New Companion, Transfer Meeting, Baptism, and AWESOMENESS

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ok so I can't even describe how AWESOME this week has been.

First off: TRANSFERS.
So remember my letter about first getting out here and having Sisters Conference and feeling suuuuper out of place and home sick? Well Transfer meeting was my first huge-gathering-of-missionaries since then. And i didn't feel awkward at all!! I got super excited when i got out of the car and saw so many missionaries. It's like President Callister's mission president firesides, except I'M one of the missionaries now. It's an awesome feeling to be gathered together after being the only two in your area. Oh man, and when we sang Called to Serve...CHILLS! Missionaries are SO COOL, and i'm so glad and honoured that I was called to be one of them :)

So Sis Ash and I sat there, looking over the list of new missionaries, guessing who my new companion would be. My eye stopped between a Sister Calton and a Sister Fernandez. Sis Ash said she thinks it's Sister Fernandez. So Sister Calton gets up and I'm like "i was looking at her. maybe she's my companion?". But she called up Sister Anderson (who is training after only being out for 8 weeks! Crazier than mine, Sis Scott and Elder tindall's situation!). Then Sister Fernandez gets up and introduces herself and i'm like "WOAH. that's her that's my new companion". And she calls our my name...and of course I "eeek". And i thought i kept it quiet, but apparently not because everyone started laughing. That's kinda my signature sound out here, along with my squeaky mouse sneezes....which is kinda sad HAHAHA. Anyway I LOVE SISTER FERNANDEZ. We have just been killing it out here the past 3 days! it has been awesome. She is such a good example to me! She speaks so softly and just radiates with the Spirit when she speaks. And she smiles Allll the time. We have tons in common and we sing jenny philip, etc songs as we wash dishes. Match made in Heaven? I THINK SO! She's great. And she's a wonderful teacher! She taught the youth class on Sunday and she is just so natural at it. And when i make her do role plays doing comp study, she just speaks and the it is so evident that it comes from her heart. Honestly, I think I was paired up with her because she's supposed to teach me. She came pre-trained. She is just so awesome! Anywho, after i picked her up at transfer meeting everyone was just super kind to me and her. Like missionaries i barely knew were telling her that she'll love me and what not and i'm kinda just like o_O aw, thank you(?) No but really, it means a lot that people have so much faith in me to do this.

Oh! I met Danny Morgan (my mission president's son). So i come up to him and say hi and he's like "are you from the Don Mills ward?". I totally freak out and I'm like YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Hahaha. Apparently Elder Chance Hales told him about me. So I have a photo here for ya....anybody remember him? I know Melissa Popiel and anyone else in the Weston Ward might!

Second: NANCY
AH. Ok so our teaching experience with her this week was so amazing. Our last lesson with her didn't go so well. She looked uncomfortable and pressured, her kids were being roudy which stressed her out, and I felt like Sis Ash and I were just dishing info at her and not really meeting her needs. So this whole week I've been pleading with Heavenly Father to help me know what to do (especially since Sis Ash wouldn't be there to guide me anymore). Anyway, I was thinking about watching the restoration dvd with her. And on my first night with sister fernandez (the night before we went to see nancy), i got up from praying and ding ding ding! i'm like woah, i know what we need to teach her now! THE CUPS LESSON! it's an object lesson that is supposed to show what you need to have a firm foundation for a testimony (the Mormon standard answers :P) And so we drive out to Nancy's the next day and the moment we sit down i could feel the restoration dvd was something we weren't supposed to show that lesson. But the cups lesson still felt right. I started to silently freak out because i wasn't sure what we were going to do, so i just prayed in my heart. I asked Nancy if we could see her wedding photos and so we were just talking about weddings and she asked how it works for Mormons when it comes to receptions because she knows we have private temple weddings. Ok i wont go into detail because i don't have much time left BUT the gist of what happened was:
- we started talking about temple marriage and eternal families (which is what i have been wanting to bring up since we first met her!!! FINALLY!)
- that lead into the reminder about the plan of salvation lesson we had and Elizabeth (her daughter) says, that was a cool lesson! And i also liked last week's you did with the teabag!
- That was my segway to show them the cups lesson! And i think i even said "not that this has anything to do with temple marriage and eternal families".
- BUT when we got into the kitchen to do it, i ended up bearing my testimony on the Book of Mormon (and Cried...of course -.-" but i controlled myself! that's progression!)
- did the cups lesson, got her daughters involved, then went back to the sitting room
- she was glad i bore my testimony of the book of Mormon and how i knew it was true not because i prayed about it but because how i saw the changes in myself. And she just told us about how much she's been changing and that her husband is noticing it and is telling her to go and become a member already!!! Ahhhh!!!
- And even though i thought the cups lesson didn't relate to eternal marriage, OUT OF NO WHERE i was like: this is what we want for you. We love you so much already and we want your family to have that joy of being together for eternity. But it all starts with building that testimony first. I was like WOAH, where did that come from?
- then we talked about scripture study and she is just so on board! It's awesome!!!

The spirit was so definitely guiding that lesson! It was amazing!!! The spirit was so strong. Im so grateful Sis Delp was there with us because talking about temple marriage couldnt have been a casual conversation without her help!! She is so great! And Sis Fernandez shared experiences with their daughters so they would understand eternal marriage more. IT WAS SO GREAT.

AAAAAAAAAAND, JUSTIN GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!! AWWW YEAH! I was so so so so happy for him! He was nervous but you could tell how excited he was. And he just looked sooo peaceful afterwards. I am so proud of him!! :')
AND, Makayla and Riley (Justin's neice and nephew) JUST GOT PERMISSION FROM THEIR MOM TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! AHH!!! Sis Ash and I have been praying that their mom would soften her heart, AND SHE HAS! it is such a miracle!!

Also, Taryn Fuller's sister, Selina, was in town and we picked her up as an investigator. But she leaves tonight and she lives in the Danville area. She wants to get baptized but she wont be allowed to meet with the missionaries there cuz they're "strangers". BUT, her mom works in Paris and has been thinking about moving here. So we're praying she will so we can continue to work with Selina! YES!

Oh man, this transfer is going to be AWESOME. We are going to kill it!!!!! Like Elder Anderson says, "ALL WE DO IS WIN!" This is truly the Lord's work. And these people are really all God's children. He wants them to come into the fold so bad. And we are going to do the best we can to bring as many in as we can!

Love you all!
Hope you have a wonderful week :)
Mucho Lovin'
-Sister Limas

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