Monday, August 12, 2013

So everyone's predictions came true...I'

M PREGNANT!!! I AM TRAINING! Holy flip! My baby girl is packing her stuff up at the MTC right now. Holy cow.

Right after finding this out, Sis Ash and I called the Covington Indiana sisters, aka Sis Scott (my MTC comp :D) and her trainer. Sis Scott is training too!!! Ah! I'm so happy for us! So Sis Scott and her trainer, Sis Sudweeks, slept over at our house Thursday night so we could road trip it to St. Louis together the next morning. It was soooo nice to catch up with her! She told me that Elder Tindall (our district leader in the MTC) was also training! OH MY GOODNESS! I had already told sis ash that i bet he would train because he is such a great leader. Later on she told me that elders usually train after a year of being here. So when Sis Scott told me that, i just got super excited!

So we get to trainers meeting on Friday and I just "eeek"ed with excitement. It was so great to see Elder Tindall. That's 3 of the 4 missionaries that I came out out with that are training! The 3 of us have only been out for 3 months and they've assigned us with new missionaries already. Like, woah.

I was super nervous about being a trainer. But the APs and the president just made it clear that we wouldn't be there if they didn't trust us. They said that before, they would take chances with certain missionaries in hopes that training would be good for them. They said that they aren't taking those chances any more and are only picking us to train because we are the best of the best and that they have full confidence and trust that we can do this. It's a huge deal. Like whatever I do with this missionary is what her perspective of missionary work will be like the rest of her mission. Ha, yeah, no pressure. 

Afterwards I was talking to Ana (President Morgan's daughter). I was telling her how she reminds me of Laura. Then she's like "you're going to be such a good trainer". I'm like "huh?" Then she calls Sister Morgan over and says "isn't she going to be such a good trainer?" And then Sister Morgan says, "oh yes". And they both said it was because I was so happy. Oh man, that meant a lot hearing it from the President's family. Then I told them how Sis Ash was exactly what I needed when I came out because I needed someone who was happy and who was going to make the work fun. Aw, I'm going to miss Sister Ash.

Well, Sis Morgan told me that their son, Danny, is coming to visit and that he'll be there at transfer meeting. He served in Toronto! I don't know if I know him, but if I see a face, something familiar should strike. She told me to make sure I come talk to him lol. Oh man, transfers are going to be crazy! Picking up a new baby girl, and then trying to get photos with Momma Ash and her mission "posterity" (Sis Sabey, one of the other sisters she trained, is training too!!), then trying to meet with my MTC district, and then seeing Johnson and Grace since they got ETed and we didn't get to say bye to them, and then saying goodbye to my current district, and then meeting the president's son. Errrr. 

Ok, so SISTER ASH. SHE IS GOING TO BE A SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!!! Ahhhhh! I am so proud of her! We all knew it was coming. She is going to be opening up an area in Oakville, Missouri. So far from me :( Her new companion will be Sister Fallentine (aka my "father" LOL Sis Fallentine suggested Sister Ash for training again even while she was still training sister vilinija, soooo sister ash jokes around about how sis fallentine got her "pregnant". BAHA. ok maybe that's bad :P LOL) Anywaaay, I've done exchanges twice with sister fallentine and i like her a lot. I think they'll do great together :)

For weekly planning/comp inventory, Sis Ash was going on about how proud of me she was and that it was so hard for her to train me because she already saw those leadership skills. I of course had no idea what she was talking about, but was grateful she had high hopes for me from the beginning :)

The top 3 things I've learned from Sister Ariel Latefale Ash, my trainer:
1. "If all else fails, you serve". It's so hard to pick up investigators here, and most people are less active. The one thing to get people to open up to you is to serve them. 'Charity never faileth' had a whole new meaning to me while serving here.

2. "Be yourself. No one wants a robot missionary." Oh man, she drilled this into my head. This is what made the work fun. We did what we were supposed to do, but we made sure we had fun doing it. And that made all the difference. Especially when it creates that relationship of trust with the members and our investigators. You gotta be yourself. Just love. 

3. "Pump the breaks. Relax. All is well". Haha, yeah I freak out quite a bit. I need to just calm down and let the spirit lead.

I made a "50 things i love about sister ash" list that I'm going to give her before she leaves. My branch president in the MTC taught us to do that for each of our companions. "Your companion is a gift of God's love for you". Amen to that. 

And I also just want to thank everyone who's been complimenting Sister Ash in their letters to me. I get like 1-3+ letters a week, and she gets a few every 3 weeks or so. And so when I tell her that my friends think she's a great trainer or that she's beautiful, she really appreciates it. And I appreciate it too. So thank you!

The past couple of weeks, Sister Ash and I have tried to focus our studies on chapter 6 in preach my gospel. It's on Christlike attributes. Sister Ash has been working on Charity, and I've been working on Virtue. OH MAN. The scripture chain I've been studying the last few days have been SO AMAZING. I wish i had more time to explain, but in a sentence or two, Virtue isn't just about being chaste. It's about knowing your diving nature, and calling, and doing everything you can to work towards your diving potential. It's so great. Mind=blown. There's more. Ha, i wish i had time to type up my notes :P

And yesterday we attended the YW's class. They were talking about "why temple marriage is so important". I got super emotional at one point. Well first of all, the class was being pretty irreverent  and I'm like what?!...we LOVED this topic when I was in YWs! Ha. Anyway, I got super emotional because it just reminded me how much I base everything I do around getting that Celestial Exaltation. I told the YW, go read the YW's theme. what does it say? Everything you learn in YW's and in the gospel is to prepare you to receive that exaltation...and you most definitely can't do it without getting sealed in the temple. 


I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Mucho Lovin' to you all <3 data-blogger-escaped-:="" data-blogger-escaped-font="">

I'm sorry if I don't have time to reply to your emails today. I'm printing them all out and responding through letter. And sorry if I haven't sent any letters out the past two's been super busy. But I'll be better!


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