"The Simple Things" Sunday; Week 2

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This week's simple thing:

I had the opportunity to go to Scarborough Ward today for Jesse's farewell talk. He leaves for Manchester, England this coming Wednesday. This is a photo of us during Priesthood/Relief Society hour. It was such a beautiful day outside so we decided to sit on the grass and do scripture study together. This is the simple thing I am grateful for: having such wonderful friends who all share the same values and have the knowledge of the Gospel. I couldn't be grateful enough for them! I love being a Latter-Day Saint, but it isn't easy finding friends who uphold my standards. Even within the church it's difficult to find friends who view things the same way as I do. It makes me happy that I have righteous friends who are willing to serve a mission; it makes me happy that I have friend who love to read and study the scriptures; and it makes me happy that I can share such beautiful days like today with them. 

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