Woah, where'd the week go??

Monday, July 8, 2013

So this week has been super busy. Here's the in:

I get a flipping call from my district leader, Elder Anderson, and he asks me to give a training at district meeting. TABLE FLIPPING POOP A LOOPS. I literally started crying. As if I wasn't bummed out my investigators already, that just blew my top.

We went to the temple!!! :D We got to do two endowment sessions. It felt sooooo good to finally be in there. Sis Ash and I had been waiting for it for such a long time. I just felt so much peace afterwards. I was wondering why I wasnt feeling the same way I felt like when I was in the Provo temple, but inspiration came to me afterwards. I was able to start prepping for my training presentation and i was feeling pretty gun-hoe "i can do this" about it :) WHEW. The Straights took us out to Denny's for dinner. Sis Ash challenged me to bear my testimony on a card and leave it with the tip. So i did :)

We got to meet our mission president! :D We had such fun introductions. He served his mission in Toronto!!! How awesome is that? And he served with President Brower (Mission President before President Scott). And his son Danny Morgan served in Toronto too. So awesome. Sis Morgan and their daughter Anna are really sweet. I like them all a lot :) The training went OK. Ha, I got nervous. But it went well :)

WOOOOO 4th of JULY!!!! So we had to work until 4pm, and then we had the rest of the day off. And our curfew was 10:30! Yeyuuuh. So we spent the afternoon with the Fullers. We had dinner and was just relaxing at their house. Then we went to Twin Lakes park to watch the fireworks. It was nice just lying down and watching it all :) Sis Hammond also got a pamphlet from us because she felt prompted to share it with an aquaintence. WOOO!. Awesome stuff.

We attend Catholic mass with Janet Carrington. She was a former investigator of the missionaries, but she just loves taking the missionaries out. She is awesome and so much fun to be around. It was different, but it was just a testimony to Sis Ash and I about how true our church is. Janet took us out to Tuscuny's restaurant again. We talked to our waiter, Jose. He was awesome. I thought he thought the three of us were bombarding him with questions, but when we went to pay, Rocky (the owner) told us to sit back down because Jose was making ice cream sundaes for us :D I left a card and nauvoo temple card for him and invited him to church :)

SISTER ASH MADE ME BEAR MY TESTIMONY. Lol so i started crying during roleplay on saturday because i bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon. Sis Ash was so shocked I was choking up. I told her i've been holding back on bearing testimony during roleplay because i know im gonna cry. So she challenged me to bear my testimony every fastsunday. But it was an AWESOME sunday. the spirit was so strong! And at first no one got up, but then all of a sudden EVERYONE was bearing their testimony. It was great. We got to spend time with the Ford family. Oh man, their oldest son John and his gf are THE CUTEST. We've only seen a picture of his girlfriend but the moment i did i was like you are so totally inviting us over when she comes back from her church mission in mexico and we are going to teachhhh her and we're going to be best friends!!! hahaha. The Fords are awesome.

And thennnnn, So last night, Sis Ash was thinking maybe we should go to Zone pday today because we need to use our miles wisely so we can go to the other far towns in our area. The Zone leaders had already given us extra miles, but we decided to pray about it, then we decided not to go. Well, Elder Anderson (our DL) sounded disappointed but he said he respected our decision. I prayed about it last night and im like Heavenly Father, I dont mind staying home cuz i have a lot of stuff to do anyway but pleaaaaasse let monday be good so i dont get homesick. Well, lo and behold, This morning Elder Woodbury (our ZL) calls us and tells us he heard we weret coming and told us we DO have extra miles. Sis Ash told him our circumstance and he said the same thing: i respect your decision. One minute later Elder Banks (the AP) calls us to tell us they will be there at Zone Pday and that they really want us to come. Sis Ash explains our decision once again and he says....we really want you sisters to come, so how about we give you another extra 100 miles. We were like :O WHAT?!?! Hahahahahaha. We got soooo happy though!!! WOOOOO! So we get to leave Paris and go to Champaigne today :D HOORAH!

That's all for now :)
Love you all!!!

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  1. sounds like you are having a lotta fun huh :P i enjoyed reading about your endeavors!! keep me posted hommie.



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