Mucho Lovin'

Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello hello! Nothing too extraordinary happened this week, but here are some updates from the week before that I didn't get to say:

* NANCY SAID SHE'LL PRAY ABOUT A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!! Can you believe that?! UGH! It's such a miracle. Sis Fernandez was like "that was so easy"..and i'm like are you kiiiiiding me!? The first lesson we had with her, the word baptism totally scared her! SUCH A MIRACLE. I love it.

* Makayla and Riley are progressing!!! They have been doing so well! Especially Riley! he's actually paying attention to the lessons and participating at church. i am so ridiculously proud of him. Their baptism is on oct 20th. SO EXCITED!

This week at district meeting we had to list down excuses people give us when we ask them to read the Book of Mormon. AND THEN, Elder Anderson (our District leader), asked the Paris sisters (of course -.-") to do the role play and ask Elder K Anderson (our Zone leader) to read the Book of Mormon and attend to his concerns. Sis Fernandez was taking it away! I was so proud of her. And i honestly didn't know what to say. But then there was this long pause....I bore testimony.....and then Long story short...I cried...AGAIN (flip!)...UGH. But then K Anderson was like afterwards "its definitely the testimony that got me".

Afterwards K Anderson said: You know you're Momma is so proud of you. At Mission Leaders Conference we said Paris was our highlight area of the transfer and Sis Ash goes "ooooooh!!!! those are my babies!!!!!! i'm so proud of them!". Ahaha, that was so nice to hear. And when we got home we had a letter from our Sister Training Leaders and they wrote us something similar. It was really nice of them to do that, especially because we've been working super hard but still don't have new investigators. 

Tracting.....hmm. IS ACTUALLY ENJOYABLE. LOL. never ever in my whole life did i think i would ever say that hahaha. I mean, I want to aim to LOVE and BE GOOD at tracting...and i haven't reached it yet...BUT, at least i don't hate it anymore. Its just a lot of fun doing it with Sister Fernandez. Its great! And this week we did one day of just talking about family history and so many people would just talk to us on and on. IT WAS AWESOME.

We were talking to Bro Randolph yesterday (our Branch Mission Leader) and we were talking about the work and sometimes it just gets frustrating because people don't want to come back to church. And he gets frustrated too. But he said something that just made Sis F and I feel so good! He said: "For a long time now, the wheel of the work in this branch has just gone down hill. And we've been on a pause for a while now. But I feel like it's starting to slowly go back up hill. And I honestly feel like it's because of you girls. You have really made an impact. You are definitely going to be remembered". THAT JUST MADE ME WANT TO CRY! Last week I was telling momma fuller " I only have SIX MORE weeks to make an impact in this area." And she said i have but i just complained that there were no new investigators or anything and i didn't feel like anything was happening. And then bro randolph said that and it just felt good. 

ALSO, Once this transfer is over i most likely will be going to a new area. its sad to think about because Paris is home and the people are my family now. Paris will always have a special place in my heart. But I am definitely excited to move on. But with 6 weeks left, we are working uber hard to do more!! (also, by the end of this transfer, I will have been out for 6 MONTHS!) WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?!?! I'll only have one year left and that is going to go by in a snap. HOLY MOLY. O_O

Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 
Have an amazing week!!! DO WORK! SPREAD THE EXCITING NEWS THAT THE GOSPEL HAS BEEN RESTORED!!! <3 data-blogger-escaped-nbsp="" data-blogger-escaped-o:p="">

Mucho Lovin'
-Sister Limas

PS I  love how people will email/write me and write "mucho lovin" back HAHAHA i love love love it!! :D

The Book of Mormon: It was warm and it was powerful.

Monday, September 23, 2013

This week has been CRAZY! I'll try to be calm as I let you know all about its amazing-ness, that way I actually make sense in my letter haha.

Ok so in my last email I mentioned briefly about bearing my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I realized this week that many people back home don't know how I gained that testimony. So let me do that before I continue on with the rest of this week...because it relates.

In the 10th grade, one of my friends and I were talking about religion. At one point she said, "well if you grew up going to that church, how do know you don't just go because of your parents". I was stumped and totally didn't know how to answer her question. I didn't know. I had done nothing that proved that I went to church because of something I had a conviction of. I knew the church was true, but I just didn't have a burning conviction. So I decided to do my Faith Value Project for Personal Progress on reading the Book of Mormon. I started in June/July and finished in October. Did I get an answer like I expected? Absolutely not. No burning in the bosom, no sudden excitement. Sure, I was happy I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the first time, but I didn't get a convincing feeling. I almost felt like any time I would pray about it, Heavenly Father was like, "you know it's true. Why are you even asking?" And my response would be, "yeah I know it’s true, but I want and need that conviction". It wasn't until many months later when Laura was giving the FHE lesson and shared a story about this girl who went through a similar situation. She read the Book of Mormon multiple times, but received no answer. She later then she realized that she had gained her testimony as she looked back at the past year of her life and saw how reading the Book of Mormon had changed her life. Then and there I had flashbacks of all the times I read the Book of Mormon and each time I had read a doctrine/principle and tried to apply it to my life. As I looked back at how I changed as I've applied the teachings into my life, I received that conviction and evidence that it was true.

So, when it comes to bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon here on the mission, I bear testimony that I know reading it and applying the things you learn will change your life and bring you closer to Christ. I have felt it. And I still feel it every single day as I study it. I don't, however, ever promise people that if they pray about it, they will receive an answer. It is always my companions who do that part because I don't believe in making empty promises. I can't promise something I've never experienced. 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and we did a role play where the Mattoon Sisters were going to practice asking their investigators to pray on the spot with them. Elder Anderson chose Elder Dingman and I to be the couple. So we were acting as the Mattoon Sisters's real investigators. So they asked us questions and we said we hadn't kept the commitments to pray about the Book of Mormon. So they asked Elder Dingman to offer a prayer right there and then and ask if the Book of Mormon was true. I’m kneeling there SO awkwardly because it was just all too weird for me...and then what happens?!?! Elder Dingman starts CRYING. I’m starting to feel even more awkward. After the prayer the Mattoon Sisters ask Elder Dingman if he will get baptized and he says yes. Then they turn to me and ask how I felt. SO AWKS. I'm like "err...well i definitely felt something." Oh goodness. Then they asked if I knew it was true, and as the investigator I was like, "well I guess if I keep praying and applying it I will".

Then they asked me to pray and ask. Oh my goodness, let me tell you! If there was anything so awkward and uncomfortable I've ever had to do, IT WAS THAT. Because that wasn't how I received my own answer. I was scared that as their investigator I wouldn't feel anything. But I did as I was told...and the moment I started praying I started chocking up. I just felt this "whoosh" feeling come over my body as I said "please help me have the conviction to know that the Book of Mormon is true". It was warm and it was powerful. I couldn't even speak anymore. I just started crying. When the role play was done I went back to my seat so overwhelmed. I had just experienced what most people do when they gain that testimony. It was so weird and so amazing at the same time. Sister Fernandez said she just felt the spirit so strong as I prayed because she knew I was getting an answer from the spirit. IT WAS CRAZY!!!!! 

It definitely boggled my mind all day and made me really think about how I receive answers. And it bugged me a bit. I was writing in my journal that night expressing how I was feeling and questioning if the way I received an answer was even a real answer. (See how satan plays with your mind? he's just so bad.) As I was reflecting on all the times I've ever asked a major question to Heavenly Father, and then remembering how I received an answer, I realized that I'm just different. The Spirit is able to bear witness to me, and God is able to answer my questions only AFTER I've acted with faith. I've never received the burning in the bosom for anything. It was always after I've acted that I was able to know. And so that brought me comfort and peace knowing that Heavenly Father tries my faith and trust before He makes it known to me. And I’m grateful for that because that IS the only way I'm able to receive a strong conviction of anything. And now, I am happy to say that I can make that promise to my investigators now because of that experience at district meeting. I can still bear testimony about how I gained my testimony, but now i am ALSO able to make that promise that they can receive answers through the spirit when they pray about it. :)

And yeah, that's how my crazy week started! The Book of Mormon is amazing. I was reading Pres Benson's "Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon" and it is SO important for us to share it with people. Seriously, do the family-to-family Book of Mormon program that Pres Benson talks about. 

This week has just been so great. We've met most of our goals, the Spirit just guided our finding efforts, and the people we've talked to have just been so inspiring. There have just been so many tender mercies and successes this week. It feels great!!. I wish I had more time to write about them, but I don’t, so I'm just going to have to leave you all hanging :P Just know that it was AWESOME.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Miss and love you!
Mucho Lovin'
Sister Limas

Totally What I Needed

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hola famjam!

This week we had mission conference. It was AWESOME. Elder Godoy (of the 70) came to train us. His wife talked first. She got me and Sister Fernandez to stand up at the white board and then asked all the other missionaries to start naming the things we have because of the restoration. It was a HUGE list obviously (it was funny trying to keep up writing them all on the board). When we were done she was like "what if I took off 'repentance'? Or 'the book of mormon'? Or 'families can be eternal'?" All of us were like "errrr, no." Then she's like what if I erased all of this? How would you feel? One of the sisters was like "i feel like there would be no purpose of us being here...". And then sister godoy was like this blank board represents all the people in your area. They dont know the truth of the restoration! They dont know of the tools and blessings and doctrine! That's why you're here. To share it with them. WAY TO MOTIVATE! Haha. I loved it!

Elder Godoy did a really awesome training. At one point we had to role play teaching about the book of mormon and commiting people to baptism by using the last 2 paragraphs in the introduction. We got paired up with Sis McCoy and Sis Duncan, and we ended up being the ones to teach. At first I had nooo idea what was even coming out of my mouth. But then it came to testifying. And right after Sister Fernandez bore her testimony about the BOM, I bore mine...and i started crying...again, OF COURSE. But Sis Duncan said that the roleplay went really well and that there was a different spirit about it. Whew. Sis Fernandez said she was praying inside that i would share my testimony of the book of mormon because it always has an impact and brings the spirit in. We went back to our seats and sis scott starts laughing at me because she can tell i've been crying. Hahaha i love that girl. We went through so many tears together in the MTC. I just love her to death. 

Oh, and we ended lunch with me rapping the 1st discussion. IT WAS HILARIOUS. Elder Stewart was there and Elder Anderson has been asking me for weeks to do it. So we did. ROFL it was too funny. 

On Wednesday, Nancy took us out for dinner! Sister Fernandez shared a dinner thought about famlies (because that was the topic in gospel principles from last sunday). I love it when Nancy smiles. She is just so precious and Heavenly Father has definitely prepared her. But what surprised us was when she said "you girls just have an aura about you. you've been so amazing and i've enjoyed the time that you've been teaching me". Ah. I just love her. We are going to watch the Testaments with her this week. She's definitely progressing and even though she's having trouble udnerstanding the BOM, she's trying So so so hard to keep reading/listening to is. She's awesome.

On Thursday we decided to walk everywhere so that we could get some street contacting done. We've been terrible at that. And guess what?! We met some pretty interesting people. We met this guy named Bill. We saw him from across the street and all i could think was "he's totally dying to come over here and talk to us". Because he saw us then looked down and started kicking his foot on the grass lol. AND HE DID COME OVER TO TALK TO US! We had a pretty good talk with him. We kept walking and we said hi to some roof workers. I kinda rolled my eyes because they so obviously didnt want to talk to us for the reasons we wanted to talk to them. So we moved on. We met this old gonna call him Buzz (he kept avoiding our "what's your name" questions lol). But I said hi to him while he was working in his front yard. He looked at us and he's like "you have beautiful smiles!" HAHAHA, way to get in! We ended up talking to him for like 30-45 mins. But he wouldn't let me give him a Book of Mormon. Agh. Sister Fernandez thinks he's one of the 3 nephites hahahahaha. 

Soooo this week has been the same with the health/sleeping problems. I got super sick on wednesday again and i was trying really hard not to throw up in between appointments. We did our stress management training online on Friday and i'm in the Red level aka my stress levels are way high. I think it's wrong LOL. I dont feel stressed. Its just that my body can only handle so much. So i know i'm weak. I know i dont have as much strength as i wish i did. BUT i have a testimony of the Christ and that He has strengthened me. He's the only reason I've gotten the strength do work this week. He provides where it's needed and I'm so grateful for that. Saturday night we did a stress relieving activity and used our pumpkin bread making kit and made pumpkin muffins. They were delicious. And totally what i needed. 

Anyway, hope you alll have a good week! 
I'm excited with all the things i've been hearing from home
Keep it up!
Love you all!
Sister Limas


Monday, September 9, 2013

I thought I wouldn't have much to write about this week since I did write my last email on tuesday night. But there is still much to say. 

Bad health stuff first! Ok so for the past couple of weeks I've been having a really hard time sleeping...and then when I finally do get to sleep, i wake up in the middle of the night and cant get back to bed. I would end up  super exhausted in the morning, and at first I would just pray and stick to "make faith the fuel". And it's been working wonderfully the past week. BUT this week my body just did it in. I had a headache on Wednesday and I thought i could pull through the rest of the day, but then I started sneezing non stop and my eyes got so puffy. WHAT THE POOP?? So we had to cancel all our appointments and Sister Fernandez commanded me to put my PJs on and go strait to bed. I was out from 5:30-10pm. I was just gone. So i thought having my body go into sick mode would mean that I would go back to my normal sleeping patterns because my body had learned it's lesson, right? NOPE. So I ended up getting Malitonin(sp?). I found out later a lot of the missionaries take it. I thought it would help. well, it definitely knocked me out on Saturday night. I sounded ridiculous, hahaha ask Fernandez. But i still woke up in the middle of the night. Le sigh. so i'm just going to have to take two pills or find something stronger. ANYWAY, that is my health rant.

When we went to Marshall this week, we thought we'd give the Williams a visit. Frieda Williams is a less active member of the church, and we've been told by members not to go to their house when her husband is home because he doesn't like the church. Ok, so that freaked Sister Fernandez and I out a bit. But we felt prompted to go to their house anyway. we knocked, and no one was home. But as I was backing sister Fernandez out of their driveway, they drove in. AWKS. But Sister Williams had just received the great news that her tumour had shrunk!!! How awesome is that? She was so happy! Her husband is just sitting in his truck staring at us and I felt super intimidated at first. But he got out and they let us in and we started talking.....I don't know what everyone is saying... Lance Williams is a really nice man! You can tell he really loves his wife and that they are both making the most of their time together because they don't know how long they have together. I felt prompted to share Joshua 1:9 with them. I told them that they reminded me of the scripture. Usually I'd share it to uplift someone, but they were just the example of what the scripture councils. Sister Fernandez told me later on that she saw Lance crying while I was sharing my thought. The Spirit touched him!!!! We are going back..and we really want to start teaching him. We know sister williams is a little iffy about that, but we are praying about it this week so we can make a decision by the time we go back to marshall.

Our lesson with Nancy was so great! Ugh, i just love her!! We always go to the Delps before we head to Nancy's. We went over Preach My Gospel with Sister Delp (since she's been asking for "lessons" on how she can help us). We taught her about commitments and how that is the invitation for our investigators to repent and change. We talked about promising blessings and then bearing testimony right after...and then leaving the home while the Spirit is still strong. And we did exactly that. it went so well! It always surprises me how the Spirit works. But then again, I shouldnt be, because God loves His children. He's going to make these things work! We had originally planned on following up and helping her recognize the spirit when reading the scriptures (because she's having a little trouble understanding them), and then we were going to talk about baptism. We all felt really strongly though during the lesson that baptism wasn't the right thing to talk about. So we focused on the spirit and gaining personal revelation. The spirit was SO strong. Afterwards, sis delp, sis fernandez and i told each other how we felt like baptism wasn't the right thing to talk about just yet and i'm like WHEW now i know it's not just me and the spirit was telling each of us that. And we all felt prompted that we need to show her The Testaments this week. so we will do that. Seriously, the spirit in their was crazy strong. And let me just say i am SO SO SO grateful for seminary and that i had amazing teachers who really pushed us to study our scripture mastery. That was the first time I have ever referenced to so many scripture mastery verses to help out an investigator. It was crazy! 

We taught Makayla and Riley the 10 commandments this week and it went SO WELL! Riley actually paid attention and took out a paper to write down his version of the 10 commandments so he could understand them better. SCORE!

We also taught Sis May. we've been using the Forget Me Not talk with a lot of our less actives and focusing on the last point. But we read the whole talk with her. We are trying to work on her and getting her to act upon what she knows. During our discussion she said "i've been in the church and meeting with the missionaries for 13 years. And I've learned more in the past 3 months with you then I have in the past 13 years." Ok, that felt kinda good, but my heart was so devestated! she is converted to the missionaries and not the gospel and that was our fear. But Sis Fernandez and I bore testimony that our purpose as missioanries is to help her come closer to Christ; that we loved her and that's why we come over every week to teach her because we want to help her get closer to Christ so she knows to depend on Him and not us. She understood, but it's still a work in progress. But the spirit was way strong. 

And the ATONEMENT is so so wonderful! The past few weeks, I've been really studying and understanding my purpose and utilizing the atonement and applying it with our work. Because with out Christ, the work we do is nothing. The Gospel and the our Heavenly Father's plan is centred around Christ and what He's done for us. It's only through teaching people that that I've come to have a better understanding of the importance.

THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! Just sayin'.

Hope you all have a great week!
Love you and miss you all!!

Mucho lovin'

Sister limas :

And the Miracles Keep Coming

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hola Holaaaa!

So this week has just been all over the place. But it's been great...and hopefully I can sum it all up without sounding as crazy as I did last week lol.

So on Tuesday we had our STLs (Sister Training Leaders) come do exchanges with us. Though they weren't really exchanging with us because we had meetings and service the whole day. Anyway, they asked me what they wanted me to have them train on and I asked them to help us out with "talking to everyone" because its one of our goals and we just need help doing it. They asked how Sister Fernandez is doing and I said she's great! Seriously, my companion is so awesome. I told them that I am definitely learning more from her than she probably is from me. They asked how I felt as a trainer and I said we're just doing and learning together...i'm still new, and I dont want her to feel that i've above her or know more just because i've been out a little longer. Everything we do, we're doing it together. So when it came to inventory, i don't know why, but i was a little nervous cuz i thought they were going to say we need to pick up the work or something. But they said they were very impressed!! WHAT?! Lol! They said that me training right after being trained was very impressive and that I'm implementing things my trainer didn't, and they could just tell I love my companion. And with Sister Fernandez they said that she's just so gun-ho about the work, she went straight into it and she's involved, she asks questions, and she could train right after she's trained. THAT MADE ME SO HAPPY! Not to here my compliments, but to hear my companion's. Ah! I'm so proud of her! They helped us with "talking to everyone" by challenging us. Oh man. They challenged us to tract for 2 hrs everyday this week and then use 1/2 hour of that to street contact in the stores. OH MAN. I was so pumped!!

I'm happy to report we succeeded the next day. While we were at the food pantry Sister Fernandez was talking to this 17 yr old boy and he was just spilling his life out to her and how many mistakes he's made. Sister Fernandez bore her testimony to him and shared card with our number. I was helping this one lady out in the line and I felt prompted to compliment her on her ring. When she lifted her hand to show me, I saw that she had a CTR ring on as well! We both just got super excited haha. So i told her to give us a call. ANYWHO, I had come to the food pantry with a plan to give Hugh (this old man I work next to) a Plan of Salvation pamphlet because last time he was telling me about his friend who lost his wife and how sad he was. Well he comes up to me and the first thing he says is "i looked up Toronto in a map and I didn't know you lived so close to Niagara Falls!". So we started talking about travelling. He used to travel all the time with his wife and his sister in law. But his sister in law passed away, and it was very sad for his wife because they were like best friends. And so I asked him if his wife had talked to missionaries before. He's like "yea...but the thing is we go to our own church". AWKS. Well we talked on and off after that, him and I working around the awkwardness. But when it was time to leave I handed him a POS pamphlet and asked him to give it to his wife. I told him how knowing that plan helped me when my grandpa passed away. He took it and smiled and invited us to come over so we could meet his wife!!! EEEEEK!!!! I was so happy!! We went tracting for an hour and a half in the evening. No success, but it felt great. Usually I'm so nervous when I go tracting, but i was just so excited. Haha i guess part of the reason is because I have to help Sis Fernandez not be so nervous. But we met a ton of Catholics and they were super nice and I was so excited to tell them I've been to their St Mary's church once. It was great.

Uhmm some successes/blessings/ and tender mercies:

* Sis Step is a less active and we did service for her on Tuesday. She's had it rough. Her father and her husband both had cancer and they passed away 29 days from each other. We were talking to her and she said she wanted to get sealed to her husband since he was the best thing that's happened to her. So we are going to work with her to get to the temple. Her daughter and son in law, Cournie and Josh Jewell, are less active as well. But Courtnie came to church on Sunday and said she was pregnant! So we are going to try and work with them to get their family to the temple. Maybe with a baby on the way it will give them more reason to live the gospel. And Bro Eslinger is Sis Step's uncle. He is less active too, but he is amazing. And we're hoping that working with his family and getting them to the temple will help him get there too. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

* We had a great lesson with Nancy on Thursday. Usually I'm so nervous about what we're going to teach her. But I've learned. We prepared, and then I was like "nope, no being nervous this time. We have a lesson plan. We are going to go in there and see where she's at, and then we'll let the Spirit guide". You know what?! IT DID!!!! It's so cool to see how certain things being said popped up, and we were able to relate it to the lesson we had planned. We talked about the Atonement and I did the salt, pepper, and dishwashing soap visual. She is also planning to come to our branch this Sunday! OH MY GOODNESS, WHAT A MIRACLE. AH! I love it! And Ashton Fuller's baptism is this Sunday, so it'll be PERFECT for her to see a baptism!

* We had a lesson with Riley...and we've been worried about him. It's hard for him to pay attention to the lessons...but we ended up relating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his video games. Crazy eh? Oh man, it was nuts. I'm like where is this coming from? Haha, but at least he got it!

* We started teaching Justin the new-member lessons. We focused on missionary work and so he is going to help us with Riley because we know the example he is to him and how much Riley looks up to him.

* We had a lesson with Sister May about prayer and faith. She's a less active, and she's been praying to know if this church is true. What's crazy is i was super antzy and tried and impatient because it was just so hot. And i found myself stalling. But I said a prayer in my heart for the Spirit to help me help her. And it did. Afterwards I was like "wow". The spirit was so strong and you could tell Sister May was really pondering about what we were saying.

* We got to visit with the Lewis' and the Ritchey's this week. Seriously, Bro Lewis and Bro Ritchey are the epidemy of the prophet's council "choose who you love and love your choice". Bro Lewis saw Sis Lewis when she was 16 and he knew he wanted to marry her, and he did! And after Bro Ritchey and Sis Ritchey's first date, he asked her to marry him. CRAZY! But you can still tell how in love they still are with their spouses. Haha sister fernandez and i are just all rawr rawr rawr when we left their homes. They are such sweet sweet men, and their wives are just so awesome. 

* Yesterday was pday and we had a combined activity of the Champaigne and Springfield zones. It was so much fun! All 3 of my district leaders were there. That was so cool to see them all in one place. Elder Tindall and Elder Stewart both asked Sister Fernandez how I was doing as a trainer and she's like "she's great!" and they both replied "no, really..." LOL how dare they. But i love them both. They were awesome leaders. We played capture the flag...IN THE WOODS. It was crazy. We were on a member's property and it is huge! But our base was in the woods in a treehouse and i was defence. It was so much fun! Our team had to wait our turn though. So while we waited to play we put paint on our faces....yes, seriousness. And we took jumping photos. Haha my group is awesome. I finally met Elder Texiera (tuh-shay-duh). He's my fellow Canadian! LOL we were in the same team and he's like "Sister Limas, are you Canadian?" I'm like yes! He's like "i know! I've been dying to meet you!" LOLOOLOL i can't even explain how good it is to finally have a fellow Canadian hahaha. SOMEONE ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS TIM HORTONS!!!! YESSSSS!!!

* We had Zone Meeting this morning. So every 1st week of the month, we are going to have a zone meeting instead of district meeting. I thought it was great!!! Its so much fun to get with your whole zone! And i have made friends with lots of the sisters in my zone now. They are just awesome and I love them!

Anyway that was my week and beginning of this week
Hope you all have a fab one!
Miss you all tons!
Mucho loving,
Sister Limas


Sis Scott and I. I just love that chica.

    my team for capture the flag :)

Jumping Picture!!

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