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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ok, so this month just ZOOMED. Crazy!

So Thursdays have basically become my favourite day of the week because that is when we teach Nancy Tomasino. She is awesome!! We had dinner at the Delps home first. President Wells (our Branch President) challenged everyone to live off of their food storage for the week. So we had chicken and rice, and homemade bread...made out of oatmeal! It was so good! We had a short lesson/review with the Delps. We decided to use the blocks (that were originally for Lesson 1) and use it for Lesson 3. We were teaching the kids, and as we were going through it, I said something about the 4th article of faith, and it helped them build the "church" with the blocks. Ah! They are so stinking cute! I call them the Cabbage Patch Kids. I just love them.

I had to lead out for our lesson again. Dun dun dun. For our lesson, we had Sis Delp and Sis Wells with us this time. It was awesome. Honestly, after the lesson Sis Ash and I were like "woah, what just happened?! The spirit was SO STRONG!!!". My heart was crying with joy all throughout the lesson. After Sis Wells and Nancy got to know each other a little better, we started the lesson. Her daughter Elizabeth (whom we picked up as an investigator last week) kept coming in and out of the lesson. So we were basically just teaching Nancy Lesson 3 with the blocks. Then at one point (i think when we were talking about repentance) she started saying how she sees a change in herself. She prays a lot more. She's more patient. When she wants to get angry, she just lets it go because she, and this is her own words: "i just want to be a good Mormon!" I could have cried. Well my heart did...with JOY! Then she asked Elizabeth to get Rachel (her eldest daughter) because she wanted her to hear the lesson. Oh my goodness. The blessings! So we used the blocks as a Lesson 1 refresher for Nancy, but a firsties for Elizabeth and Rachel. Oh man, it was awesome. Then Sis Ash bore her testimony, and so did Sis Delp and the spirit was BURNING. It was crazy!!

I bore my testimony on Sunday about daily repentance. I feel super repetative sharing the following experience again, but I'm gonna do it anyway because i don't think i've emailed it home. So in the MTC, President Sonne was teaching us about daily repentance and how the 30 minutes before we go to bed are the most important because that is the time we need to use to reflect upon our day. Then when we kneel in prayer, we don't just say "sorry I did this and that". No. You have to actually CONFESS. And so you confess what you did that you shouldn't have done, AND you confess what you didn't do that you SHOULD have. And so when i bore my testimony on Sunday I was talking about how I was having a super hard time adjusting my first month out here. (I probably wouldn't have admitted that back then because i was TRYING to be positive :P). But when I compare it to the progress and the changes i've seen with myself and the work, I know now that i was having a hard time. Then I shared the MTC experience and how i've been trying to apply daily repentance everyday since the end of June. And it really does make all the difference. The thing I love most about being a missionary is being able to see the changes in others. I mean, yeah, I can see the changes in myself, but i'm going to get to see that the rest of my life. But there is just something so sacred and so joyous about being able to see the atonement working through other people as they exercise their faith in Jesus Christ. It is awesome! Sure, I don't have all that many investigators. But Justin May is getting baptized two weeks from now!!! And Nancy is so excited about church and the Gospel and wants her family to have it in their life also. And Sis May, even though she's been a less active member for 10 yrs, she's making those steps in changing so she can come closer to our Heavenly Father. It is so AMAZING! 

Soooooo yeah. After we visited some members after church, Sis Ash and I watched 17 Miracles. Only reason we did was because we are supposed to watch it for District Pday/Meeting today and i told her she would cry. So she wanted to watch it before we watch it with the Elders ROFL. So we were. Oh man. I can't even describe the love I have for the early saints. If you know me, I could go on about it :P But while we were watching it, AS IF I WASNT EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE ENOUGH, Bro Straight calls us....and he thanked us for bearing our testimony and said him and his wife really enjoyed it. And he was just going on about how grateful they are to have us serving in their branch. *CRIES*. Man, i know we all think Sis Ash is the one getting transfered, but this is already killing me! I love these people so much and I'm going to have to part with them soon. If not this transfer, then it'll be another one. Le sigh.  But that's how life goes. 

Trainer calls are tomorrow. DUN DUN DUN. Transfer calls are on Saturday. So I will let you knownext Monday what's happening. Sis Ash taught me how to make a lei so in case im training, i can give one to my new baby girl. Haha. It was fun. And Elder Anderson said that out of the whole zone, I have the highest chance of serving. Agh. Come what may AND LOVE IT. Here we go! :P

Hope you all have a fantabulous week!
Talk to you again soon :)
Love Sister Limas

What I Wish I knew Before the MTC: Your guide to surviving spiritual boot camp ;)

1. "Obedience brings blessings. EXACT OBEDIENCE brings MIRACLES." Ponder that. Apply it!

2. "Your companion is a gift of God's love for you." Forget yourself and love your companion


  • Buy "shades"! Its like using tank tops to help your outfit be modest, except its better because they cover your garments.
    • You can buy them in black or white at the MTC bookstore.
    • You can also get them online in different colours at . They are more pricey though
  • You need to dress to impress, but not to impress the opposite sex. Keep things appropriate ladies! You'd be surprised how much immodesty goes on . . . )
  • Buy your needs at the MTC bookstore! Its much cheaper PLUS you get a missionary discount.
  • Buy your hygiene supplies before hand (obviously) but there are more at the bookstore just encase you run out. 
  • Items to purchase here instead of at home. Seriously, you will save a lot more money. Just make sure you have enough room/weight in your luggage to add these:
    • Bobby pins
    • Mints
    • gloves
    • hats
    • makeup
    • dress shoe socks
    • laundry bags
    • sewing kits, etc.
  • Don't bother purchasing new scriptures before coming out. They are MUCH cheaper at the bookstore.
  • Use the computers in the laundry room
    • They are the only computers that will allow you to attach photos on your emails home.
  • Purchase a memory card reader at the counter of the MTC bookstore. The cheapest is $5-7.
  • If you click myldsmail through the missionary portal page, it doesn't count the time you spend on the computer.
  • If you end up using one of the computers in the classroom labs, you can get a few extra minutes if you log into a laundry room computer after.
6. Don't forget to order/purchase mission shirts before hand, so you can pick them up at the bookstore (unfortunately, I don't know how to order them now). 

7. SHOWERS in 18M, 1st floor, washroom closest to the back of the building. 
  • Use the wheelchair accessible one if no one else is. It has tons of space, and usually has a chair so you can put your stuff on it. 
  • Don't use the shower with the tub. It clogs.
8. If you end up being a zone leader or a Sister Training Leader, pass on the tips and tricks. Trust me, they will appreciate it!

9. Let your family and friends know about DearElder!

10. If you want a seat during Tuesday devotionals, join choir!

11. If you want a seat fir Tuesday/Sunday devotional without having to join the choir, line up 30-45 minutes before hand.

12. Bring a "tag" journal for all your new friends to sign.

13. Bring music sheets. The group leaving usually does a musical number in sacrament meeting.

14. I recommend the "Micron 005" pens for your scriptures and the "Zebra" pens for writing.

15. Brings lots of cash. Use the money in your MTC card for laundry and vending machine expenses.


17. I recommend playing 4-squares during gym time. It can get pretty intense ;)

18. District Unity!! They will be your family for the next 2-9 weeks. Just love them!

Awesome Week Yet Again

OK AWESOME WEEK, yet again :D 

On Tuesday night we had our STLs (Sister Training Leaders) come so we could do exchanges the next day. I was with sister fallentine again. The 4 of us did service at Sis. Davis's house again (the less active with the horses). When we finally split in the evening, Sis Fallentine and I had a lesson with Riley (our 9 yr old investigator) about the Plan of Salvation. He listened better this time. Then we had a lesson with Justin (Riley's uncle, and our only investigator with a baptism date). We went over the 1st discussion again because we weren't the missionaries who taught that to him the first time. After the lessons, we went to the Youth Discussion Pioneer Day thing. I was supposed to give a 15 minute spiritual thought (i was only told the day before), but I took it anyway, cuz heyyyy it's the youth and i want a calling in the youth sooo bad :P anywho, turns out it only needed to be a short one instead of the discussion it was supposed to be, so i cut it short. I recited the primary song "To Be a Pioneer" and i related it to missionary work (OBVI :P). Dictionary definition of Pioneer: "One who goes before to prepare or open the way for others to follow". and "Can we somehow muster the courage and steadfastness of purpose that characterized the pioneers of a former generation? Can you and I, in actual face, be pioneers?" AW YEAH! As the song says, "You dont need to push a handcart, leave your family dear, or walk a thousand miles or more to be a pioneer! You do need to have great courage, faith to conquer fear, and work with might for a cause that's right to be a pioneer!" Anywhoozers, the activities were fun. At the end of the day we had our "pow wow" with the STLs. They said they were trying to think of things they could tell Sis Ash and I to improve on...but apparently we are doing really well compared to the rest of the sisters (oh whew haha). So they challenged us to find ways to help our branch members show more love towards each other. Challenge accepted! When they left, Sister Ash told me that Sister Woodward put her name in for Sis Ash MIGHT become STL next transfer. We will see. Sis Ash also told Sis Woodward that I need to train and sis Wooward said "yeah, I think she's ready". I just about died. So Sis Ash has told our Mission President, our STLs AND our District Leader all that I should train. And then our district leader calls and when she tells him this he says "funny, i told the zone leaders sis. limas should train as well". GAH. Sooooo i MIGHT be training next transfer. Im totally freaking out because i'm still a greenie. But if Sis Ash thinks I can do it, then I'll just try to stay calm :P Oh man. 

Thursday was SUCH AN AMAZING DAY. First of all, we slept in. When my zone leader first gave me the blessing a few weeks ago, he said "take rest when needed" and "it's better to rest and work effectively, than to work and not have any success". I thought that was a little weird because I would feel like such a pile (a missionary who doesn't work). But this thursday and last thursday, i see the evidence of what he means. Sis Ash and I took the extra rest that we needed and we had such an AMAZING and SUCCESSFUL day with work! We wanted to have another Marshall day since we had an appointment with Nancy in the evening. When we got to Marshall we decided that we should go contact all our Martinsville members since they are all less active. So we drove out there and 2 members didnt have addresses, 3 addresses DIDNT exist (so we were basically just driving around through the fields not being able to find anything) and then we finally found the last two houses. Before we found the last two BAHAHAHA, the GPS took us through the forest and it lead us to a creek. Sis Ash and I were scared so we backed up...and we got stuck. OH MAN. It was too funny. Sis Ash wouldnt stop screaming "I WILL NOT BE THAT SISTER MISSIONARY THAT GETS HER CAR STUCK IN A DITCH!" We did get stuck. But it was hilarious. And when we finally made it out we just couldn't stop laughing. Oh man, the adventures I go through with this girl!!! Anyway, we found one house but no one answered. Bummer. Then we went to the last house and this man opens the door and he's like "well now, are you devil worshippers?" I'm like errrrr what? Ha, but he turned out to be really awesome. He has a solid testimony and a really cool conversion story. He met and became friends with President Hinckley in Nauvoo before he was even president. And he was super shocked to come to church one day and find President Hinckley's photo on the wall. He's great. He said some really cool things to us. He said "There's never a time I didn't exist". Amen to that and the Plan of Salvation! And right before we left, he shook my hand and looked at me in the eye and pointed at me with his other hand and said "You don't know how special you are". I could have just about cried. I smiled with gratitude and thanked him for the kind words, and then left. BUT YEAH, MARTINSVILLE WAS AWESOME. It would be the last house we go to :P

We went to the Delps in Marshall to have dinner. Wendy was going to come with us again to our lesson. The lesson went great. I had to lead out...holy i was so nervous. I got super emotional when i was talking about how families could be together forever. BUT GUESS WHAAAAT! We picked up a new investigator!!!! Nancy's daughter Elizabeth sat in on the lesson. She really liked it. She was like "woah, i like this plan. i always thought it ended with death". Ah, i am praying so hard for their family! Nancy's husband walked in the room when we were done and he just has this energy and spirit about him and im like crying inside because he would make such an awesome bishop or elder's quorum president. We're praying that he'll eventually take discussions with us too.

On Friday we had a heart to heart with Sister Fuller and so we spent all day Saturday helping her clean her home so that they can "better feel of the spirit". I was telling the boys to help me clean the living room and stuff and then all of a sudden sis fuller yells from out of the washroom "GIRL! I take back what I said. Go have as many kids as you want. I see you can handle it". Hahahaha too funny. It was so satisfying and cool to see the end results of the clean up.

Ok so my only bad news from this week was that the Mattoon Elders in our district got ETd (emergency transferred . UGHHHH. SOOOO SAD. But E. Anderson (our District leader) predicts the following for transfers:
- Effingham will get white washed (which means both Elders out and two new in)
- Mattoon will get white washed with sisters
- Elder Anderson will be training, and I will be training.
URHHHH. We're both really hoping Sis Ash will get transferred to Mattoon :P

that's the week.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
I love you and miss you all!

Wonderful Week

Monday, July 22, 2013

I wont write details but I will give you highlights. 
But first, I want to share my anthem with you. Sis Ash and I blast this song when we're driving in the car and i sing it with zeal! It's my motivation to keep on keeping on.



K, so I have the best district EVER. Here's a little lo-down on my mission family right now. There's:
Anderson & Komoroski: Anderson is our district leader. It took a while for us to get used to him replacing Stewart, and him and sis Ash were kinda fighting two weeks ago. but all is well now and he is awesome. he gave a great training on humility this week. Komoroski, he is quiet, but he is FUNNY. 
Johnson & Grace: These two are my buddy boys! They are Sis Ash and I's go to people. We always sit next to them and we have the most inside jokes with them. Elder Grace kinda reminds me of Andrew Dapat.
Farley & Rougeau: These two are the sweetest people. Elder Rougeau is like an older brother to me. He is also the only elder older than me and sis ash hahaha. They are just really sweet. I dont know how else to describe them. Rougeau goes home soon and we are praying that he will get to train next transfer because he definitely deserves it!

I am SO IN LOVE WITH MY BRANCH MEMBERS. They are the bomb! There is a family who moved out of the branch and lives in Champaigne...which is where we had our president interviews. They took us out to dinner after interviews. They have the cutest baby. I know we're not supposed to play with children, but kids just love us here hahaha. 

Interviews went well. Pres Morgan asked is Sis Ash and I get along.....we looked at each other and back at president and we were like "NO, we hate each other". Bahaha. I love her.

During trainings during interviews, i had to do two roleplays UGH. The 1st wasn't so bad. The 2nd, Elder Facer (our AP) got me to be companions with the President's daughter. I start freaking cuz here you have a greenie and a student. But it went well. WHEW.

On Thursday we had our appointment with Nancy! She was a media referral. Oh man, her husband would make a GREAT bishop. Too bad he left right before we started the lesson -____-. So Nancy is great. We didn't know she has been going to church for 3 weeks Terre Haute. UGHHH. ok, so Paris..we are the boot of the mission. We are literally boardering the next mission. So our situation is...Terre Haute is a city 20 mins away from us, yet we cant go there -.-" now what's worse is that Nancy is going to church there. so the missionaries in Terre Haute cant come into our mission to teach her, and we cant go over there to go with her to church. ayaaa.a And she doesnt want to attend Paris. Oh man. But we are praying SUPER SUPER hard that she will prompted to come to Paris instead. We really need her. Sis. Delp came with us to our appointment and Woooo the spirit was strong! It was my first time teaching the 1st discussion to a new investigator. 

On Friday we spent all morning working with a less active and helping her move her things from her house into her trailer. She owns a horse ranch. I was SO grateful my allergies didnt act up. I am allergic to dogs/cats/furry animals...dust, name it. And i was SURROUNDED. But i sneezed a few times and that was it. whew. We were able to squeeze a lesson in with Justin about the law of chastity. That went REALLY well. Then we went to our new branch mission leader's house. Bro Randolph lives on a farm and we were supposed to help him wash his pigs for the upcoming town fair. But they toured us around. Hahaha the Randolphs only have sons, and they dont usually talk to us at church. It was funny to see them open up and deal with other women in the house hahaha. We had intense missionay work related conversation. We are going to press forward HARD. I'm excited. We didnt have time to wash pigs, so they let us lead the cows back into their pen. my cow's name is snookie :)

On sunday JUSTIN CAME TO CHURCHHHH!!! FINALLLY! I was so happy!!! And his mom, our less active, Sis May, came too! we had a great lesson with her on saturday about honesty. I thought we were going to focus on the sacrament, but she picked honesty. And you know what? It was awesome. Because we ended up talking about repentance and she was telling us about her smoking habits and how she wanted to stop. So things are progressing. IT IS AWESOME.

Seth Hodge wont text me back though :( He's a former investigator we picked up. He would have been a great member....but he just wont get back to us on appointments. 

So this week has been BUSY and wonderful. And we all know what that means for me and my body. Migranes and body aches. it really frustrated me this week. My zone leader said in my blessing that i should get more rest if i needed. And on Thursday i slept in looooong. Then we had an amazing day. But at the end of it my head was pounding. I just got really mad at myself. I've been taking advil all week to stop the pain. Le sigh..

But other than that this week has been BOMB!
This week we have exchanges with our sister training leaders. man, time flies. they were just here. lol

anyway. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
I love you all mucho!!!!

Woah, where'd the week go??

Monday, July 8, 2013

So this week has been super busy. Here's the in:

I get a flipping call from my district leader, Elder Anderson, and he asks me to give a training at district meeting. TABLE FLIPPING POOP A LOOPS. I literally started crying. As if I wasn't bummed out my investigators already, that just blew my top.

We went to the temple!!! :D We got to do two endowment sessions. It felt sooooo good to finally be in there. Sis Ash and I had been waiting for it for such a long time. I just felt so much peace afterwards. I was wondering why I wasnt feeling the same way I felt like when I was in the Provo temple, but inspiration came to me afterwards. I was able to start prepping for my training presentation and i was feeling pretty gun-hoe "i can do this" about it :) WHEW. The Straights took us out to Denny's for dinner. Sis Ash challenged me to bear my testimony on a card and leave it with the tip. So i did :)

We got to meet our mission president! :D We had such fun introductions. He served his mission in Toronto!!! How awesome is that? And he served with President Brower (Mission President before President Scott). And his son Danny Morgan served in Toronto too. So awesome. Sis Morgan and their daughter Anna are really sweet. I like them all a lot :) The training went OK. Ha, I got nervous. But it went well :)

WOOOOO 4th of JULY!!!! So we had to work until 4pm, and then we had the rest of the day off. And our curfew was 10:30! Yeyuuuh. So we spent the afternoon with the Fullers. We had dinner and was just relaxing at their house. Then we went to Twin Lakes park to watch the fireworks. It was nice just lying down and watching it all :) Sis Hammond also got a pamphlet from us because she felt prompted to share it with an aquaintence. WOOO!. Awesome stuff.

We attend Catholic mass with Janet Carrington. She was a former investigator of the missionaries, but she just loves taking the missionaries out. She is awesome and so much fun to be around. It was different, but it was just a testimony to Sis Ash and I about how true our church is. Janet took us out to Tuscuny's restaurant again. We talked to our waiter, Jose. He was awesome. I thought he thought the three of us were bombarding him with questions, but when we went to pay, Rocky (the owner) told us to sit back down because Jose was making ice cream sundaes for us :D I left a card and nauvoo temple card for him and invited him to church :)

SISTER ASH MADE ME BEAR MY TESTIMONY. Lol so i started crying during roleplay on saturday because i bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon. Sis Ash was so shocked I was choking up. I told her i've been holding back on bearing testimony during roleplay because i know im gonna cry. So she challenged me to bear my testimony every fastsunday. But it was an AWESOME sunday. the spirit was so strong! And at first no one got up, but then all of a sudden EVERYONE was bearing their testimony. It was great. We got to spend time with the Ford family. Oh man, their oldest son John and his gf are THE CUTEST. We've only seen a picture of his girlfriend but the moment i did i was like you are so totally inviting us over when she comes back from her church mission in mexico and we are going to teachhhh her and we're going to be best friends!!! hahaha. The Fords are awesome.

And thennnnn, So last night, Sis Ash was thinking maybe we should go to Zone pday today because we need to use our miles wisely so we can go to the other far towns in our area. The Zone leaders had already given us extra miles, but we decided to pray about it, then we decided not to go. Well, Elder Anderson (our DL) sounded disappointed but he said he respected our decision. I prayed about it last night and im like Heavenly Father, I dont mind staying home cuz i have a lot of stuff to do anyway but pleaaaaasse let monday be good so i dont get homesick. Well, lo and behold, This morning Elder Woodbury (our ZL) calls us and tells us he heard we weret coming and told us we DO have extra miles. Sis Ash told him our circumstance and he said the same thing: i respect your decision. One minute later Elder Banks (the AP) calls us to tell us they will be there at Zone Pday and that they really want us to come. Sis Ash explains our decision once again and he says....we really want you sisters to come, so how about we give you another extra 100 miles. We were like :O WHAT?!?! Hahahahahaha. We got soooo happy though!!! WOOOOO! So we get to leave Paris and go to Champaigne today :D HOORAH!

That's all for now :)
Love you all!!!

Mini Missionary

Monday, July 1, 2013

So this week was FANTAAAASTIC! We got our mini missionary on Tuesday. Her name is Miranda Randall. She was meant to be with us. SHE BURST INTO SONG WITH MEEEE. Ugh, so much fun. And I actually had fun tracting....SAY WHAT? We have a potential investigator. We were tracting the street and this guy was in his garage without a shirt on and i'm like uhhhh -_-". He went inside his house before we had the chance to talk to him, but he came out the front door (with a shirt on!) even before we got to knock lol. He said him and his wife were thinking about starting to go to church. YEEEEUH. Yeahkay we were excited cuz he set up an appointment with us on Saturday....but it fell through :( his wife answered the door and she said he was at work. So we said we wanted to speak to both of she said come back at 6:30. And they weren't home :( UGH. 2 of our appointments fell through this week too. It's really frustrating. Sis Ash keeps saying it's either they split our area so we can get help tracting the other towns outside of Paris (its hard for us with no miles) OR they close the Paris area. Le sigh.

Anywho, when we went tracting we found two modern home areas (WOAH, those exist in Paris?) It was so funny. There were 3 houses on sale as model homes. I called dibs on 105 Bradley St. hahaha it had a nice kitchen.

I am definitely loving the small town / country area now. We were driving out to the Hammonds on Thursday for dinner and the sky is just SO BEAUTIFUL! It's so vast and wide! And it's so fun to see how much the crops have grown since I first got out here. I have a feeling Toronto will make me feel chlosterphobic when i get back :P

On Sunday, the Straights drove us out to Marshall so we could visit more less actives. We met the Henry's. They are just the nicest couple! And their home is so creative and rustic! I love it! Bro Henry reminds me a lot of dad. He's 43 and plays basketball twice a week!

Woooooo! Bro and Sis Straight are driving us to St Louis. They are going to do some of their family work. I am SO excited! And sis fuller was able to get a babysitter so she'll be coming out with us too! YAY! PARTAAAY!

This week is jam packed. We meet our new mission president on Wednesday, then have our district meeting right after, AND then we have an appointment with a former investigator. SCORE!

Anywho, I hope everyone is doing well!


Oh yes, I might cut my hair short next pday :/

Love you all!

Can I get the mission addresses of the following people please?
- Jesse Burns
- Jonathan Bernal
- Andres Bernal
- Nathan Lim
- Aryana Rush
- Benjamin Wilson
- Dante Racioppo
- Ryan Rejas
- Stefanie Chen
- Angela Cheng
- Savana Bishun

And the mission addresses / report dates for the following people:
- Emma Puddicome
- Samuel Kennedy
- Maybell Herrera
- Julian Sakhoo
- Jake Strang
- Kenneth Galang
- John Zibin
- David Ulloa
- Jared Basco

THANK YOU!!! :) have a wonderful week!

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