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Monday, November 25, 2013

Well Herro err'body!

I dont have too much to report on this week. It has definitely been a slow week and our numbers are pretty low. SUCH A HUGE BUMMER. Ugh! My companion has been sick. Usually we're still able to go out and stuff, but she happened to totally shut down one evening, so we had to go home. Unfortunately for us, that happened to be the day we had 2 appointments with 4 of our investigators and a dinner appointment. le sigh. And our investigator with a baptism date dropped us. poopers. Sigh. but we're not going to give up on her and try to sort out her concerns. Oh satan is just the devil! Who does that? Trying to keep people away from salvation. SHEEEESH. 

Anywho, here are some GOOD things that did happen this week! hurrah :D

On Saturday we visited with a less active member who joined the church a little over a year ago. She's Puerto Rican and has an awesome accent. Anywho, the plan was just to visit her and share a thanksgiving message. But she was in the middle of putting up her "christmas tree", and we ended up talking to her sons. They had always sat in on the missionary discussions and came to church, but never got baptized. At first it didn't seem like they really wanted to talk to us...but then of course Sis Limas had to work her charm and just start asking them about them. Haha who doesn't like talking about themselves? That's how you get your in ;D anywho, before you know it, we're relating the restoration to his history class and video games. it was awesome stuff. TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! Wooo! And one even came to church on sunday! Ah! ok, so two new investigators is the standard of excellence per week for the mission...and in Paris we were lucky if we even got someone to talk to us, let alone pick up a new investigator. So picking up 4 last week and 2 week has been SOOOOO GREAT.

* We have district meetings on Friday, and my district leader elder Williams thought it would be a great idea to have each of us be in charge of conducting district meeting. Well, he got elder dearduff to conduct...and elder dearduff made me do a training. Ugh, HE WOULD pick me first to do a training. And of course, like Elder Anderson, he picked me to do the training when the zone leaders and sister training leaders were there -.-" ...but this time there was also an elderly couple too. Man, why does everyone do this to me? ANYWAY, i had to talk about finding investigators through Formers/Potentials. Ha guess what I did as an opener? I asked for two volunteers and Elder Williams and Elder Rauche volunteered themselves. I start to pull out nail polish and they were like "whaaaaaaaaaaat. no way". Hahaha. I gave them 3 minutes to try and do a french tip manicure. It was hilarious! My point was that if we rush investigators, we aren't gonna get good results. So we gotta be patient and willing to work with investigators and always go back to former investigators because maybe they weren't ready at one point, but they've been prepared over time. Anyway, it was just super funny cuz the elders were fighting over who was being painted on and who was gonna blow the nails to dry. I was super impressed i must say. It was a pretty good french tip LOL

This Friday instead of district meeting, we're going to walk in a parade and give people pass a long cards! im super excited! i've attended like 3 parades while i was in the paris area and all these church would do that, but our wouldn't. So i'm super excited to be participating in one now :D

* I got a good dose of Filipinos this week!!!! I heard there was an elder who just got to the mission field and is from the Philippines! Well, we had zone conference on Tuesday and he is in my zone!!! It was soooo funny when he asked me if i was filipino. And then we met with the filipino sister in my ward this weekend. I call her Tita Dedz. She just got here 4 months ago. I have never been so happy to hear Tagalog in my life. And this other lady in my ward...he step mom is filipino and said that she would come to our ward one time so she could make filipino food for me. GAH. I love it. 

* This coming Thursday is THANKSGIVING! Gotta do what the Americans do! Its a non-proselyting day, so we get to chill with members the whole day. I think we have like 4 dinner appointments already. Oh man, am i gonna eat like a fatty. But what else is new. LOL. Good thing it's a RULE to exercise for at least 30 mins everyday ahaha.

...Oh yah, and I turned 22 today! Sister Linton took me out to Red Robin on Saturday for my birthday and the waiter gave me an ice cream sundae...and sang to me LOL And today is going to be the best pday bday ever! One of our members, Sis Jamboretz, owns a boutique with all this really cute stuff. Today she's picking up an order in St Louis at the Princess Warehouse and offered to take us with her. She also said she's gonna take us up the St Louis Arch and out for lunch....ha! And she didn't even know it was my bday! I had to tell her after she told us the plans and thank her. So today is going to be uber fun! And sister linton made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast...hahah she is so sweet.

Anywho, that's all for this week.
Love you all and miss you tons
Mucho lovin' from Sister Limas!

Before zone conference

At Red Robin

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