Paris - week 2

Monday, June 3, 2013


So before I start...remember how I said that as missionaries we all pray at 10:00pm. Sis Ash told me she invited her family to pray at that time as well. Toronto is an hour ahead of Illinois. If you want to pray along with us, hit the floor at 11:00pm ;) that's only if you're all awake of course :P

My District
So last monday i met my district for the first time. Not gonna lie, i was a little judgemental LOL. I was like oh goodness why aren't there any other sisters?! And none of the elders talked to us when we got out of the car so it was just weird. But we had a great district meeting and they are all weird, but im weird too, so i guess it all works out XD I made them crepes for district lunch. I must say I was pretty proud of myself. The crepes were perfect. And if you know me and my patience with things on a frying pan, you know "perfect" was impossible back home. I was so happy haha. And i felt cool, yo. My district leader is so awesome. His name is elder stewart from wyoming. Every night when he calls to check up on us Sis Ash and I just tease him. So funny. Today is Zone pday and we are playing laser tag. We threatened Elder Stewart that we were gonna kill him since he forgot to ask the zone leaders if we could go to the temple tomorrow. I just said we were the darkest companions in our zone so he wouldnt be able to see us in the dark bahahaha and that his red hair would be our target.

WOO! We finally got to leave Paris on Saturday! We went to Marshall to check up on some of the elder's investigators. Baha, and get this. We found an Asian buffet! Sis Ash has been craving that stuff since she came out. So we went in super excited. I was more excited to see the asian lady. And we also saw two black people in Marshall as well. Ok, growing up in a very multicultural society like Toronto...Paris is a huge culture shock. When Sis Ash and I are walking around we dont know if people are staring at us because of our tags or because it is so darn obvious we are from out of town bahaha. We joke around about it Alllllll the time. Its too funny. Anywho, we got to one investigator, Gary. He's an atheist but he was definitely open with the elders. He has a Jehovah's Witness gf who hates the elders lol...oh dear, the more she's gonna hate us! But he was very nice and told us to keep visiting him, especially when his gf is home so she can she nothing bad is going to happen. And then we went tracting...oh my goodness, I hate tracting in the small towns. Its just the kind of town with all the trailer houses that make you think something terrible is going to happen to you. We joke around how each shed is like a murder house and a torture chamber. Anywho, at one point Sis Ash was like "you're doing the rest of the houses down the street" ugh. So i was forced to talk to these people. At one point this guy comes out of his house and I'm asking if he's heard about the Book of Mormon. He was super nice, but obv didnt want to talk more with us. Once he walked into the house, Sis Ash goes "Oooooh he is gorgeous! His accent was HOT!". I was dying. She kept going on and joking around about it. I couldnt do the other houses. So i forced her to do them. Bahaha. BTW, I am developing a country accent. Its so funny. And Sis Ash and I will dialogue in country accents while we're driving. She cracks me up.

Food Pantry
We get to do service at the food pantry every wednesday morning, and this was our first trip. Oh my goodness, I couldn't help but feel so sad for these people. There are like 600 families that come here every month. It's so sad. The Elders had told us it was super hard for people to find jobs PLUS there isn't much motivation. Most of the houses I walk into in Paris either are a huge mess, or smell like human pee, or have dust/dogs/cats which irritate my face. I can handle not breathing in, but sis ash gets sick to the stomach most of the time. But working there and serving in this area just makes me SO GRATEFUL for having a clean, tidy home. Seriously, when I come home in 18 months, the first thing I am going to do when I walk into the apartment is embrace the floor and the couch.

So apparently I miss my chores because I have vacuumed THREE houses in THREE days straight. Baha. Well, Sis Ash and I cleaned out our own apartment. And then we helped clean out Sis Black's apartment. She was in the nursing home for some time and we had to clean it before she returned home. And we helped Sis Fuller clean her house too. 

So...Im giving a talk on Sunday. I will let you know how that goes.

This week
I am looking forward to Zone Pday today and Sisters Conference tomorrow! And then district meeting and food pantry on wednesday. Fun stuff!

I miss you all! Love you!

-Sister Limas

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