Roller Coaster Week

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ok this week has just been crazy. When I look back, it was honestly all UPs haha, but it's crazy how wishy washy you can feel throughout the day. 

So first off, my district!
The only left remaining of our original district is me and Elder Anderson (DL). And every single companionship in our district is now training....crazy. So we are basically foster parenting all these people lol. Anywho, Mattoon, like predicted, got Sisters. At first when predictions were being made I was like "errrrr, i don't know how i'm going to handle two sisters in our district" but now that i've met them, I LOVE THEM! Sister Bearman was Sis Ash's best friend in the MTC, so i have heard tons of great stuff about her. We slept over at their apartment on Wednesday night because we needed to drive out to Champaigne the next morning. We just had so much fun (LOL are missionaries allowed to have that much fun at a sleepover?) Sis Sheppard (Sis Bearman is training her) is pretty cool. She makes me laugh so hard with her quirky-ness. AND SHE BALLROOM DANCES. I just about died. SO COOL.

Zone Conference (Thursday) was great. The night before we tried so hard to wash our car and this one car wash ate up 8 dollars, and then we got lost, and then we couldn't find the restaurant we were meeting our district at, and then birds pooped on our car (like pooped HARD)...Hahaha. I couldn't help but laugh. When Sis Fernandez get frustrated and saying "i'm so angry" she still has a smile on her face and her voice is still high hahahahaha. She's like Why is this all happening?!?!/ I'm like Heavenly Father has just been giving us so many blessings lately that He just needs to humble us with these random trials XD Anyway....going back to Zone was pretty awesome. i didn't like the sitting-down part, but the spiritual uplift makes up for it :) The theme was "lift where you stand". Everyone gave really great trainings. The APs based their training on Elder Callister's talk given at the MTC in 2008. It was awesome. It's called "The Consecrated Missionary". they challenged us to read it when we got home. Man on man, Sis Fernandez and I read through it and during weekly planning we just set the highest goals. We are working uber hard towards being consecrated missionaries. It'll be great. 

Part of being a consecrated missionary is just going the extra step/door. OH MAN, i cannot tell you how hard it was to do that this week! We have been driving out to far places all this month, which means that when we are in Paris we need to Bike. I love biking, but when you're only allowed to use side-purses now and you have to fill it up with just gets tough. But we stick with it anyway. we are absolutely wiped and exhausted. But you know what? The blessings come :) I was reading our mission newsletter where all the departing missionaries bear testimony and they all talked about hard work and obedience and when you take that extra step, even when you didn't find a new investigator/potentials that day, you can still feel like a successful missionary at the end of the day and feel the Lord's love for you. Sis Fernandez and I have a new motto: "MAKE FAITH THE FUEL!!" And so when we feel like we dont know what else to do or are too tired to press forward, we say it, then press onward. And it has just been so satisfying.

Ok, so Thursdays cool experience: During Zone Conference we were waiting for Nancy's text to give us the thumbs up if it was still ok if we taught her a lesson that evening. WELL, i was stressing about what we should teach Nancy ALL week. And during conference i was like "why do i feel like it's not going to happen?" So Nancy texts us back saying they are in Indiana for Elizabeth's doctor's appointment and they got an ear piece stuck in her ear and they can't get it out. YIKES. Ok so we see that text and we had no idea what to say except for, "would you like to cancel for today?" Im starting to feel totally bummed about this. Then right after the closing prayer at zone conference, our phone rings. It was Bro Eslinger! He's an awesome man. He's great with the missioanries. But he's less-active. Anyway. He invited us to come out for dinner with some of his family members that were visiting. WOO! We were like YAY BLESSINGS! But the only problem was that Nancy hadn't replied back yet about cancelling and we didn't want to make our way back to Paris and then have her waiting in Marshall for us. So we started stressing out yet again. Then Sis Fernandez said we should go say a prayer in the car. And the moment she finished the prayer, Nancy texted back and she said she was on her way home from Indiana, but it would probably be best if we cancelled. WHEWWW!!! So even though our lesson for the week wasn't able to happen, we were given an opportunity for something else. We called bro eslinger back and he said he was going to take us out to Tuscany's! Ok huge blessing!!!! The last time we were there, we had left a card with our waiter and invited him to church, and we haven't been able to follow up with him. And so i'm like cool i see two opportunities to do things right now. So we get there and no luck with bro eslinger's non member family OR the waiter...BUT, Sis Step (Bro Eslinger's neice) was there as well and she opened up to us a lot! She owns the house we are living in. And we've been trying our best for a while now to go over to her house (because she just lost her husband AND father), but she never replies back to our calls. ANYWAY. Blessings that came from all this craziness?? SHE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY. She hasn't been to church in forever, and she came. I was so ridiculously happy! And she invited us to come over this week to help her with her garden (um, FINALLY!) and then offered to feed us dinner as well. Ah!

Ok so also back tracking. We received a referral from the Mattoon sisters to give a less-active's son a blessing because he hurt his hand. We had to scope him out in Paris though. Anyway, after Bro randolph and bro strait gave him a blessing, we invited him out to church. And we texted him that night too and he said he would come. So i was so stoked because he was definitely a potential investigator. BUT he didn't come on Sunday. POOP. But you know who did?! Sis May, Justin, Makayla, Riley, Sis McManus and all 3 of her kids, AND Sis Step. It was so great! And to top it all off, Janet Carrington even showed up at church and we didn't even invite her!! (She's our "dry" Mormon...loves the Mormons, hangs out with the missioanries, but wont get baptized :P) ANWAY, it was so great. 

Seriously, i dont even know how to describe this week because it has just been CRAZY. But maybe President Clark's wise words can:


And that's all I can say. I feel overwhelmed, I feel inadequate, I feel tired, wiped, and exhausted. BUT, I also feel happy, excited, and hopeful for all the things we have planned for this transfer. IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

^In reference to that....we got our missionary activity approved!!! It's going to be HUGE. We are going to have a cook out in the park in marshall. It was originally to get people in Paris to fellowship Nancy so she would start coming to our branch and then getting all the people in Marshall activated. But we've been pumping people up in the last 24 hrs and the two families taht we've talked to so far are prayerfully seeking who they could bring to this activity. And then I got permission for Elder Anderson, Elder Cox, Sister Bearman, and Sister Sheppard to "blitz" our area that day so we have help getting everyone's contact info and setting up appointments. ALL WE DO IS WIN! Wish us luck!!!! 

Oh, also...we went to Ashmore this weekend to watch a Parade with the Ford family. Sis ford invited all her non member friends at work...and one of them is a huge potential! She's searching for a church to go to and Sis Ford invited her to attend ours. So this week she attended a non denominational church and hopefully she'll show up at out church in the next couple of weeks. We talked to her a little bit about what we do and gave her so she could check it out and see if the site answers any of her questions.

IM TELLING YOU, we have high hopes for this place to bloom. With Heavenly Father's help, we know it can. This is the Lord's work!!! We taught the primary kids again this week and it was about missionaries going forth to different nations. They were being so roudy, but i felt prompted to recite "the standard of truth" quote by joseph smith. Oh man, the spirit was kinda caught me off guard. But it's true!!! This is the Lord's work!! There are so many missionareies all over the world now, and the Lord IS and WILL get His gospel proclaimed to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people! i am SO fortunate to be a part of this work right now! No matter how crazy it is!!! Haha. 


Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!
For the next two weeks I will be emailing on Tuesday, because next Monday is a holiday, and the Monday after that is Mission Conference.

Sister Limas

2nd pic: My old district (minus Johnson and Grace). 

1st pic: Us at the Parade! I had to scream for that flag :P

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