"The Simple Things" Sunday; Week 3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

This week's simple thing: 

This week my familia had the opportunity to get together for a family BBQ before Victoria Day. I just loved sitting there chatting with the rest of the fam. One thing I realized was how much of myself comes from the Limas family! My aunt was talking about this new shampoo that thickens your hair. What do all the Limas siblings do? They start questioning because they want to buy it too. Hahaha. That's how my family is. One converts to one item, the rest of us convert as well. That's how it was with the vacuum cleaner, and the parbole rice, and the diet shakes (except my family went to brown rice and diet drinks instead. It's ok, we're the only Mormons so it's typical we're the odd ones out :P). I was sitting there watching my dad and his siblings all laughing and reminiscing their childhood. I have no doubt I will be like that with my siblings when we're older, but it's great to see the large family doing it. And this is the simple thing I am grateful for: having a great family so near to me. I love how my family enjoys being around each other all the time. I love how my family loves having fun together. I hear about other families and I am grateful that I am so close to mine, both in distance and in heart. 

You've got the Bishop (my dad), the Pastor (Tito Henry), the Pastora (Tita Mindy), the youth leader (Tita Rona), and then the rest of them who all have an impact on everyone around them. I hate to sound prideful, but my family is pretty well known and loved by many. But no matter how different we may be in religion, they are all wonderful examples to me of how to live one's faith to the fullest. They are examples to me of pure love and service towards our Spirit brothers and sisters. I am so lucky to be a part of this family :)

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