Monday, October 21, 2013


So this week. WOOOO. GUESS WHO GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!?!?!? MAKAYLA AND RILEYYYY AWWWW YAH. It was so great. I will admit I was a tad stressed out because there were so many things going on the whole day (actually this whole week haha), but it was just so great. President Wells baptized them, and of course their excitement and curiosity just made it so entertaining. But the Spirit was there, and they were glowing :) I love everythingggg right now! (this is the new phrase that I have picked up from my companion lolll) I had to give the talk on the Holy Ghost, but I turned it into more of a lesson for the primary kids. I had drawn pictures of things that signify what the Holy Ghost does for us and put it in a gift bag and then kinda explained each one. I just love those kids. Lia Rigdon (we've been teaching her little brother lessons to prep him for baptism) gave the talk on baptism. Lia and makayla go to school together and are in girl scouts together, so it was nice to see her be there for her friend. We've gotten close to the Rigdon family over the past couple weeks, so it was just nice to see them all together.

On Saturday we had our missionary activity...hayride at the Randolph farm! It was way fun! No investigators came out, but a few non member families came, which was GREAT! I see potentials!!! :D

Sunday afternoon, we went to try to contact some potentials. Sister fernandez came up with a fab idea! SINGING SUNDAYS! We have family history fridays where all we do is talk about family history. But for Sunday, we will just sing to people at their door! IT WAS AWESOME. We just sang hymns and harmonized as we walked the streets. We contacted a former investigator and we sang How Great Thou Art for her. It reminded me of Lolo. The spirit was definitely there. And we sang I know that my redeemer lives. LOVE THAT HYMN. I am so grateful for my Saviour.

Sunday evening we had our missionary fireside. Phewww, the Spirit was strong!! We watched Together Forever. Oh man, the spirit was just burning in that room. Not too many people came, but we're hoping that spirit for the work will spread to the rest of the branch. Watch Together Forever if it's been a while since you have. It's such a great reminder of why we do what we do.

On Wednesdays we finally got to meet with the Townsleys. Oh man, I SURE DO LOVE THEM!!!! The moment we entered their house, you could feel the Spirit. They are so family oriented and you can tell they love God. We talked about the Restoration, but that ended up with Greg asking questions and teaching us a little bit from the Bible. I was just so lost with the questions he was asking us. He admitted they were hard. We said that we would study up and let him know what we found. And he uses the Book of Mormon! LOL he's like "lets turn to Acts and 2 Nephi 31". We were like haha what?! That's awesome! We told him we'd study on the gift of tongues and the godhead, and he said he would study Mosiah :) winwin. I've already started studying for them this week, and I've learned quite a bit. We are going to their bible study on Tuesday night, and then coming to their home again on Wednesday :) Greg told us that the reason he stopped us in the first place was because our modesty/the way we were dressed caught his attention. And he said the he respects us and what we're doing, and when it comes to studying, he wants to know if he's wrong and to let him know if he is. Wow. We asked him to say a prayer before we left. His prayer reminded me of Tito Henry. Remember how he said a prayer/blessing at the restaurant for me before I left for Utah? Yeah, it was like that. I just told Greg I was grateful for him and his family and that they reminded me of mine. Even though we probably wont get to the point of baptism, I'm glad we're forming relationships with other faiths here in Paris. 

Well, today is district Pday! I'm gonna learn how to FISH! ahaha. GROSS. It'll be so fun. 

Oh yeah, last week during sacrament meeting, bro randolph bore his testimony about  missionary work. He was saying how his son jesse was talking to him and saying "I'm gonna miss home a lot" (he's prepping to leave for a mission). Bro Randolph just told him that the work is going to be hard, but worth it. And I just sat there crying. I was like totally feeling for Jesse. But all that went through my head was "Yeah, the mission is the hardest thing you're going to do. But you're going to love it SO much." And I sat there reflecting on my mission experience so far. And chyah, it's the HARDEST thing I've ever had to do. It takes such a huge emotional and physical toll on you. And a lot of the time you just want to quit. But the experience just makes you so much stronger and so filled with love. I still have much to work on and improve on, and sometimes I feel like I haven't learned much. But there are always things that will remind me that I have learned and I have grown. And that's just going to increase when I move onto a different area and realize how much Paris has prepared me for other things. I am dreading transfer calls, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOOOOOW. Paris has become my new home and family, and the members and missionaries of the Champaign stake have as well. 

Us with Makayla and Riley before the baptism

Us with Makayla and Riley and the Rigdon kids :)

Bro and Sis Strait!!! 

Anyway, that's all for this week!
Love you all and hope you have a fantabulous week :)

Mucho Lovin' from Sister Limas!

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