What I Wish I knew Before the MTC: Your guide to surviving spiritual boot camp ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

1. "Obedience brings blessings. EXACT OBEDIENCE brings MIRACLES." Ponder that. Apply it!

2. "Your companion is a gift of God's love for you." Forget yourself and love your companion


  • Buy "shades"! Its like using tank tops to help your outfit be modest, except its better because they cover your garments.
    • You can buy them in black or white at the MTC bookstore.
    • You can also get them online in different colours at . They are more pricey though
  • You need to dress to impress, but not to impress the opposite sex. Keep things appropriate ladies! You'd be surprised how much immodesty goes on . . . )
  • Buy your needs at the MTC bookstore! Its much cheaper PLUS you get a missionary discount.
  • Buy your hygiene supplies before hand (obviously) but there are more at the bookstore just encase you run out. 
  • Items to purchase here instead of at home. Seriously, you will save a lot more money. Just make sure you have enough room/weight in your luggage to add these:
    • Bobby pins
    • Mints
    • gloves
    • hats
    • makeup
    • dress shoe socks
    • laundry bags
    • sewing kits, etc.
  • Don't bother purchasing new scriptures before coming out. They are MUCH cheaper at the bookstore.
  • Use the computers in the laundry room
    • They are the only computers that will allow you to attach photos on your emails home.
  • Purchase a memory card reader at the counter of the MTC bookstore. The cheapest is $5-7.
  • If you click myldsmail through the missionary portal page, it doesn't count the time you spend on the computer.
  • If you end up using one of the computers in the classroom labs, you can get a few extra minutes if you log into a laundry room computer after.
6. Don't forget to order/purchase mission shirts before hand, so you can pick them up at the bookstore (unfortunately, I don't know how to order them now). 

7. SHOWERS in 18M, 1st floor, washroom closest to the back of the building. 
  • Use the wheelchair accessible one if no one else is. It has tons of space, and usually has a chair so you can put your stuff on it. 
  • Don't use the shower with the tub. It clogs.
8. If you end up being a zone leader or a Sister Training Leader, pass on the tips and tricks. Trust me, they will appreciate it!

9. Let your family and friends know about DearElder!

10. If you want a seat during Tuesday devotionals, join choir!

11. If you want a seat fir Tuesday/Sunday devotional without having to join the choir, line up 30-45 minutes before hand.

12. Bring a "tag" journal for all your new friends to sign.

13. Bring music sheets. The group leaving usually does a musical number in sacrament meeting.

14. I recommend the "Micron 005" pens for your scriptures and the "Zebra" pens for writing.

15. Brings lots of cash. Use the money in your MTC card for laundry and vending machine expenses.


17. I recommend playing 4-squares during gym time. It can get pretty intense ;)

18. District Unity!! They will be your family for the next 2-9 weeks. Just love them!

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