Monday, September 9, 2013

I thought I wouldn't have much to write about this week since I did write my last email on tuesday night. But there is still much to say. 

Bad health stuff first! Ok so for the past couple of weeks I've been having a really hard time sleeping...and then when I finally do get to sleep, i wake up in the middle of the night and cant get back to bed. I would end up  super exhausted in the morning, and at first I would just pray and stick to "make faith the fuel". And it's been working wonderfully the past week. BUT this week my body just did it in. I had a headache on Wednesday and I thought i could pull through the rest of the day, but then I started sneezing non stop and my eyes got so puffy. WHAT THE POOP?? So we had to cancel all our appointments and Sister Fernandez commanded me to put my PJs on and go strait to bed. I was out from 5:30-10pm. I was just gone. So i thought having my body go into sick mode would mean that I would go back to my normal sleeping patterns because my body had learned it's lesson, right? NOPE. So I ended up getting Malitonin(sp?). I found out later a lot of the missionaries take it. I thought it would help. well, it definitely knocked me out on Saturday night. I sounded ridiculous, hahaha ask Fernandez. But i still woke up in the middle of the night. Le sigh. so i'm just going to have to take two pills or find something stronger. ANYWAY, that is my health rant.

When we went to Marshall this week, we thought we'd give the Williams a visit. Frieda Williams is a less active member of the church, and we've been told by members not to go to their house when her husband is home because he doesn't like the church. Ok, so that freaked Sister Fernandez and I out a bit. But we felt prompted to go to their house anyway. we knocked, and no one was home. But as I was backing sister Fernandez out of their driveway, they drove in. AWKS. But Sister Williams had just received the great news that her tumour had shrunk!!! How awesome is that? She was so happy! Her husband is just sitting in his truck staring at us and I felt super intimidated at first. But he got out and they let us in and we started talking.....I don't know what everyone is saying... Lance Williams is a really nice man! You can tell he really loves his wife and that they are both making the most of their time together because they don't know how long they have together. I felt prompted to share Joshua 1:9 with them. I told them that they reminded me of the scripture. Usually I'd share it to uplift someone, but they were just the example of what the scripture councils. Sister Fernandez told me later on that she saw Lance crying while I was sharing my thought. The Spirit touched him!!!! We are going back..and we really want to start teaching him. We know sister williams is a little iffy about that, but we are praying about it this week so we can make a decision by the time we go back to marshall.

Our lesson with Nancy was so great! Ugh, i just love her!! We always go to the Delps before we head to Nancy's. We went over Preach My Gospel with Sister Delp (since she's been asking for "lessons" on how she can help us). We taught her about commitments and how that is the invitation for our investigators to repent and change. We talked about promising blessings and then bearing testimony right after...and then leaving the home while the Spirit is still strong. And we did exactly that. it went so well! It always surprises me how the Spirit works. But then again, I shouldnt be, because God loves His children. He's going to make these things work! We had originally planned on following up and helping her recognize the spirit when reading the scriptures (because she's having a little trouble understanding them), and then we were going to talk about baptism. We all felt really strongly though during the lesson that baptism wasn't the right thing to talk about. So we focused on the spirit and gaining personal revelation. The spirit was SO strong. Afterwards, sis delp, sis fernandez and i told each other how we felt like baptism wasn't the right thing to talk about just yet and i'm like WHEW now i know it's not just me and the spirit was telling each of us that. And we all felt prompted that we need to show her The Testaments this week. so we will do that. Seriously, the spirit in their was crazy strong. And let me just say i am SO SO SO grateful for seminary and that i had amazing teachers who really pushed us to study our scripture mastery. That was the first time I have ever referenced to so many scripture mastery verses to help out an investigator. It was crazy! 

We taught Makayla and Riley the 10 commandments this week and it went SO WELL! Riley actually paid attention and took out a paper to write down his version of the 10 commandments so he could understand them better. SCORE!

We also taught Sis May. we've been using the Forget Me Not talk with a lot of our less actives and focusing on the last point. But we read the whole talk with her. We are trying to work on her and getting her to act upon what she knows. During our discussion she said "i've been in the church and meeting with the missionaries for 13 years. And I've learned more in the past 3 months with you then I have in the past 13 years." Ok, that felt kinda good, but my heart was so devestated! she is converted to the missionaries and not the gospel and that was our fear. But Sis Fernandez and I bore testimony that our purpose as missioanries is to help her come closer to Christ; that we loved her and that's why we come over every week to teach her because we want to help her get closer to Christ so she knows to depend on Him and not us. She understood, but it's still a work in progress. But the spirit was way strong. 

And the ATONEMENT is so so wonderful! The past few weeks, I've been really studying and understanding my purpose and utilizing the atonement and applying it with our work. Because with out Christ, the work we do is nothing. The Gospel and the our Heavenly Father's plan is centred around Christ and what He's done for us. It's only through teaching people that that I've come to have a better understanding of the importance.

THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! Just sayin'.

Hope you all have a great week!
Love you and miss you all!!

Mucho lovin'

Sister limas :

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