Au Revoir Paris

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ack, it's a bittersweet feeling.

Yup, we got transfer calls on Saturday night. Sister Fernandez is staying in Paris and Sister Felt is coming to be her companion. I am going to Glen Carbon, Illinois and white-washing the area with Sister Linton. Glen Carbon is outside of St Louis, so I'll be closer to the temple :) 

Not really sure what to think since we knew it was coming. I'm super sad to be leaving Sister Fernandez, leaving the Paris Branch, and leaving our mission mansion! But I guess it's time to move on. As sad as I am, I am also WAY EXCITED to be going to a new area! It's pretty much opposite of what I'm used to....I'm going to be in a ward (not quite sure what that feels like anymore :P) and there will be another pair of sisters in the ward with us (the Sister Training Leaders). It's all new fun and adventures to come. Saying goodbye is the hardest. Oh man. I'll attach photos of some of the people that have become my family the past 6 months (so now you'll know who these people are that I keep talking about! :D) Shout outs to the Delps, Farris', Benders, Fullers, Randolphs, Ritcheys, Fords, Larges, Straits, Lewis', Hayes, Williams, Hoovers, Rigdons, Wells, Mays, Tomasinos, Townsleys, Compassionate Food Pantry friends, workers at Tuscany's,....the list could go on, honestly. It's just been a great 6 months. 

To the people of the Paris branch/area: thank you for making the first 6 months of my mission a blast. I love you all with all my heart and am so grateful I can call you all family. 

Some things I've learned from this area/transfer/my companion:
- Service! - Hey, if they don't know you care, then why should they care about what we say?
- Cool it. - I'm out in the country, hellllloooo. Haha, I've definitely learned to slow it down a bit and just soak all the simple things in. 
- Love Love LOVE - if there's one thing I learned much about this transfer, it's to love with my whole heart. No way am I perfect with any of the Christ-like attributes I'm studying about, but if there's one I always go back to reading, it's about charity and love. That's always what it gets down to, and there is always room for improvement. Charity pretty much solves everything. Just love everything and everybody!
- The Atonement - don't really know how to put in words what I've learned about the Atonement...i don't have the time to copy my whole study notebook into this email:P But everyday I just learn something new about the Atonement and what grace, mercy, justice, love, and hope actually mean. Its amazing. And it definitely changes you. I've gained such a huge appreciation and love for my Saviour and what He's made possible for all of Heavenly Father's children. It sounds cliche and its something we all hear and say a lot...but really and truly, the Saviour did what no one else could do. If I were to sum up what I've learned from Sister Fernandez, and from what I've learned in my personal study, and just through the experiences I've had the past 6 months if would be this: When Christ saw His seed (us) as He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, He saw all our mistakes, weaknesses, imperfections, trials, jealousies, and heartaches. Why He suffered for us when He saw all that will always baffle our minds. But when He saw His seed, He also saw our joys, our happiness, our hopes and dreams. He saw our potential. And THAT'S why He died for us. Not just because we needed to be saved from sin, but because He saw us at our most happiest moments and knew what we could be when we wanted to try and be better. His motivation to carry the cross was seeing US, His brothers and sisters, be the happiest we can be. Those changes we make to become happy, and take the step closer to reaching our Heavenly Father, are only possible through the Atonement. It's the Saviour who gives us hope of that reunion. It's the Saviour who gives us a reason to take one more step and try harder. 

Other miracles and tender mercies and fun tiingz:
* Nancy, Riley, and Makayla all got confirmed on Sunday! WOO!

* The whole 6 months I have been out here, we've been trying to contact Josh and Amanda Furry (former investigators). I have been to their door multiple times with no answer. We've been doing our Harvesting Questions with our members and if there was one name that kept being brought up, it was the Furry's. So on Sundaywe went to their house again (mind you, this was the 2nd time this week were going there). And what happened? A MIRACLE. THEY OPENED THE DOOR! We talked, the Spirit blessed us with inspired questions (my favourite :D), and we were able to set up a return appointment with them! WOO! 2 new investigators! And I'm not even bummed or jealous that I don't get to be a part of teaching them. Im just glad i FINALLY got to meet them before leaving. YAY!

*  I got to try buffalo sausage, deer goulash, and squirrel meat this week. Right after biscuits and gravy, it's the newest and "weirdest" thing I've ever eaten. But let's get this strait...everything I've eaten here has been pretty good. I just tell the missionaries all the time they are lucky they aren't being fed by my family....because we feed the missionaries BALUTTT ;) Doesn't get weirder and ickier than that ahahaha

* Halloween night rules were to have our car parked at the apartment by 6pm, and to stay there unless a member wanted to pick us up for a dinner at their place. Ha, well Sister Fernandez and I had a blast being us. I just got my dress-up love rubbing off on her XD

* So Janet Carrington takes us to Tuscany's for one last meal together. I have been to Tuscany's so many times with so many different people...the waiters and owner there pretty much know who we are. So the waiters are allowed to give free desserts to their favourite customers, right? Well Jose (who wasn't serving us that day) came and gave us cake! But it was tres leche MOCHA cake. So I'm sitting there telling Heavenly Father "okay, that was a nice blessing. But we can't eat it. But I know You will bless us with something else". A few minutes later, Lindy, another waiter, bring out more cake...this time CHOCOLATE! We just started laughing sooo hard. He says "but Rocky told me to get them cake!" And Jose says "but I already got them cake!" bahaha it was too funny. Turns out Sister Fernandez had an argument with Heavenly Father in her head because she really wanted to eat that mocha cake. I didn't knwo it was one of her favourites! It was just too funny. I didn't expect that blessing to come that fast and in the same form :P oh the tender mercies.

Anyway, I'll finish up because I've been at it for the last hour.
PS I haven't opened any of the other emails in my forgive me. I'll get back to you next week. 
Have a great week!
Love you all!

Mucho Lovin' from Sister Limas!

With Janet Carrington and the people at Tuscany's: Rocky, Lindy, and Jose

Bro & Sis Farris and Dilon & Liam Bender (missing Ashley Bender)

Bro & Sis Delp and my "cabbage patch kids" :) Bently, Elliana, Emmalin, and Orson

"For every rain drop that hits your tag, its 10 mins in the gym for your husband". LET IT RAAAAIN

Sister Fernandez and I on Halloween XD we gotta deal with what we've got

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