch routine ice cream, hot dogs, and french fries;
who waddles along with his walker, 

who spends everyday at the mall with his old filipino friends, 
who dances in his seat when music plays...
And even though he lies in his hospital bed he always: 

tells us to eat some cookies they keep in the room,
boxes my hands with great strength when I tell him to, 
thanks every single nurse that comes to help him,
lights up when someone comes to visit,
and sings along when Laura and I sing him his favourite song,
How Great Thou Art
...And I'm praying he'll get out soon.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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