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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Holaaaa familia! Sorry I didn't send an email yesterday! It was Columbus day and our library was closed...BUMMER. But HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO Y'ALL!!! I spent Canadian Thanksgiving in Champaigne with our zone and Springfield. It was tres fun. Dodgeball with toiletpaper rolls and duct tape....the things missionaries come up with :P

So we had some interesting things happen this week. I shared one story during testimony meeting on Sunday, so I guess I'll share it with you as well.

On Saturday evening, Sis Fernandez and I went back to this house we tracted into to return an umbrella this lady let us borrow. She lives out by the lake and the whole time we were talking to her this duck just kept on quaking. She said that the duck had a mate and a friend....and that week, the neighbours had found the duck's mate dead with an arrow shot through it. The duck's friend was no where to be found. So this poor lonley duck was just quacking, wondering where his mate and friend went. Ok, this sounds super cheesy, but that totally broke my heart. I felt so sorry for that duck. Later on I asked Sister Fernandez, "do you think animals know who God is?" At first she thought I was asking her a trick question, but I was so dead serious. Because it got me thinking....I'm out here away from family and friends. And it can get lonely. But at least I know Heavenly Father is there for me to pray to, and I have leaders, and a super awesome companion, and the church is the same worldwide--so the Paris branch has become my family....but that poor duck...does it know there is a Father watching over it? Then I totally facepalmed at this thought cuz here I am feeling sorry for a duck when in actuality there are PEOPLE out there who don't know there is a Heavenly Father who loves them. Ok, so people may know of God or know who God is, but do they know He is there literal Father and that they are His literal children and cares about their well-being? Do they know Heavenly Father has created a plan for them to return to Him? Nope. All I can really say is help the missionaries out!!! The prophet has literally called each and every one of you to step it up and share the gospel with your friends and family. Your example is sometimes the only glimpse of God's love for them. Let them know He's there and that He loves them. 

Anyway....all that was said and more...through tears (hey, I've been getting better at not sobbing like a baby :P) and I made it clear during my testimony I wasn't crying because of this duck. LOL I DONT EVEN LIKE BIRDS. But hey, the duck needs love too. 

Uhm other updates:

* MAKAYLA AND RILEY'S BAPTISM IS THIS SUNDAY!!!! Awwwww yah! It took us 5 months, but they are finally entering into the waters of baptism! I am so excited for those kids! Seriously, watching Riley is the whole reason I'm out here on a mission. the first time we taught him the restoration....the look on his face when he found out the church he wanted to get baptized in was the same church that Christ had built and was once again restored...he LIT UP. He was clapping his hands saying "that makes me so happy!" And it's been uber hard with Riley. They both have ADHD and a lot of the time Riley just looks really mad at us and doesn't want to pay attention to the lesson. And I was so close to giving up to him. But his progression over the past few weeks has been incredible!! We had a lesson with them and he offered to pray!!! TWICE!!! He's always super shy to and i usually have to help him. AND HE BORE TESTIMONY to Justin! Justin is super shy too, and didn't want to say the prayer at their baptism. And Riley bore testimony that God would help him. I am so darn proud of that kid. That's why I'm out here. What a sacred experience it is to see people, like Riley, make such a change because they feel of God's love. 

* Nancy's baptism is on the 27th!!!! She agreed to come to the Paris Branch the next 3 Sundays so that she can be baptized. I am so proud of her. She loves the Terre Haute ward, but she wants to be obedient, so she's coming to Paris. I know there are blessings in store for her because she's decided to be obedient. 

* So I talked about Greg Townsley last email....well our appointment with his family fell through. His wife totally forgot and they had this ministers conference or something coming by their place. Well, the fact that he's a minister was no longer a secret hahaha so I was little more relieved. His wife is so nice. She told us it was his bday on Sunday and their daughter's on Monday, so we dropped some brownies at their house on Sunday night. They weren't home...but we had parked in their church's parking lot and this man drives up to us and he's like CAN I HELP YOU?! Lol he looked so sketched out at the fact that we were dropping off brownies for his minister. But he gave Greg a call and when he found out Greg knew us he calmed down a bit. Haha. Well we meet with them tomorrow! Wish us luck!

* WE HAVE A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! We visit an elderly lady, Betty, every Thursday when we go out to Marshall. And there is a man named Paul who visits her too (he's pretty old too). And Betty, being the firecracker she is says, "Paul, would you like the missionaries to pray?" (mind you--this was right after Sis F, Betty, and I said a prayer EACH. So i was kinda like "what? didn't we just say 3?!) But she made me pray anyway. But it was great! I underestimate how much of the spirit can come in from one simple prayer. Because Paul started opening up and telling us about his life.....and we didnt teach him anything extravaggent, but we taught simple principles of prayer and change (repentance)...and he's like yeah i'd love to hear more from you. I know what you're saying is true. I'm sitting there like "wait, what did you just say?!" hahahaha. It was great.

* I just love Sister Fernandez. It's such a spiritual party with her. Everytime we're in the car I feel like i'm in the middle of a fireside hahaha. She's great. We had interviews on wednesday and we had to do a roleplay. OH MAN. I had no idea what was going on but Sister Fernandez was asking all these really good questions, and then shared a scripture. Its funny, cuz our unity in teaching has become so telepathic XD right after the scripture was read, she knew to take a pause because she knew that was when the spirit was going to work with me. And there I am crying (UGHHHH) as I bare testimony of teh Saviour. during comp inventory, Sis Fernandez just said that she thinks its so amazing how Im not afraid to let there be silence and let the spirit speak within me, and come out crying bearing this testimony that brings in the spirit. She's like do you know how many people said we teach with a powerful spirit? The way the spirit works through you is just beautiful. OOOOOKAY, that meant a WHOLE lot coming from her. She is a spiritual giant! And it took me forever to work on the "silence" thing. Sis Ash would always chastize me for word vomiting and trying to fill in the silence. And ive been trying super hard to not be afraid of silence. And i was glad to hear from Sis F that ive been doing well. WELL, like I said sister fernandez is a spiritual giant. She comes up with this amazing analogies from the scriptures and she listens with love. She knows exactly what to say and she teaches simply so people can understand...and I admire that so greatly about her! Im working on that. I need to work on teaching more simply, and going back to the basics. She's such a good example to me. Agh! i don't want to be separated from herrrrr.

Anyway, thats how the past week has been. This upcoming week is going to be hecccctic. we have our hayride on Saturday and our missioanry fireside on Sunday...along with the baptisms!! AW YAH! uhmm, I don't really have time to reply to any emails right now, but i am printing them out so I can reply next week. Next monday we have district pday and i'm pretty sure we're going fishing.....which means we'll probably be out super early in the morning so i may not email next monday morning again. it'll probably be in the evening. Not sure. But thats just a heads up!

LOVE YOU ALL and hope you have a great week!!! :)
Mucho lovin'

Sister Limas

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