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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hola famjam!

This week we had mission conference. It was AWESOME. Elder Godoy (of the 70) came to train us. His wife talked first. She got me and Sister Fernandez to stand up at the white board and then asked all the other missionaries to start naming the things we have because of the restoration. It was a HUGE list obviously (it was funny trying to keep up writing them all on the board). When we were done she was like "what if I took off 'repentance'? Or 'the book of mormon'? Or 'families can be eternal'?" All of us were like "errrr, no." Then she's like what if I erased all of this? How would you feel? One of the sisters was like "i feel like there would be no purpose of us being here...". And then sister godoy was like this blank board represents all the people in your area. They dont know the truth of the restoration! They dont know of the tools and blessings and doctrine! That's why you're here. To share it with them. WAY TO MOTIVATE! Haha. I loved it!

Elder Godoy did a really awesome training. At one point we had to role play teaching about the book of mormon and commiting people to baptism by using the last 2 paragraphs in the introduction. We got paired up with Sis McCoy and Sis Duncan, and we ended up being the ones to teach. At first I had nooo idea what was even coming out of my mouth. But then it came to testifying. And right after Sister Fernandez bore her testimony about the BOM, I bore mine...and i started crying...again, OF COURSE. But Sis Duncan said that the roleplay went really well and that there was a different spirit about it. Whew. Sis Fernandez said she was praying inside that i would share my testimony of the book of mormon because it always has an impact and brings the spirit in. We went back to our seats and sis scott starts laughing at me because she can tell i've been crying. Hahaha i love that girl. We went through so many tears together in the MTC. I just love her to death. 

Oh, and we ended lunch with me rapping the 1st discussion. IT WAS HILARIOUS. Elder Stewart was there and Elder Anderson has been asking me for weeks to do it. So we did. ROFL it was too funny. 

On Wednesday, Nancy took us out for dinner! Sister Fernandez shared a dinner thought about famlies (because that was the topic in gospel principles from last sunday). I love it when Nancy smiles. She is just so precious and Heavenly Father has definitely prepared her. But what surprised us was when she said "you girls just have an aura about you. you've been so amazing and i've enjoyed the time that you've been teaching me". Ah. I just love her. We are going to watch the Testaments with her this week. She's definitely progressing and even though she's having trouble udnerstanding the BOM, she's trying So so so hard to keep reading/listening to is. She's awesome.

On Thursday we decided to walk everywhere so that we could get some street contacting done. We've been terrible at that. And guess what?! We met some pretty interesting people. We met this guy named Bill. We saw him from across the street and all i could think was "he's totally dying to come over here and talk to us". Because he saw us then looked down and started kicking his foot on the grass lol. AND HE DID COME OVER TO TALK TO US! We had a pretty good talk with him. We kept walking and we said hi to some roof workers. I kinda rolled my eyes because they so obviously didnt want to talk to us for the reasons we wanted to talk to them. So we moved on. We met this old gonna call him Buzz (he kept avoiding our "what's your name" questions lol). But I said hi to him while he was working in his front yard. He looked at us and he's like "you have beautiful smiles!" HAHAHA, way to get in! We ended up talking to him for like 30-45 mins. But he wouldn't let me give him a Book of Mormon. Agh. Sister Fernandez thinks he's one of the 3 nephites hahahahaha. 

Soooo this week has been the same with the health/sleeping problems. I got super sick on wednesday again and i was trying really hard not to throw up in between appointments. We did our stress management training online on Friday and i'm in the Red level aka my stress levels are way high. I think it's wrong LOL. I dont feel stressed. Its just that my body can only handle so much. So i know i'm weak. I know i dont have as much strength as i wish i did. BUT i have a testimony of the Christ and that He has strengthened me. He's the only reason I've gotten the strength do work this week. He provides where it's needed and I'm so grateful for that. Saturday night we did a stress relieving activity and used our pumpkin bread making kit and made pumpkin muffins. They were delicious. And totally what i needed. 

Anyway, hope you alll have a good week! 
I'm excited with all the things i've been hearing from home
Keep it up!
Love you all!
Sister Limas

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