Snakes & Lattes

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today I was fortunate enough to catch up with my bestie from grade 7 :) He took me to this place called Snakes and Lattes! I personally thought it was pretty cool. There were shelves and shelves of every kind of board game you can imagine! There was a $5 fee per person to sit down and play for however long you wanted. Not bad! And then all extra costs come from the food you order and any board games you would like to purchase after. I definitely recommend this place for a group hang out / date. It's better when there are more people to enjoy a big game :)

Sayeed ordered this latte.

And I got this delicious mint-chocolate shake.

You should have seen me. I took one look at the game board and started squealing.

 Next up: JENGA!
Hahaha, I love this game. I remember it was my class's favourite in grade 2. 
And I love how everyone in the Cafe were just waiting for our tower to fall just so they can yell "JENNNNGAAAAA"!

Yup, I love catching up with old friends. The best part about it is seeing how much your friend has changed-- to see his/her new aspirations and goals. It's awesome. We all grow up so fast :')

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