Monday, May 27, 2013

Ok so yesterday was memorial day and we didnt get to email. And since its been over a week i am going to try to squeeze in as much as i report form :P (i am really hoping i dont miss anything).

The Temple:
So the Provo temple was the first time I got to sit in the Celestial Room and actually get to ponder and pray and reflect. I was looking up at the painting of Jesus Christ and the lyrics that went through my head were "Do you know this great Redeemer, who was more than just a man? Have you heard of all the things He's done for us since time began. Can you say that you have walked with him like many have before? Would you truly know the Saviour when he comes to earth once more?" And i sat there thinking, YES. I felt SOO much comfort knowing that I do know my Saviour, and that more importantly He knows me. And no matter how homesick or inadequate I was feeling that week, I knew that He is there watching over me and providing me with the strength that I need.

Sister Training Leaders:
Wooooo. So our new district came in. AND GUESS WHAT? Marina Lee (from Bayview Ward) and Joe Petillot (from Kitchener Stake) are both in the new district aka in my zone! Yeyuh. So I got to spend lots of time with them as their Sister Training Leader. I didn't realize how much I had actually learned until I started teaching them. Crazy stuff. And then...wait for it...Marina and her companion got called as Sister Training Leaders and Joe and his comp got call as Zone Leaders. So they basically take our place once we left. We got to go to all the leadership/branch meetings together. Woooo Canadians unite!

Toronto Sisters:
Kayso during our in field orientation I met 4 sisters going to Toronto!! If you see any of the following, say their Toronto friend from the MTC says hi! Sister Anderson, Sister Gardner, Sister Felix, and Sister Stoddard.

Jackson Mississippi: Agh. Basically 8 of the 12 people in our district left for Jackson a day before we left for Missouri. What a sad sad day. I am going to miss them so much. 

So St. Louis is so much like Toronto! The weather, the surrounding area. It's pretty cool. Pres and sis clark met us at the airport and then drove us to the temple. We have 9 sisters who are supposed to go to Denmark but have not yet received their visas, so they were reassigned to St. Louis for the time being. Pres. Clark is awesome. Our mission motto is, "we work hard and we play hard". So for work: our baptism goal for this year is 450! How crazy is that? And every night at 10pm, everyone's phone alarm goes off and we all get on our knees and say a prayer as a mission (but in our own companioships). Its intense. And we are allowed to go to the temple once a transfer. BUT we have to go with a purpose. And im pretty sure he asks us what that purpose is. For play: Pres. Clark takes all the missionaries to a Cardinals game once a year! And then they have a talent show and some other cool things. Way weird. But he's only my mission president for the next month, then we get a new one. Pres. Clark is hoping Pres. Morgan keeps the tradition. Pres Clark and Sis Clark are just the sweetest things ever. After the temple, we went to this restaurant called Hu Hut(?). So you make up a plate of food and then the people cook it on this round table in front of you. It's pretty sick. Then we went to the Clark's home and had interviews, played ping pong, and had a short testimony meeting. The next morning we went to transfer meeting. How awks was it to sit up at the front and have all these missionaries staring at us? VERY. But each of us got up and introduced ourselves and then read out who our trainer was and where we would be serving. PARIS ILLINOIS. (Dont get too excited ahaha). And my trainer is Sis. Ash. It was a sad moment when I had to seperate from Sis. Scott. So very sad.

My companion is bomb! Pres. Clark has asked me what kind of companion I wanted and I said someone who is happy and positive. If we're going to be rejected all the time, I'm going to need someone who can laugh it off and carry on. And that is exactly what she is. She is just so fun to listen to when she tells stories. Her expressions are hilarious! And we have fun jamming to our Disney tunes (yes, our president allows disney on Pdays! HALLELUJAH!) Sis Ash has a TON of faith in me which scares me quite a bit. I still feel like a noob, but she is just so impressed with the things I say and do. Honestly, like its not like it my own epiphanies or anything. I just have the capability to remember everything people say and reference back to it (there is my creeper side for ya). But seriously, she keeps talking about how I could be training next transfer...AND THIS TRANSFER IS ONLY 4 STINKING WEEKS LONG. WHAT THE POOP A LOOP. I do not feel ready AT ALL to start training a greenie. Le sigh.

Ok this place is soooooo tiny. I feel like im in a bubble. 

Ugh, I am just so in love with these people. They are mostly old people. SO DARN CUTE! My favourites are Brother and Sister Straight, Bro Hays, and Bro Louis. They are all just so old and adorable. Everyone is pretty excited to finally see Sisters in the area. We are so excited to get to know them all. And the Young Women are so much fun to be around! Aha!

Ok so the work has been a little slow the past few days because we are white washing and dont know ANYBODY (white washing = kicked the previous missionaries out and we basically start from scratch). So it took us a while to figure out who their investigators were and get to know them and try to see where they are at with the lessons. Other than that, we are not allowed to tract on the blocks that have a church. And like every other block has a church -.-" So we cant tract a lot of houses in Paris. So we'd have to go out of town (our elders said we would probably have more success there too). BUT, the elders used up most of our miles so we're kinda stuck in Paris until June. Ugh. We have 2 investigators thus far that I know of. One is AJ. He is blind and his braille book of mormon is CRAZY HUGE! Its so cool! He's lots of fun to talk to. He defintiely has a testimony. But him and his wife are not "legally" married. They had the wedding ceremony like 2 yrs ago, and it was supposed to be legal until they found out that they would take away half of AJ's check (benefits of being blind) once he got married. So they carried on with the ceremony, but didnt sign the papers. What a sticky situation, eh? His wife, Amy, was inactive but she started back into the church when AJ started taking the discussions. She cant attend sundays cuz of work. But we're praying for her that they can both have stable jobs so that they wont have to worry about AJ's check and then get legally married. Our other investigator is Justin May. He reminds me of Nick!! Haha! His mom is baptized but not as active as she could be. Jsutin's been sitting in lessons with the elders but not really getting anywhere I guess. But he definitely is interested in religion and definitely sounds interested in the gospel. I cant wait to teach him more.

Yeah, that's right! WE HAVE A HOUSE. Its pretty big for just two girls. Haha i often lose my companion in there :P We have a decently sized living room with a couch, a love seat, and a lazy boy recliner (wow, we're spoiled). 2 bedrooms, but one was turned into a gym (yup! we have weights and machines!) The elders keep asking for it but we're like NO WAY. Haha. We have a nicely sized study area. A tiny washroom. A good-sized kitchen. And a washer and dryer (WOO!!!). We also have to mow the backyard.....but i have never touched a mower in my life LOL. It gets a little scary at night because we are in the middle of no where AND the house creeks. Hahaha ok scary story. Last Friday we get a call from this man named Mark. He tells us that he lost everything in a fire, he saved his wife but she died from the burns, and that his 10 yr old son is starving. So he asks us to go to his hotel room. WHAAAAAAT. Sis Ash and I were so freaked. We found gold clubs in our house and kept them beside us all night cuz we were so scared. Maybe we over reacted but he was so mad at us when we said we couldnt go. And our district leader may have gotten a little over protective in his voice which made us think the situation was scarier than it was. But it was freaky.

The power of prayer is just amazing. I've always known it, but it's comforting to see day-by-day how the Lord answers my prayers through tender mercies. It is just amazing. It shows me how much He really knows me and knows my worries, concerns, and insecurities. But I definitely feel His love everyday which blesses me with the comfort and peace to carry on.

Hope to hear from you all soon!!!
The Gospel is true! Share it with someone :)
Love you all!
- Sister Limas

Joe and Marina! Friends from home! CANADA REPRESENT!

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