Awesome Week Yet Again

Monday, July 29, 2013

OK AWESOME WEEK, yet again :D 

On Tuesday night we had our STLs (Sister Training Leaders) come so we could do exchanges the next day. I was with sister fallentine again. The 4 of us did service at Sis. Davis's house again (the less active with the horses). When we finally split in the evening, Sis Fallentine and I had a lesson with Riley (our 9 yr old investigator) about the Plan of Salvation. He listened better this time. Then we had a lesson with Justin (Riley's uncle, and our only investigator with a baptism date). We went over the 1st discussion again because we weren't the missionaries who taught that to him the first time. After the lessons, we went to the Youth Discussion Pioneer Day thing. I was supposed to give a 15 minute spiritual thought (i was only told the day before), but I took it anyway, cuz heyyyy it's the youth and i want a calling in the youth sooo bad :P anywho, turns out it only needed to be a short one instead of the discussion it was supposed to be, so i cut it short. I recited the primary song "To Be a Pioneer" and i related it to missionary work (OBVI :P). Dictionary definition of Pioneer: "One who goes before to prepare or open the way for others to follow". and "Can we somehow muster the courage and steadfastness of purpose that characterized the pioneers of a former generation? Can you and I, in actual face, be pioneers?" AW YEAH! As the song says, "You dont need to push a handcart, leave your family dear, or walk a thousand miles or more to be a pioneer! You do need to have great courage, faith to conquer fear, and work with might for a cause that's right to be a pioneer!" Anywhoozers, the activities were fun. At the end of the day we had our "pow wow" with the STLs. They said they were trying to think of things they could tell Sis Ash and I to improve on...but apparently we are doing really well compared to the rest of the sisters (oh whew haha). So they challenged us to find ways to help our branch members show more love towards each other. Challenge accepted! When they left, Sister Ash told me that Sister Woodward put her name in for Sis Ash MIGHT become STL next transfer. We will see. Sis Ash also told Sis Woodward that I need to train and sis Wooward said "yeah, I think she's ready". I just about died. So Sis Ash has told our Mission President, our STLs AND our District Leader all that I should train. And then our district leader calls and when she tells him this he says "funny, i told the zone leaders sis. limas should train as well". GAH. Sooooo i MIGHT be training next transfer. Im totally freaking out because i'm still a greenie. But if Sis Ash thinks I can do it, then I'll just try to stay calm :P Oh man. 

Thursday was SUCH AN AMAZING DAY. First of all, we slept in. When my zone leader first gave me the blessing a few weeks ago, he said "take rest when needed" and "it's better to rest and work effectively, than to work and not have any success". I thought that was a little weird because I would feel like such a pile (a missionary who doesn't work). But this thursday and last thursday, i see the evidence of what he means. Sis Ash and I took the extra rest that we needed and we had such an AMAZING and SUCCESSFUL day with work! We wanted to have another Marshall day since we had an appointment with Nancy in the evening. When we got to Marshall we decided that we should go contact all our Martinsville members since they are all less active. So we drove out there and 2 members didnt have addresses, 3 addresses DIDNT exist (so we were basically just driving around through the fields not being able to find anything) and then we finally found the last two houses. Before we found the last two BAHAHAHA, the GPS took us through the forest and it lead us to a creek. Sis Ash and I were scared so we backed up...and we got stuck. OH MAN. It was too funny. Sis Ash wouldnt stop screaming "I WILL NOT BE THAT SISTER MISSIONARY THAT GETS HER CAR STUCK IN A DITCH!" We did get stuck. But it was hilarious. And when we finally made it out we just couldn't stop laughing. Oh man, the adventures I go through with this girl!!! Anyway, we found one house but no one answered. Bummer. Then we went to the last house and this man opens the door and he's like "well now, are you devil worshippers?" I'm like errrrr what? Ha, but he turned out to be really awesome. He has a solid testimony and a really cool conversion story. He met and became friends with President Hinckley in Nauvoo before he was even president. And he was super shocked to come to church one day and find President Hinckley's photo on the wall. He's great. He said some really cool things to us. He said "There's never a time I didn't exist". Amen to that and the Plan of Salvation! And right before we left, he shook my hand and looked at me in the eye and pointed at me with his other hand and said "You don't know how special you are". I could have just about cried. I smiled with gratitude and thanked him for the kind words, and then left. BUT YEAH, MARTINSVILLE WAS AWESOME. It would be the last house we go to :P

We went to the Delps in Marshall to have dinner. Wendy was going to come with us again to our lesson. The lesson went great. I had to lead out...holy i was so nervous. I got super emotional when i was talking about how families could be together forever. BUT GUESS WHAAAAT! We picked up a new investigator!!!! Nancy's daughter Elizabeth sat in on the lesson. She really liked it. She was like "woah, i like this plan. i always thought it ended with death". Ah, i am praying so hard for their family! Nancy's husband walked in the room when we were done and he just has this energy and spirit about him and im like crying inside because he would make such an awesome bishop or elder's quorum president. We're praying that he'll eventually take discussions with us too.

On Friday we had a heart to heart with Sister Fuller and so we spent all day Saturday helping her clean her home so that they can "better feel of the spirit". I was telling the boys to help me clean the living room and stuff and then all of a sudden sis fuller yells from out of the washroom "GIRL! I take back what I said. Go have as many kids as you want. I see you can handle it". Hahahaha too funny. It was so satisfying and cool to see the end results of the clean up.

Ok so my only bad news from this week was that the Mattoon Elders in our district got ETd (emergency transferred . UGHHHH. SOOOO SAD. But E. Anderson (our District leader) predicts the following for transfers:
- Effingham will get white washed (which means both Elders out and two new in)
- Mattoon will get white washed with sisters
- Elder Anderson will be training, and I will be training.
URHHHH. We're both really hoping Sis Ash will get transferred to Mattoon :P

that's the week.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
I love you and miss you all!

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