A Beautiful Sunday

Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin on how beautiful this Sunday has been.

Sacrament meeting was just so good. Brother George and President McNabb (of the Champaigne Stake High Council and Presidency) both gave amazing talks on charity and love. It was very moving. I feel like that's something Sister Fernandez and I talk about ALL the time. Because that is what missionary work is centered around. You just gotta LOVE. Listen with love, and give love, and let them know of their Heavenly Father's love.

In our Gospel Principles class, Jayman wasn't there to give the lesson because he went through the temple the day before! WOO he leaves for his mission in a couple of weeks! Anyway, Ashley Bender did the lesson on Spiritual Gifts. It was a little intro for Nancy so she knows more about the gifts of the spirit when she receives the gift of the Holy Ghost next week. It was such a great discussion. Brother George attended our class as well. The spirit was super strong, and then Ashley bore her testimony about when her husband decided to join the church. It was so great. I love the Bender's :)

During Relief Society, the sister missionaries and members from Terre Haute joined us. Oh yes, did I mention the miracles that have taken place before the baptism? All this past week, Nancy has been sending us texts: "Fran is coming to my baptism!" (her childhood friend from Utah who introduced her to the church) or "Lyon and Benjamin are coming!" (her husband and son, who was letting go of a football game just to attend. BIG DEAL). And she was able to get a hold of the man she wanted to baptise her. And then the Terre Haute sisters got permission to leave their mission. It was crazy! We know it's because she chose to be obedient and attend the Paris Branch that all the miracles are flowing in.

Anywho, the baptism was SO BEAUTIFUL. Nancy walks out of the washroom stall in her white jumpsuit and I could just feel her glowing. I feel like a mother who is letting her child go off to college or taking a huge step towards something...because its THAT big of a deal! It has been such a blessing to watch her grow and i am so lucky I got the chance to be with her!

Her family came and they all looked so beautiful in their church clothes. Oh man, it was just so great to see them all come support their mom. 

Wendy Delp and Malinda Wells both gave amazing talks, and President Wells bore a wonderful testimony and gave Nancy and her family commitments. It was awesome. Nancy smile was SO HUGE after she was baptized. She was just standing their in the water with a smile that went from ear to ear. I have never seen her so happy before. While she was getting changed, we told everyone present how special Nancy is to us, and that we wanted to give her a journal with everyone's words of encouragement. Even her kids wrote something. It was super sweet. Thank you to all who sent me a little something to give to her as well. I really do appreciate it.

After we went to the Wells's house for a little lunch celebration. I was so great to meet the people from Terre Haute, Indiana. One of them served their mission in the Philippines!!! It was SO GOOD to hear Tagalog again. Hahaha i tried to respond back, and sister fernandez was like "woah, i've never seen this side of my companion before!" LOL

And we just love the Terre Haute sisters:) One of them is from Utah and she entered the MTC the day I left. The other is a visa waiter, waiting to go to Brazil and she is originally from North Carolina. Its just so great to be around other sisters. Doesn't matter where you're serving--we're all doing the same thing :)

I just feel so super blessed to be a part of Nancy's journey. Before coming out, so many people back home said "you're going to do so great. you're going to bless so many lives". Yeah, well, now I can tell you it's quite the opposite. You never realize how THESE people bless YOUR life until you've gotten here and listened to their stories. They become part of your life. It has just been so beautiful to watch Nancy grow. We started out with the word "baptism" making her super stressed to "I want to be a good Mormon" to "Okay, let's set a date for baptism", and now to "We'll see you in the temple a year from now". AH, that is what i am most looking forward to! Seeing Nancy in the temple. Like I said, if there's one thing that makes missionary work worth-while, it's watching your brothers and sisters come to know their Heavenly Father and their Saviour, Jesus Christ. DUN CARE HOW HARD THIS AREA IS. One person is enough :) And i've been privileged to be a part of four baptisms in this area. When I read my mission call, "you are hereby called to serve in the Missouri St Louis Mission", I didn't realize all the names behind that mission. Nancy, the Mays, the Fullers, the Delps, the Large's, the Straits.....this list goes on! Heavenly Father's precious children are EVERYWHERE, and I feel super blessed to have met the people I did, and to be a part of their lives, and to have them a part of mine. It's been amazing to feel and watch the Spirit work through me and Sister Fernandez and Sister Ash just so we could teach Nancy. Like I said to Sister Fernandez this past week: We are so unworthy and so not capable to do this work. But the Lord trusts us to do it. And this is HIS work, so we better let Him do some of it. We are literally just the vessel that carries the Spirit to God's children. It's the spirit that works through us to them. We are just the tools that Heavenly Father uses. And we're lucky enough to get blessings from just being those tools. It's amazing. No experience like the mission! Haha too many ups and downs and ALL DAY ERR'DAY IS A ROLLER COASTER. But ya gotta love it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Love you all. And miss you too!

Mucho Lovin' from Sister Limas :)

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