The Simple Things

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I`ve been catching up on my favourite blogs and I came across this really cool project from Simple As That. The project is called "the simple things" and basically all she does is capture a photo each week of something simple in her life that made her smile. I LOVED that idea and thought it would be a pretty cool project, especially since I believe in finding joy in the small and simple things. Under my page la vita e bella, life goal #22 is to finish a 52 weeks photo project. I was planning to start it on the very last day of school and to take pictures of things that stood out to me each week. I love the idea from Rebecca's blog so I am going to try that theme instead. Wish me luck!

To join Rebecca and Simple as That on their search for the simple things you can find the instructions by clicking here. Check out her blog by clicking the button below:

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