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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello hello! Nothing too extraordinary happened this week, but here are some updates from the week before that I didn't get to say:

* NANCY SAID SHE'LL PRAY ABOUT A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!! Can you believe that?! UGH! It's such a miracle. Sis Fernandez was like "that was so easy"..and i'm like are you kiiiiiding me!? The first lesson we had with her, the word baptism totally scared her! SUCH A MIRACLE. I love it.

* Makayla and Riley are progressing!!! They have been doing so well! Especially Riley! he's actually paying attention to the lessons and participating at church. i am so ridiculously proud of him. Their baptism is on oct 20th. SO EXCITED!

This week at district meeting we had to list down excuses people give us when we ask them to read the Book of Mormon. AND THEN, Elder Anderson (our District leader), asked the Paris sisters (of course -.-") to do the role play and ask Elder K Anderson (our Zone leader) to read the Book of Mormon and attend to his concerns. Sis Fernandez was taking it away! I was so proud of her. And i honestly didn't know what to say. But then there was this long pause....I bore testimony.....and then Long story short...I cried...AGAIN (flip!)...UGH. But then K Anderson was like afterwards "its definitely the testimony that got me".

Afterwards K Anderson said: You know you're Momma is so proud of you. At Mission Leaders Conference we said Paris was our highlight area of the transfer and Sis Ash goes "ooooooh!!!! those are my babies!!!!!! i'm so proud of them!". Ahaha, that was so nice to hear. And when we got home we had a letter from our Sister Training Leaders and they wrote us something similar. It was really nice of them to do that, especially because we've been working super hard but still don't have new investigators. 

Tracting.....hmm. IS ACTUALLY ENJOYABLE. LOL. never ever in my whole life did i think i would ever say that hahaha. I mean, I want to aim to LOVE and BE GOOD at tracting...and i haven't reached it yet...BUT, at least i don't hate it anymore. Its just a lot of fun doing it with Sister Fernandez. Its great! And this week we did one day of just talking about family history and so many people would just talk to us on and on. IT WAS AWESOME.

We were talking to Bro Randolph yesterday (our Branch Mission Leader) and we were talking about the work and sometimes it just gets frustrating because people don't want to come back to church. And he gets frustrated too. But he said something that just made Sis F and I feel so good! He said: "For a long time now, the wheel of the work in this branch has just gone down hill. And we've been on a pause for a while now. But I feel like it's starting to slowly go back up hill. And I honestly feel like it's because of you girls. You have really made an impact. You are definitely going to be remembered". THAT JUST MADE ME WANT TO CRY! Last week I was telling momma fuller " I only have SIX MORE weeks to make an impact in this area." And she said i have but i just complained that there were no new investigators or anything and i didn't feel like anything was happening. And then bro randolph said that and it just felt good. 

ALSO, Once this transfer is over i most likely will be going to a new area. its sad to think about because Paris is home and the people are my family now. Paris will always have a special place in my heart. But I am definitely excited to move on. But with 6 weeks left, we are working uber hard to do more!! (also, by the end of this transfer, I will have been out for 6 MONTHS!) WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?!?! I'll only have one year left and that is going to go by in a snap. HOLY MOLY. O_O

Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 
Have an amazing week!!! DO WORK! SPREAD THE EXCITING NEWS THAT THE GOSPEL HAS BEEN RESTORED!!! <3 data-blogger-escaped-nbsp="" data-blogger-escaped-o:p="">

Mucho Lovin'
-Sister Limas

PS I  love how people will email/write me and write "mucho lovin" back HAHAHA i love love love it!! :D

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