A Beautiful Sunday

Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin on how beautiful this Sunday has been.

Sacrament meeting was just so good. Brother George and President McNabb (of the Champaigne Stake High Council and Presidency) both gave amazing talks on charity and love. It was very moving. I feel like that's something Sister Fernandez and I talk about ALL the time. Because that is what missionary work is centered around. You just gotta LOVE. Listen with love, and give love, and let them know of their Heavenly Father's love.

In our Gospel Principles class, Jayman wasn't there to give the lesson because he went through the temple the day before! WOO he leaves for his mission in a couple of weeks! Anyway, Ashley Bender did the lesson on Spiritual Gifts. It was a little intro for Nancy so she knows more about the gifts of the spirit when she receives the gift of the Holy Ghost next week. It was such a great discussion. Brother George attended our class as well. The spirit was super strong, and then Ashley bore her testimony about when her husband decided to join the church. It was so great. I love the Bender's :)

During Relief Society, the sister missionaries and members from Terre Haute joined us. Oh yes, did I mention the miracles that have taken place before the baptism? All this past week, Nancy has been sending us texts: "Fran is coming to my baptism!" (her childhood friend from Utah who introduced her to the church) or "Lyon and Benjamin are coming!" (her husband and son, who was letting go of a football game just to attend. BIG DEAL). And she was able to get a hold of the man she wanted to baptise her. And then the Terre Haute sisters got permission to leave their mission. It was crazy! We know it's because she chose to be obedient and attend the Paris Branch that all the miracles are flowing in.

Anywho, the baptism was SO BEAUTIFUL. Nancy walks out of the washroom stall in her white jumpsuit and I could just feel her glowing. I feel like a mother who is letting her child go off to college or taking a huge step towards something...because its THAT big of a deal! It has been such a blessing to watch her grow and i am so lucky I got the chance to be with her!

Her family came and they all looked so beautiful in their church clothes. Oh man, it was just so great to see them all come support their mom. 

Wendy Delp and Malinda Wells both gave amazing talks, and President Wells bore a wonderful testimony and gave Nancy and her family commitments. It was awesome. Nancy smile was SO HUGE after she was baptized. She was just standing their in the water with a smile that went from ear to ear. I have never seen her so happy before. While she was getting changed, we told everyone present how special Nancy is to us, and that we wanted to give her a journal with everyone's words of encouragement. Even her kids wrote something. It was super sweet. Thank you to all who sent me a little something to give to her as well. I really do appreciate it.

After we went to the Wells's house for a little lunch celebration. I was so great to meet the people from Terre Haute, Indiana. One of them served their mission in the Philippines!!! It was SO GOOD to hear Tagalog again. Hahaha i tried to respond back, and sister fernandez was like "woah, i've never seen this side of my companion before!" LOL

And we just love the Terre Haute sisters:) One of them is from Utah and she entered the MTC the day I left. The other is a visa waiter, waiting to go to Brazil and she is originally from North Carolina. Its just so great to be around other sisters. Doesn't matter where you're serving--we're all doing the same thing :)

I just feel so super blessed to be a part of Nancy's journey. Before coming out, so many people back home said "you're going to do so great. you're going to bless so many lives". Yeah, well, now I can tell you it's quite the opposite. You never realize how THESE people bless YOUR life until you've gotten here and listened to their stories. They become part of your life. It has just been so beautiful to watch Nancy grow. We started out with the word "baptism" making her super stressed to "I want to be a good Mormon" to "Okay, let's set a date for baptism", and now to "We'll see you in the temple a year from now". AH, that is what i am most looking forward to! Seeing Nancy in the temple. Like I said, if there's one thing that makes missionary work worth-while, it's watching your brothers and sisters come to know their Heavenly Father and their Saviour, Jesus Christ. DUN CARE HOW HARD THIS AREA IS. One person is enough :) And i've been privileged to be a part of four baptisms in this area. When I read my mission call, "you are hereby called to serve in the Missouri St Louis Mission", I didn't realize all the names behind that mission. Nancy, the Mays, the Fullers, the Delps, the Large's, the Straits.....this list goes on! Heavenly Father's precious children are EVERYWHERE, and I feel super blessed to have met the people I did, and to be a part of their lives, and to have them a part of mine. It's been amazing to feel and watch the Spirit work through me and Sister Fernandez and Sister Ash just so we could teach Nancy. Like I said to Sister Fernandez this past week: We are so unworthy and so not capable to do this work. But the Lord trusts us to do it. And this is HIS work, so we better let Him do some of it. We are literally just the vessel that carries the Spirit to God's children. It's the spirit that works through us to them. We are just the tools that Heavenly Father uses. And we're lucky enough to get blessings from just being those tools. It's amazing. No experience like the mission! Haha too many ups and downs and ALL DAY ERR'DAY IS A ROLLER COASTER. But ya gotta love it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Love you all. And miss you too!

Mucho Lovin' from Sister Limas :)


Monday, October 21, 2013


So this week. WOOOO. GUESS WHO GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!?!?!? MAKAYLA AND RILEYYYY AWWWW YAH. It was so great. I will admit I was a tad stressed out because there were so many things going on the whole day (actually this whole week haha), but it was just so great. President Wells baptized them, and of course their excitement and curiosity just made it so entertaining. But the Spirit was there, and they were glowing :) I love everythingggg right now! (this is the new phrase that I have picked up from my companion lolll) I had to give the talk on the Holy Ghost, but I turned it into more of a lesson for the primary kids. I had drawn pictures of things that signify what the Holy Ghost does for us and put it in a gift bag and then kinda explained each one. I just love those kids. Lia Rigdon (we've been teaching her little brother lessons to prep him for baptism) gave the talk on baptism. Lia and makayla go to school together and are in girl scouts together, so it was nice to see her be there for her friend. We've gotten close to the Rigdon family over the past couple weeks, so it was just nice to see them all together.

On Saturday we had our missionary activity...hayride at the Randolph farm! It was way fun! No investigators came out, but a few non member families came, which was GREAT! I see potentials!!! :D

Sunday afternoon, we went to try to contact some potentials. Sister fernandez came up with a fab idea! SINGING SUNDAYS! We have family history fridays where all we do is talk about family history. But for Sunday, we will just sing to people at their door! IT WAS AWESOME. We just sang hymns and harmonized as we walked the streets. We contacted a former investigator and we sang How Great Thou Art for her. It reminded me of Lolo. The spirit was definitely there. And we sang I know that my redeemer lives. LOVE THAT HYMN. I am so grateful for my Saviour.

Sunday evening we had our missionary fireside. Phewww, the Spirit was strong!! We watched Together Forever. Oh man, the spirit was just burning in that room. Not too many people came, but we're hoping that spirit for the work will spread to the rest of the branch. Watch Together Forever if it's been a while since you have. It's such a great reminder of why we do what we do.

On Wednesdays we finally got to meet with the Townsleys. Oh man, I SURE DO LOVE THEM!!!! The moment we entered their house, you could feel the Spirit. They are so family oriented and you can tell they love God. We talked about the Restoration, but that ended up with Greg asking questions and teaching us a little bit from the Bible. I was just so lost with the questions he was asking us. He admitted they were hard. We said that we would study up and let him know what we found. And he uses the Book of Mormon! LOL he's like "lets turn to Acts and 2 Nephi 31". We were like haha what?! That's awesome! We told him we'd study on the gift of tongues and the godhead, and he said he would study Mosiah :) winwin. I've already started studying for them this week, and I've learned quite a bit. We are going to their bible study on Tuesday night, and then coming to their home again on Wednesday :) Greg told us that the reason he stopped us in the first place was because our modesty/the way we were dressed caught his attention. And he said the he respects us and what we're doing, and when it comes to studying, he wants to know if he's wrong and to let him know if he is. Wow. We asked him to say a prayer before we left. His prayer reminded me of Tito Henry. Remember how he said a prayer/blessing at the restaurant for me before I left for Utah? Yeah, it was like that. I just told Greg I was grateful for him and his family and that they reminded me of mine. Even though we probably wont get to the point of baptism, I'm glad we're forming relationships with other faiths here in Paris. 

Well, today is district Pday! I'm gonna learn how to FISH! ahaha. GROSS. It'll be so fun. 

Oh yeah, last week during sacrament meeting, bro randolph bore his testimony about  missionary work. He was saying how his son jesse was talking to him and saying "I'm gonna miss home a lot" (he's prepping to leave for a mission). Bro Randolph just told him that the work is going to be hard, but worth it. And I just sat there crying. I was like totally feeling for Jesse. But all that went through my head was "Yeah, the mission is the hardest thing you're going to do. But you're going to love it SO much." And I sat there reflecting on my mission experience so far. And chyah, it's the HARDEST thing I've ever had to do. It takes such a huge emotional and physical toll on you. And a lot of the time you just want to quit. But the experience just makes you so much stronger and so filled with love. I still have much to work on and improve on, and sometimes I feel like I haven't learned much. But there are always things that will remind me that I have learned and I have grown. And that's just going to increase when I move onto a different area and realize how much Paris has prepared me for other things. I am dreading transfer calls, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOOOOOW. Paris has become my new home and family, and the members and missionaries of the Champaign stake have as well. 

Us with Makayla and Riley before the baptism

Us with Makayla and Riley and the Rigdon kids :)

Bro and Sis Strait!!! 

Anyway, that's all for this week!
Love you all and hope you have a fantabulous week :)

Mucho Lovin' from Sister Limas!

I don't even like birds!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Holaaaa familia! Sorry I didn't send an email yesterday! It was Columbus day and our library was closed...BUMMER. But HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO Y'ALL!!! I spent Canadian Thanksgiving in Champaigne with our zone and Springfield. It was tres fun. Dodgeball with toiletpaper rolls and duct tape....the things missionaries come up with :P

So we had some interesting things happen this week. I shared one story during testimony meeting on Sunday, so I guess I'll share it with you as well.

On Saturday evening, Sis Fernandez and I went back to this house we tracted into to return an umbrella this lady let us borrow. She lives out by the lake and the whole time we were talking to her this duck just kept on quaking. She said that the duck had a mate and a friend....and that week, the neighbours had found the duck's mate dead with an arrow shot through it. The duck's friend was no where to be found. So this poor lonley duck was just quacking, wondering where his mate and friend went. Ok, this sounds super cheesy, but that totally broke my heart. I felt so sorry for that duck. Later on I asked Sister Fernandez, "do you think animals know who God is?" At first she thought I was asking her a trick question, but I was so dead serious. Because it got me thinking....I'm out here away from family and friends. And it can get lonely. But at least I know Heavenly Father is there for me to pray to, and I have leaders, and a super awesome companion, and the church is the same worldwide--so the Paris branch has become my family....but that poor duck...does it know there is a Father watching over it? Then I totally facepalmed at this thought cuz here I am feeling sorry for a duck when in actuality there are PEOPLE out there who don't know there is a Heavenly Father who loves them. Ok, so people may know of God or know who God is, but do they know He is there literal Father and that they are His literal children and cares about their well-being? Do they know Heavenly Father has created a plan for them to return to Him? Nope. All I can really say is help the missionaries out!!! The prophet has literally called each and every one of you to step it up and share the gospel with your friends and family. Your example is sometimes the only glimpse of God's love for them. Let them know He's there and that He loves them. 

Anyway....all that was said and more...through tears (hey, I've been getting better at not sobbing like a baby :P) and I made it clear during my testimony I wasn't crying because of this duck. LOL I DONT EVEN LIKE BIRDS. But hey, the duck needs love too. 

Uhm other updates:

* MAKAYLA AND RILEY'S BAPTISM IS THIS SUNDAY!!!! Awwwww yah! It took us 5 months, but they are finally entering into the waters of baptism! I am so excited for those kids! Seriously, watching Riley is the whole reason I'm out here on a mission. the first time we taught him the restoration....the look on his face when he found out the church he wanted to get baptized in was the same church that Christ had built and was once again restored...he LIT UP. He was clapping his hands saying "that makes me so happy!" And it's been uber hard with Riley. They both have ADHD and a lot of the time Riley just looks really mad at us and doesn't want to pay attention to the lesson. And I was so close to giving up to him. But his progression over the past few weeks has been incredible!! We had a lesson with them and he offered to pray!!! TWICE!!! He's always super shy to and i usually have to help him. AND HE BORE TESTIMONY to Justin! Justin is super shy too, and didn't want to say the prayer at their baptism. And Riley bore testimony that God would help him. I am so darn proud of that kid. That's why I'm out here. What a sacred experience it is to see people, like Riley, make such a change because they feel of God's love. 

* Nancy's baptism is on the 27th!!!! She agreed to come to the Paris Branch the next 3 Sundays so that she can be baptized. I am so proud of her. She loves the Terre Haute ward, but she wants to be obedient, so she's coming to Paris. I know there are blessings in store for her because she's decided to be obedient. 

* So I talked about Greg Townsley last email....well our appointment with his family fell through. His wife totally forgot and they had this ministers conference or something coming by their place. Well, the fact that he's a minister was no longer a secret hahaha so I was little more relieved. His wife is so nice. She told us it was his bday on Sunday and their daughter's on Monday, so we dropped some brownies at their house on Sunday night. They weren't home...but we had parked in their church's parking lot and this man drives up to us and he's like CAN I HELP YOU?! Lol he looked so sketched out at the fact that we were dropping off brownies for his minister. But he gave Greg a call and when he found out Greg knew us he calmed down a bit. Haha. Well we meet with them tomorrow! Wish us luck!

* WE HAVE A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! We visit an elderly lady, Betty, every Thursday when we go out to Marshall. And there is a man named Paul who visits her too (he's pretty old too). And Betty, being the firecracker she is says, "Paul, would you like the missionaries to pray?" (mind you--this was right after Sis F, Betty, and I said a prayer EACH. So i was kinda like "what? didn't we just say 3?!) But she made me pray anyway. But it was great! I underestimate how much of the spirit can come in from one simple prayer. Because Paul started opening up and telling us about his life.....and we didnt teach him anything extravaggent, but we taught simple principles of prayer and change (repentance)...and he's like yeah i'd love to hear more from you. I know what you're saying is true. I'm sitting there like "wait, what did you just say?!" hahahaha. It was great.

* I just love Sister Fernandez. It's such a spiritual party with her. Everytime we're in the car I feel like i'm in the middle of a fireside hahaha. She's great. We had interviews on wednesday and we had to do a roleplay. OH MAN. I had no idea what was going on but Sister Fernandez was asking all these really good questions, and then shared a scripture. Its funny, cuz our unity in teaching has become so telepathic XD right after the scripture was read, she knew to take a pause because she knew that was when the spirit was going to work with me. And there I am crying (UGHHHH) as I bare testimony of teh Saviour. during comp inventory, Sis Fernandez just said that she thinks its so amazing how Im not afraid to let there be silence and let the spirit speak within me, and come out crying bearing this testimony that brings in the spirit. She's like do you know how many people said we teach with a powerful spirit? The way the spirit works through you is just beautiful. OOOOOKAY, that meant a WHOLE lot coming from her. She is a spiritual giant! And it took me forever to work on the "silence" thing. Sis Ash would always chastize me for word vomiting and trying to fill in the silence. And ive been trying super hard to not be afraid of silence. And i was glad to hear from Sis F that ive been doing well. WELL, like I said sister fernandez is a spiritual giant. She comes up with this amazing analogies from the scriptures and she listens with love. She knows exactly what to say and she teaches simply so people can understand...and I admire that so greatly about her! Im working on that. I need to work on teaching more simply, and going back to the basics. She's such a good example to me. Agh! i don't want to be separated from herrrrr.

Anyway, thats how the past week has been. This upcoming week is going to be hecccctic. we have our hayride on Saturday and our missioanry fireside on Sunday...along with the baptisms!! AW YAH! uhmm, I don't really have time to reply to any emails right now, but i am printing them out so I can reply next week. Next monday we have district pday and i'm pretty sure we're going fishing.....which means we'll probably be out super early in the morning so i may not email next monday morning again. it'll probably be in the evening. Not sure. But thats just a heads up!

LOVE YOU ALL and hope you have a great week!!! :)
Mucho lovin'

Sister Limas

Errr . . . What??

Monday, October 7, 2013

Haha, ok so we had this super crazy experience this week.

So on Pdays, we're supposed to get at least 3 hrs of proselyting done, right? Well last Monday, Sis Fernandez wasn't feeling well, so she wanted to go out earlier to proselyte and then just use the last couple hours of pday at the Scheiners to relax a bit. We had originally planned to go see Brother Garbis, one of our less active members of the church. Sis Ash and I have been knocking on his door for forever and he never is home. But Sis Fernandez and I were finally able to catch him but he told us to come back some other time because he had guests. ANYWAY, Bro Garbis wasn't home (go figure...), so our back up plan was to finish tracting West Madison St. So we're walking and we are in front of this huge white house where a bunch of people are outside, and this man waves and says "hey girls! What are you up to?!" The conversation goes as follows [His name is Greg Townsley]:

Sis. F: Well we are inviting everyone to our General Conference! We believe that there is a prophet on earth today and we want everyone to hear his message.
Man: Ok! I believe in a prophet too!
Sis Limas' thoughts {REALLY??? ^o)} // what i say: That's cool!
Man: Do you believe in miracles?
Sis Limas' thoughts {ooooook, what's he getting at....} // what i say: Uh, YES.
[Man then proceeds to tell us about his spinal disease and how prayers are what healed him]
[Sis Limas then proceeds to tell him about Bro Randolph's similar story with a priesthood blessing]
Man: What's a priesthood blessing.

...pause. Ok, let me telllll you. I FROZE. I had no idea what I was gonna say. And then....BAM the words just flowed out of my mouth. Summarized version of the Restoration. After i said it i was like {whaaaat just happened?!} lol. Anyway, the man said he wanted to learn more. He talked about his wife and family, and how is wife likes LINDSEY STIRLING!!!! Ahh! I "eek"ed in front of him, i'll have you know. Then i gave him a card and told him to get his wife to check it out...and that Lindsey Stirling's profile and video was on there. SCORE. It was a great experience. That was seriously the first time ever anyone has every stopped us / we got to teach someone on the street. We called his wife the next day and she seemed super excited to meet us. We set an appointment to meet them the next day, but she cancelled and moves the appointment to this coming Wednesday.

....WELL, now get this. It's Friday evening and we decided to send out a General Conference reminder to our former investigators and less actives. I'm going down our contact list and I see "Greg Townsley (pi [potential investigator]) Minister". I'm like ECUMEHHHHHH???????? We run to our area book and start frantically going down our potential investigators list, trying to find Greg's name. And there it was. The Elders had wrote "He is either going to ambush us or is a golden investigator". Poop. That was two years ago though. We're hoping for the best with our meeting with them this week. We've been to a pastor's home before. It wasn't so bad. He asked questions, told us what other Christians thought our religion was about and why they hated us (that way we had a heads up), but he was nice to us! We're just hoping and praying and pleading it goes well. Ha, if that wasn't a scare enough, we went to Sis Black's on Saturday night and she had told us that a few years ago, her son Walter would go with the missionaries to their appointments with these pastors/ministers. They would act all interested in learning more and then would complete ambush them with pre-planned questions. It was awful. Sis Fernandez and I are just praying like crazy right now and pleading for the best with everything. 

ANYWAY, that's my crazy story for this week. Hahaha.

And Nancy has chosen a baptismal date!!!!! OCTOBER 27 :D !!!!! But she may have to stop taking lessons with us and start being taught by the Terre Haute missionaries :(. Le sigh. Well, what matters is that she wants to be baptised. Doesn't matter who is teaching her. I am so proud of her!

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!!! Did ya hear that? The prophet called YOU to be a member missionary and move the work forward. Yup, it's getting serious. Conference was definitely the boost I needed. I was an emotional WRECK this week. What happened? NO CLUE. I was just crying about everything. ERR, i hate that. Like i'd be super happy one moment, and then just crying crying crying so hard the next. WHAT THE POOP. I shake my head at myself. Haha anyway, it's all good now. I am just so pumped for this week!! 


Get out there and spread the good word!

Love you all!!!
Have an amazing week!
Mucho lovin' ,
Sister Limas

P.S. Our zone leaders have been sending our zone voicemails every night to do PMG chase (kinda like scripture chase). Oh man. If you know me at all you know how competitive I was at the Scripture Mastery Fairs. Hahahaha! Sis Fernandez is really competitive too. Its a little unhealthy to have us both aiming to win this hard. We get points and whoever has the most gets either more miles or the ZL's will pay for dinner. Baha. We're just lucky Sis F is good at flipping the pages and that I'm good at texting fast :P

P.P.S....Oh, and [TM with an RM but be an RSM first] shout outs to Holly ;) I'll have you know I kept with tradition :)

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