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Monday, July 1, 2013

So this week was FANTAAAASTIC! We got our mini missionary on Tuesday. Her name is Miranda Randall. She was meant to be with us. SHE BURST INTO SONG WITH MEEEE. Ugh, so much fun. And I actually had fun tracting....SAY WHAT? We have a potential investigator. We were tracting the street and this guy was in his garage without a shirt on and i'm like uhhhh -_-". He went inside his house before we had the chance to talk to him, but he came out the front door (with a shirt on!) even before we got to knock lol. He said him and his wife were thinking about starting to go to church. YEEEEUH. Yeahkay we were excited cuz he set up an appointment with us on Saturday....but it fell through :( his wife answered the door and she said he was at work. So we said we wanted to speak to both of she said come back at 6:30. And they weren't home :( UGH. 2 of our appointments fell through this week too. It's really frustrating. Sis Ash keeps saying it's either they split our area so we can get help tracting the other towns outside of Paris (its hard for us with no miles) OR they close the Paris area. Le sigh.

Anywho, when we went tracting we found two modern home areas (WOAH, those exist in Paris?) It was so funny. There were 3 houses on sale as model homes. I called dibs on 105 Bradley St. hahaha it had a nice kitchen.

I am definitely loving the small town / country area now. We were driving out to the Hammonds on Thursday for dinner and the sky is just SO BEAUTIFUL! It's so vast and wide! And it's so fun to see how much the crops have grown since I first got out here. I have a feeling Toronto will make me feel chlosterphobic when i get back :P

On Sunday, the Straights drove us out to Marshall so we could visit more less actives. We met the Henry's. They are just the nicest couple! And their home is so creative and rustic! I love it! Bro Henry reminds me a lot of dad. He's 43 and plays basketball twice a week!

Woooooo! Bro and Sis Straight are driving us to St Louis. They are going to do some of their family work. I am SO excited! And sis fuller was able to get a babysitter so she'll be coming out with us too! YAY! PARTAAAY!

This week is jam packed. We meet our new mission president on Wednesday, then have our district meeting right after, AND then we have an appointment with a former investigator. SCORE!

Anywho, I hope everyone is doing well!


Oh yes, I might cut my hair short next pday :/

Love you all!

Can I get the mission addresses of the following people please?
- Jesse Burns
- Jonathan Bernal
- Andres Bernal
- Nathan Lim
- Aryana Rush
- Benjamin Wilson
- Dante Racioppo
- Ryan Rejas
- Stefanie Chen
- Angela Cheng
- Savana Bishun

And the mission addresses / report dates for the following people:
- Emma Puddicome
- Samuel Kennedy
- Maybell Herrera
- Julian Sakhoo
- Jake Strang
- Kenneth Galang
- John Zibin
- David Ulloa
- Jared Basco

THANK YOU!!! :) have a wonderful week!

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