Semi-annual Media Fast: Spring 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

I started my Media Fast by opening with a fast to help me be receptive to the Spirit throughout the week so I could ponder about the questions I want answered during General Conference.

After church I saw Pres. Burns and I ran up to him and hugged him. The following conversation happened:

Pres. Burns (with a  sneaky smile on his face): So I saw someone's online application.  
Me: Huh? What do you mean?  
Pres. Burns: I hear someone is going on their mission.  
Me: you  mean my papers are open?! 
Pres. Burns: Yes! Your dad opened yours and Jared's on March 11th!

Oh my goodness. I started shaking him and squealing all over the place! People kept asking me about my papers and I kept saying my dad was going to open them "soon". Turns out they were already open!! I was so excited! Pres. Burns was laughing at me for my excitement and then he says, "it doesn't mean anything until it's filled out!" I replied, "I know, but it means that I can start!". Haha, I am so excited!

Last night I decided to log in to check out what the application looked like. Man oh man did it take my breath away. It's all so real now! I am in the beginning process of filling these papers in..I can't believe it! It's so awesome! I noticed though, however, that they asked about my ability to speak other languages and how I would feel about serving my mission in a different language. This leads me to GENERAL CONFERENCE QUESTION #1: Do I say I want to learn a new language or not?

I know it sounds pretty simple, but I think it's a lot more complex. I have always been interested in learning words in different languages, but English is still my only expertise (obviously). I can understand Tagalog, but it takes me a while to speak it. I studied French for 6 years, but I am not fluent in in. I can pick out certain words here and there, but I can't carry on a conversation. I've always been interested in ASL and I am slowly learning, but I'm not an expert yet. The reason this is my dilemma is because I only know how to bear my testimony in English (and I must say I'm pretty good with my words when I'm feeling the Spirit). I know that whatever language I will be assigned to speak the Spirit will help me learn, but I don't want to end up being frustrated (like I usually was with French). I often am a positive thinker and think I can do things when sometimes I clearly can't. However I also think it will be a wonderful challenge to fully depend on the Lord and the Spirit in learning to teach and bear my testimony in another language.

Jared and Nathan Lim, two young men in my ward who are currently on their missions, have an interesting experience with this whole language thing (as so I have heard from their family/friends). Jared is very good at speaking and connecting with people by being funny and making jokes. He was called as an English-speaking missionary in Washington, D.C. Nathan on the other hand does not control what comes out of his mouth sometimes. He was called as a Mandarin-speaking missionary in Hong Kong, and now he has to think before he speaks. His family found it funny how that worked out. I'm leaning towards Jared's side just because I am better in expressing myself when I can do it in a language I am fluent in. Plus, it takes me enough thinking before I say anything in much more thinking do I have to do before I speak if it were in a different language?

These are just my thoughts, THUS the reason it is question numero uno at General Conference.

- Ariana Rae Limas ♥
live well . laugh hard . love big .

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