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Monday, June 24, 2013


Ok so sorry about the past 2 weeks. Those mass letters are being sent through the mail. But for this week....

WOO we have a new investigator!! Her name is Debbie Evans. She was a former investigator and for some reason the Elders had dropped her. But she is super open to learning about new things. She doesnt like the fact that people shut their doors in our faces without really listening to what we have to say. Pray that she's golden! She is way family oriented and her grandkids live with her so we're hoping we'll get to pick them up as investigators too.

On Friday, Sister Ash made me tract....ALL BY MYSELF ;-; I had a feeling she was going to do that to me this week, and the feeling was right. I spent like the past 2 nights praying and praying that I would know what to do. You don't even know how bad tracting scares me...even back home. LOL The first time I went tracting with Jason Parker and Brent Nelson oh man...i wouldn't even touch the door. But I must say I didn't do too too bad. Not that we got any new investigators, but I kinda just sucked it up and opened my mouth. I need to do a better job at bearing simple testimony at the door though. Le sigh. I had to say super quick prayers before I knocked on each door because I was just that nervous. I was just begging and pleading. I survived lol. "Put your shoulder to the wheel" comes to mind when I think about the work we do out here. Especially "do your duty with a heart full of song" lol. The only way to stop my nerves when tracting is to sing my heart out. Hahaha. That way i'm positive and happy before I start talking to these people. 

Saturday was a bummer the whole day but the evening was just a huge blessing! It was raining super hard. Sis. Ash wasn't feeling well. And she also had to go to the doctor's :( so we were pretty much in the house all day. Here are my evening highlights:

1) we went to Sis. May's for dinner. She has been a member for 10 yrs but has been inactive for most of it. The missionaries visit her and study with her son, Justin (26) but he has never really showed interest in joining the church until we talked to him (WOO!) Anywho, Sis May is super quiet, gets offended easily, and is kept to herself so it's really hard to get to know her. BUT today and friday she was just joking around so much! She doesnt have teeth, but when she smiles it just lights up my heart!!!! It is so sad to see her so sad and kept to herself all the time. She was making jokes and being sarcastic and Sis Ash and I were just so shocked! We love her so much! Hahaha man, and everyone here teases me about being a Canadian! Yeah, cuz i'm such a "foreigner" LOL. At least it gives us all soemething to talk about lol.

2) We also had dinner with Bro and Sis Ritchey. They are an older couple and are so stinking cute!!! Bro Ritchey is soooo sweet. He has 3 daughters so he is super concerned for our safety and well being. Sis Ritchey is a hoot! She talks a lot but everything that comes out of her mouth is either super spiritual or super funny. I love it! And you can totally tell they are still in love. Sis Ash and I would look at each other and make a RAWR face. Haha YES, Sis Ash and I do RAWRs at home :P 

3) We left the Ritcheys house 10 mins to 9. They live in the country so they are about 30 mins away from us. The moment we were leaving their driveway Sis Ash says "OH MY GOODNESS!!! There are lightning bugs in that field!". So Sis Ash and I got to catch lightning bugs with the Fuller kids twice this week. So we're pretty familiar with them. The moment our car go onto the main road, we could see sooooo many lightning bugs. It was so beautiful!!! We only see a few when in Paris, so we usually squeal and then try to catch them with the kids. But out here...oh man there were thousands!!!! They lit up the road as we drove home. It was so magical. I wish I could have taken a picture, but a picture cant describe how wonderful it was. 

4) Our district leader called and Sis Ash and I get to participate in Champaigne Stake's mini mission!!!! YAY! I started screaming with excitement (i was in the washroom with a toothbrush in my mouth lol) and Sis Ash was like O__O and Elder Anderson (our new district leader whom we have not met yet...and has my package which i will not be getting till Thursday UGH) was like "please tell me she isn't screaming" BAHAHHAA. What? I'm excited ok? We get to take one of the YW of the stake and she gets to stay with us fromTuesday to Saturday and see how it's like to live as a missionary. I know the Bayview ward does it back home for a day. But we get them for most of the week. I AM SO EXCITED! 

Now for the broadcast. It was AMAZING. The Spirit was so strong. It made me realize i could have been a better member missionary back home. Like, did i ever give the missionaries any names? NOPE. Bad Ariana! Now as a missionary I can't even describe how hard it is to get investigators. We really do need the help of the people in the branch. No one here will listen to us, but i know they do when they come through friends. So i am pleading with everyone at home that when you invite the missioanries over, make sure you have a friend/non memeber family there! Missionary work isn't about us missionaries. We only help teach. But we can't do it without the help of the members. The part of the broadcast that got to me was the video of the mission song medley. At first i was like, "oh yeah, primary kids can be missionaries too"....but then when they got into the youth, and the people working on their mission papers and entering the MTC, i was like WOAH. I have been preparing since Primary to be out here. HOW MIND BLOWING IS THAT. Very. Yeah, that video was very touching. Especially since we actually know what it feels like to get the call and open it and enter the MTC. Oh man, its so amazing.

Anywho, that is all for now!!
I miss and love you all all so very much! :)

Love, Sister Limas

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