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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ok, so this month just ZOOMED. Crazy!

So Thursdays have basically become my favourite day of the week because that is when we teach Nancy Tomasino. She is awesome!! We had dinner at the Delps home first. President Wells (our Branch President) challenged everyone to live off of their food storage for the week. So we had chicken and rice, and homemade bread...made out of oatmeal! It was so good! We had a short lesson/review with the Delps. We decided to use the blocks (that were originally for Lesson 1) and use it for Lesson 3. We were teaching the kids, and as we were going through it, I said something about the 4th article of faith, and it helped them build the "church" with the blocks. Ah! They are so stinking cute! I call them the Cabbage Patch Kids. I just love them.

I had to lead out for our lesson again. Dun dun dun. For our lesson, we had Sis Delp and Sis Wells with us this time. It was awesome. Honestly, after the lesson Sis Ash and I were like "woah, what just happened?! The spirit was SO STRONG!!!". My heart was crying with joy all throughout the lesson. After Sis Wells and Nancy got to know each other a little better, we started the lesson. Her daughter Elizabeth (whom we picked up as an investigator last week) kept coming in and out of the lesson. So we were basically just teaching Nancy Lesson 3 with the blocks. Then at one point (i think when we were talking about repentance) she started saying how she sees a change in herself. She prays a lot more. She's more patient. When she wants to get angry, she just lets it go because she, and this is her own words: "i just want to be a good Mormon!" I could have cried. Well my heart did...with JOY! Then she asked Elizabeth to get Rachel (her eldest daughter) because she wanted her to hear the lesson. Oh my goodness. The blessings! So we used the blocks as a Lesson 1 refresher for Nancy, but a firsties for Elizabeth and Rachel. Oh man, it was awesome. Then Sis Ash bore her testimony, and so did Sis Delp and the spirit was BURNING. It was crazy!!

I bore my testimony on Sunday about daily repentance. I feel super repetative sharing the following experience again, but I'm gonna do it anyway because i don't think i've emailed it home. So in the MTC, President Sonne was teaching us about daily repentance and how the 30 minutes before we go to bed are the most important because that is the time we need to use to reflect upon our day. Then when we kneel in prayer, we don't just say "sorry I did this and that". No. You have to actually CONFESS. And so you confess what you did that you shouldn't have done, AND you confess what you didn't do that you SHOULD have. And so when i bore my testimony on Sunday I was talking about how I was having a super hard time adjusting my first month out here. (I probably wouldn't have admitted that back then because i was TRYING to be positive :P). But when I compare it to the progress and the changes i've seen with myself and the work, I know now that i was having a hard time. Then I shared the MTC experience and how i've been trying to apply daily repentance everyday since the end of June. And it really does make all the difference. The thing I love most about being a missionary is being able to see the changes in others. I mean, yeah, I can see the changes in myself, but i'm going to get to see that the rest of my life. But there is just something so sacred and so joyous about being able to see the atonement working through other people as they exercise their faith in Jesus Christ. It is awesome! Sure, I don't have all that many investigators. But Justin May is getting baptized two weeks from now!!! And Nancy is so excited about church and the Gospel and wants her family to have it in their life also. And Sis May, even though she's been a less active member for 10 yrs, she's making those steps in changing so she can come closer to our Heavenly Father. It is so AMAZING! 

Soooooo yeah. After we visited some members after church, Sis Ash and I watched 17 Miracles. Only reason we did was because we are supposed to watch it for District Pday/Meeting today and i told her she would cry. So she wanted to watch it before we watch it with the Elders ROFL. So we were. Oh man. I can't even describe the love I have for the early saints. If you know me, I could go on about it :P But while we were watching it, AS IF I WASNT EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE ENOUGH, Bro Straight calls us....and he thanked us for bearing our testimony and said him and his wife really enjoyed it. And he was just going on about how grateful they are to have us serving in their branch. *CRIES*. Man, i know we all think Sis Ash is the one getting transfered, but this is already killing me! I love these people so much and I'm going to have to part with them soon. If not this transfer, then it'll be another one. Le sigh.  But that's how life goes. 

Trainer calls are tomorrow. DUN DUN DUN. Transfer calls are on Saturday. So I will let you knownext Monday what's happening. Sis Ash taught me how to make a lei so in case im training, i can give one to my new baby girl. Haha. It was fun. And Elder Anderson said that out of the whole zone, I have the highest chance of serving. Agh. Come what may AND LOVE IT. Here we go! :P

Hope you all have a fantabulous week!
Talk to you again soon :)
Love Sister Limas

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