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Monday, October 7, 2013

Haha, ok so we had this super crazy experience this week.

So on Pdays, we're supposed to get at least 3 hrs of proselyting done, right? Well last Monday, Sis Fernandez wasn't feeling well, so she wanted to go out earlier to proselyte and then just use the last couple hours of pday at the Scheiners to relax a bit. We had originally planned to go see Brother Garbis, one of our less active members of the church. Sis Ash and I have been knocking on his door for forever and he never is home. But Sis Fernandez and I were finally able to catch him but he told us to come back some other time because he had guests. ANYWAY, Bro Garbis wasn't home (go figure...), so our back up plan was to finish tracting West Madison St. So we're walking and we are in front of this huge white house where a bunch of people are outside, and this man waves and says "hey girls! What are you up to?!" The conversation goes as follows [His name is Greg Townsley]:

Sis. F: Well we are inviting everyone to our General Conference! We believe that there is a prophet on earth today and we want everyone to hear his message.
Man: Ok! I believe in a prophet too!
Sis Limas' thoughts {REALLY??? ^o)} // what i say: That's cool!
Man: Do you believe in miracles?
Sis Limas' thoughts {ooooook, what's he getting at....} // what i say: Uh, YES.
[Man then proceeds to tell us about his spinal disease and how prayers are what healed him]
[Sis Limas then proceeds to tell him about Bro Randolph's similar story with a priesthood blessing]
Man: What's a priesthood blessing.

...pause. Ok, let me telllll you. I FROZE. I had no idea what I was gonna say. And then....BAM the words just flowed out of my mouth. Summarized version of the Restoration. After i said it i was like {whaaaat just happened?!} lol. Anyway, the man said he wanted to learn more. He talked about his wife and family, and how is wife likes LINDSEY STIRLING!!!! Ahh! I "eek"ed in front of him, i'll have you know. Then i gave him a card and told him to get his wife to check it out...and that Lindsey Stirling's profile and video was on there. SCORE. It was a great experience. That was seriously the first time ever anyone has every stopped us / we got to teach someone on the street. We called his wife the next day and she seemed super excited to meet us. We set an appointment to meet them the next day, but she cancelled and moves the appointment to this coming Wednesday.

....WELL, now get this. It's Friday evening and we decided to send out a General Conference reminder to our former investigators and less actives. I'm going down our contact list and I see "Greg Townsley (pi [potential investigator]) Minister". I'm like ECUMEHHHHHH???????? We run to our area book and start frantically going down our potential investigators list, trying to find Greg's name. And there it was. The Elders had wrote "He is either going to ambush us or is a golden investigator". Poop. That was two years ago though. We're hoping for the best with our meeting with them this week. We've been to a pastor's home before. It wasn't so bad. He asked questions, told us what other Christians thought our religion was about and why they hated us (that way we had a heads up), but he was nice to us! We're just hoping and praying and pleading it goes well. Ha, if that wasn't a scare enough, we went to Sis Black's on Saturday night and she had told us that a few years ago, her son Walter would go with the missionaries to their appointments with these pastors/ministers. They would act all interested in learning more and then would complete ambush them with pre-planned questions. It was awful. Sis Fernandez and I are just praying like crazy right now and pleading for the best with everything. 

ANYWAY, that's my crazy story for this week. Hahaha.

And Nancy has chosen a baptismal date!!!!! OCTOBER 27 :D !!!!! But she may have to stop taking lessons with us and start being taught by the Terre Haute missionaries :(. Le sigh. Well, what matters is that she wants to be baptised. Doesn't matter who is teaching her. I am so proud of her!

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!!! Did ya hear that? The prophet called YOU to be a member missionary and move the work forward. Yup, it's getting serious. Conference was definitely the boost I needed. I was an emotional WRECK this week. What happened? NO CLUE. I was just crying about everything. ERR, i hate that. Like i'd be super happy one moment, and then just crying crying crying so hard the next. WHAT THE POOP. I shake my head at myself. Haha anyway, it's all good now. I am just so pumped for this week!! 


Get out there and spread the good word!

Love you all!!!
Have an amazing week!
Mucho lovin' ,
Sister Limas

P.S. Our zone leaders have been sending our zone voicemails every night to do PMG chase (kinda like scripture chase). Oh man. If you know me at all you know how competitive I was at the Scripture Mastery Fairs. Hahahaha! Sis Fernandez is really competitive too. Its a little unhealthy to have us both aiming to win this hard. We get points and whoever has the most gets either more miles or the ZL's will pay for dinner. Baha. We're just lucky Sis F is good at flipping the pages and that I'm good at texting fast :P

P.P.S....Oh, and [TM with an RM but be an RSM first] shout outs to Holly ;) I'll have you know I kept with tradition :)

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