P-Day with the Elders

Monday, March 26, 2012

My brother, Elder Arcilla, is going back home to Germany next week, so we planned to go out together on his 2nd last P-Day. We ended up going shopping at Eaton's Centre because he wanted some new clothes for when he gets back home.

We met up with them at the Stake Centre but they were still busy emailing home. Laura and Jared decided to continue watching The Vow. I started watching it over their shoulder. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT MY MEDIA FAST -.-" It's a lot harder to do media fast this time...there are just so many shows I am into and I've been addicted to movies lately; plus everyone keeps contacting me about YSA things and other photography gigs so I am kind of stuck on the internet :/ But I am blogging, hoping to talk about Spiritual things (except I'm blogging so often now it's like I am breaking my fast -.-")

You can't eat at a restaurant without turning your garbage into something!

For some odd reason Jared pulled out his head massager...

...And we tried it on Elder Silva

...And on Elder Kerr. LOL at their face expressions!

ROFL, this is my favourite picture.
I felt so self-centered because I thought I looked so good in the men's hat and sunglasses from H&M.
I somehow caught Elder Arcilla in the background wearing a bowtie on his head. HAHAHA!

My Elders at Yonge & Dundas Square :)
Elder Baconawa, Elder Kerr, Elder Arcilla, Elder Jameson, Elder Silva, and Elder Silva

We were going to take an "Abbey Road" photo, but we did a jumping one instead.
This is pretty darn epic.

Haha, ok there is a story behind this photo.
We originally planned to have Laura, Jared, and I, plus all the missionaries carry copies of the Book of Mormon and read it on the subway, just to see if anyone would come up to us and ask us about it. Then when we got to Eaton's we were planning on going to the Apple store and take photos of us with the Book of Mormon on every Mac desktop, laptop, and iPad. It didn't happen though. But we pulled out the Book of Mormon on the way home and they tested each other on scripture mastery instead XD

So yeah, it's been a pretty fun day. The Elders are way funny. I talked to them mostly about serving a mission since my papers were open and I was asking for advice. The only Elder we didn't know from the group was Elder Jameson, but we had a pretty fun time getting to know him while we were dissing everything at Hollister (LOL). Then all of a sudden he's like, "what are your names by the way?". When we told him he's like, "Ariana and Laura Limas. Hmm, oh wait! I've heard about you guys!" HAHAHAHAHAHA, Laura and I were like "uh.....what?" He was companions with both Elder Wray and Elder Kinikini and he said Elder Kinikini told him about us when we sent him the Christmas card (LOOOOOL, we made fun of Kinikini's name in that card XD). Then on the way home I was talking with Elder Kerr about how whenever we see the Elders on the bus we act super happy to see them so everyone else knows how cool they actually are. Then he says that he has talked to some people on the bus who knew me and they would be all like "Oh yeah, are you the guys from Ariana Limas' church?" or "I went to school with Ariana! She's pretty cool" or "yeah, I've been to your church for her debut party". ROFL, I was pretty flattered. 

I honestly cannot wait to serve a mission! These guys are too awesome!
Oh yeah! One of the workers from Hollister came up to us and was asking what we were doing and if there was a convention at the mall or something. Elder Arcilla was like uhhhh, no, we're missionaries and it's our day-off today. I wanted to laugh at the guy for being so hyper. And even on my way to meet the missionaries, I heard these two old ladies talking about Mormons. I was running late so I didn't stop but I wanted to bud in and say "I'm Mormon!", since one lady was confused and the other lady seemed to know more about us and tried explaining our beliefs. 

Woot! Mormon represent!

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